Freaks and Geeks Season 1

Smooching and Mooching


Joanna García  Kevin Tighe  Natasha Melnick

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Nick: Those drums were my personal property.
Mr. Andopolis (Kevin Tighe): Your only personal property is your future.
Nick: Maybe the drums were my future. Why don’t you think about that.
Mr. Andopolis: End of conversation.

Ken: Grateful Dead. Music sucks. Chicks are hot.

Lindsay: Dad, give me one good reason why a woman can’t be president.
Mr. Weir: We’re talking about three irrational days a month. Now, I would have no problem with the other 27, but we’re talking about the atomic bomb here.

Nick: Hey Mr. Weir. Is Lindsay home?
Mr. Weir: She’s eating dinner.
Nick: Oh. Yeah, I can tell. God it smells really great in there. Let me guess. Meat?
Mr. Weir: Congratulations.

Cindy (Natasha Melnick): Bill, I need to talk to you for a second. It’s about yesterday.
Bill: That wasn’t me, that was Neal. He just said it was me.
Cindy: What?
Bill: Noth— What?

Kim: Did he try to give you a back rub?
Lindsay: What? No.
Kim: Well he will. If he tries to give you a foot massage, run.

Bill: What if he starts going out with Cindy and stops hanging out with us?
Neal: He won’t. He’ll get us in with Cindy’s friends. Like Vicki. Oh man I love her.
Bill: I thought you said they were pod people. “A cult’, you said.
Neal: Well they are. But I mean that’s one cult I wouldn’t mind joining. Bring on the pods.

Harold Weir: By the way, that drummer you’re listening to?
Nick: Yeah.
Mr. Weir: He’s terrible.
Nick: That’s Neil Peart. He’s the greatest drummer alive.
Mr. Weir: Neil Peart couldn’t drum his way out of a paper bag!

Sam: I don’t think Nick’s in love with you. I think he’s in love with Mom and Dad.

Mr. Weir: Nick’s father is a hard man. My old man was the same way.
Lindsay: Yeah, I know the feeling.
Mr. Weir pointedly: Lindsay, trust me. You don’t.

Vicki (Joanna Garcia): Just stay away from me, okay? You are not going to touch me and you are definitely not going to kiss me. Okay?
Bill: You know, you know what? You’re a jerk.
Vicki: Excuse me?
Bill: You’re a jerk. I was just trying to make small talk. I couldn’t be less happy to be in here with you. So quit acting like I’m hoping I can kiss you. It’s actually the last thing that I want to do right now.

Bill: I think people treat you nicer when you’re pretty.
Vicki: Why would you say that?
Bill: Because they’re never nice to me.
Vicki: That is not true, Bill. Every time I look at you, you look like you’re having a pretty good time.
Bill: Really?
Vicki: Yeah. You’re always laughing or something. So what are you laughing about?
Bill: I watch movies in my head.

Lindsay: I just wish you could talk to me like you talk to Nick.
Mr. Weir: You know what the difference is between you and Nick? You’re my daughter. Every second you’re out of this house, every second that I can’t see you or know what you’re doing, it’s absolute torture for me.
Lindsay: Dad, I can’t stay inside all the time.
Mr. Weir: I know. Why not?