In the Beginning...

Wondering what in the world this random website is about? Yeah, most days I am too.

planetclaire.org first achieved its wobbly orbit on June 5, 2000. It trucked along at a relatively stable (if wobbly) pace, until September 19, 2015, when planetclaire.org became planetclaire.TV (complete with a whole new website and lease on life).

This is a relatively small planet with few native residents, including Floyd the Orange Alien and Norman the One-Earred Gargoyle, who pop up from time to time.

For thirteen years it was also home to a very nice cat named Ramona who is still terribly missed.

Anyway, it’s basically my little planet of stuff I like. If you like it too, then my constant need for validation has been momentarily fulfilled.

After all these years, it’s still just me. Which is why sometimes things aren’t updated all that fast.

Why the quotes?

I originally started posting quotes on this site because I wanted to to remember some of my favorites from different shows. It just grew from there.

This is NOT a transcript site. I try and type up everything as accurately as possible, but I’m definitely falliable and I type fast. So sometimes words are wrong and/or missed. If you find a quote that needs fixing, I always welcome corrections.