And then there’s TV.


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When I was a kid, my mom was pretty clear: an hour of TV a day and that was it.

I think she wanted to make sure I didn’t get too into television. She failed horribly. If you’re here you probably know that I’m a bit obsessed with it.

And I’ve watched a lot of shows that have failed. Not only that, but I’ve watched a lot of terrible shows. Which is fodder for another post.

And I have DVDs of them all. Which is awesome because I don’t even have a DVD player.

So tonight I actually checked on one of my favorite one-season shows. And it’s on iTunes. Not kidding, I cried.

I do cry quite easily to be honest. I hid my copy of the Velveteen Rabbit behind the bookcase when I was little because just seeing it made me tear up. My mom wondered for years why she kept finding it back there.

Anyhow, if you’re bored, check out the Dresden Files. It’s worth it.