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He Loves to Fly and He D’ohs

I will not wait twenty years to make another movie

Mr. Burns: I guess this is the end. I just wish I’d spent more time at the office.

Mr. Burns: And just so you know, she’ll do anything for you. Anything except sex! And I do mean “anything”.
Homer: Oh… I’m aroused. And confused.

Mr. Burns: Now let’s enjoy the Miami of Canada: Chicago!

Homer: Dr. Frederick J. Waxman, you’re a genius!
Colby Kraus (Stephen Colbert): That’s not my name.
Homer: I wasn’t talking to you.

Homer: Bart, I’ll need some clean urine, STAT!

Milhouse: Principal Skinner, why did we have to leave the Learn-and-Touch Reptile Zoo so early?
Principal Skinner: Well it seems someone was riding the giant tortoise naked.
Otto: It’s not my fault, the drinking fountain dared me to do it.

Colby Kraus: You have what made America great: no understanding of the limits of your power and a complete lack of concern for what anyone thinks of you.

Homer of Seville

The Wall Street Journal is better than ever

Jesus: The Real American Idol

Homer: Au jus. Not quite gravy, not quite blood.

Mr. Burns: My boy you are a star.
Homer: Woo hoo!
Mr. Burns: An opera star.
Homer: Oh.

Bart: Dad, you were great!
Lisa: And you contributed to our culture.
Homer: Oh, I didn’t mean to.
Lisa: No no, it’s a good thing.
Homer: Oh good. This makes up for me showing up drunk to the father-daughter dance.
Lisa: The dance isn’t until next week.
Homer: Sorry, Lisa. You can’t change the future.

Homer: Wow. Praise from Placido Domingo.
Placido Domingo: Just call me P. Mingo.
Homer: Eh. I’ll think about it.

Midnight Towboy

Homer: Hey, Apu, what happened to all your milk?
Apu: I sold it all to teenagers. There is a rumor you can mix milk, mentos and lotto scrapings to make jetpack fuel.
Homer: Does it work?
Jimbo hovering: Kinda.

Lisa: There must be a web site that can help you with a clingy baby.
Marge: I don’t want to bother the internet with my problem.

Homer: When you call in sick, who do you call?
Louie (Matt Dillon): I don’t call in sick. I work when I wanna.
Homer: Sometimes you wanna work?

Home r about the towing business: Wow, you make people miserable and there’s nothing they can do about it! Just like God.

Homer: Man, you work as a silhouette model for one day and it haunts you for the rest of your life.

CRIE Lady: Allow me to demonstra-care. {she sets Maggie down} Actualize!

Bart: We can say these swears anytime we want because they’re in the Bible.
Milhouse: I don’t think Leviticus is a swear.
Bart: Shut the hell up, you damn ass whore!
Marge: Bart?
Bart: Uh oh {hides Bible}
Marge: I’m starting to worry about your father.
Bart: Well I know he seems to get dumber every year but lately he’s plateaued.

I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I am not an FDIC-insured bank

Marge: You have to be there! You miss way too many precious moments in the children’s lives.
Homer: What? Name twelve.
Bart: Well, just this week there’s been field day, picking me up from airport—
Lisa: And the father-daughter dance!

Marge: Homer, you can not miss Lisa’s big day. And you have to come sober!
Homer: American sober or Irish sober?
Marge: .08 sober!
Homer: .15!
Marge: .09!
Homer: .10. With a stomach full of bread. My final offer.
Marge: Deal.

Marge: Homer, I’m a hostage in a bank robbery!
Homer: What? Oh my god! My sweet Margie! Okay, listen very carefully: don’t do anything they say, remain panicky, and above all try to be a hero.

Dwight (Steve Buscemi): Okay, this isn’t the way I planned it. But you can make it out alive as long as there’s no funny stuff.
Krusty: Don’t worry about me. I was voted America’s Least Funny clown. Worse than Scuzzo, Scummo, Oopsie, Carlos Mencia, Stinko, Blumpy… Even worse than Sergeant Serious. How could I do worse than him? I stole all his jokes!

Snake: Hey, baby, listen carefully: someone’s been editing my biography on Wikipedia. I want you to kill him.

Treehouse of Horror XVIII

Marge: Can’t anyone just watch the show they’re watching!

Homer: Mmm… Developed by…

Kodos: You are very observant Lisa. That’s why I have a special job for you. Go find out the secret locations of your country’s missile defense systems.
Lisa: They were in yesterday’s New York Times.

Bart: You killed them!
Kodos: Well done Columbo! That’s right, we watch Columbo. It’s on during rainouts of Gleep Glop games.

Mr. Burns: Greetings, 241.
Homer: Why does he always bring up my weight!

Marge: You’re a killer for hire!
Homer: You ruined that pie!

Bart: Trick or Treat isn’t just some phrase you chant mindlessly like The Lord’s Prayer. It’s an oral contract.
Nelson: You’re right. We’ve forgotten the old ways.

Lenny: How is this a prank? Give me back my TV.
Lisa: I fed your fish.
Lenny: You overfed them. You’re the worst one of all.

Bart: He died as he lived. As a dork!
Flanders: No! The lesson here is he’s being punished for thinking women are beautiful!

Little Orphan Millie

There is no such thing as an iPoddy

Kirk: Attention everyone. Luann and I have some big news.
Bart: Is it that you’re brother and sister? Because you really look a lot alike.

Homer: Marge give me a break. I don’t notice the color of people’s eyes. I just judge them by the color of their skin.

Bart: Why do all your bedtime stories have commercials in them for The Container Store?
Homer: Because if I do it enough maybe they’ll start to pay me.

Marge: Stop naming things!

Nelson: There’s a time for crumping. And this isn’t it.
Marge: I’ll crump with you, Sweetie Pie.

Bart: Milhouse has gone from being a comic figure to a tragic one.

Husbands and Knives

The pilgrims were not illegal aliens

Comic Book Guy: Philip K. Dick, it can’t be! It’s as if Superman moved to Gotham City!
Martin: Which he did. In World’s Finest Comics #94. See?
Comic Book Guy: That was an imaginary story dreamt by Jimmy Olsen after he was kicked in the head by Supergirls’ horse Comet. It never really happened.
Bart: None of these things ever really happened.
Comic Book Guy: Get out.

Homer: Why would women want to go to a gym if there were no men there watching them and judging them?

Homer: Hors d’oeuvres, big fancy desserts and my wife is paying for everything. Now I know why pimps are so happy.

Homer: Oh. All food tastes like barf now.

Marge: What are you hiding from me? Is it chocolate?
Homer: It used to be.

Surgeon: Okay, count backwards from ten.
Homer: Fine. I admit it. I’m drunk.

Funeral for a Fiend

Homer: Heh heh heh. I spit on your corpse, advertiser-supported television!

Bart: What are you doing? Get me out of here. I can’t breathe!
Homer: Marge, he’s got to get over his fear of coffins.

Sideshow Bob: Oh, why must I feed him straight lines!

Dr. Robert Terwilliger, Sr. (John Mahoney): East bids two hearts.
Gino: Three diamonds.
Snake: Three clubs! {he clubs them over the head}
Cecil (David Hyde Pierce): The joke’s not funny and the bid’s not sufficient.

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

The capital of Montana is not “Hannah”

Homer: Hey boy, do you know where the family is? Show me on MapQuest. {SLH growls} Fine. Google Maps.

Krusty: Gimme one of those Forget Me drinks! I made a mistake I gotta wipe out. I was trying to do a Don Rickles about Arabs, but it turned into a Mel Gibson about Mexicans. {takes the shot} Ah! Huh? What the hell am I doing here? I gotta get back to the Latin Grammys.

Homer: Flanders, why did you call the cops last night?
Flanders: I had to. I heard a hub-bub, Bub.
Homer: What did I do?!?!
Flanders: Well, can’t say for sure but as a Christian I assume the worst!

Grampa Simpson: You come to me for help rememberin’? That’s like asking your horse to do your taxes. Which I did back in 1998.

Homer: The mother of my children with the reason for my children!
Marge: Stop! Homer, please!
Duffman: I’m just giving it to your wife. She is gonna be sore tomorrow.

E Pluribus Wiggum

Teacher did not pay too much for her condo

Homer: Listen carefully: I’ve taken your wife hostage. If you don’t have a wife I have kidnapped your brother. Nod if you understand. Now back away from Burns and I will let your dog live. Good. Now stop and dance like a happy prospector. Happier. Happier. Happier!

Quimby: There there, Cheesy McMayor. No one likes weepy meat.

News Van1: To Springfield!
News Van2: Which Springfield?
News Van1: The one the Simpsons live in.

Brockman: Are you a registered voter?
Moe: I’m a registered… something.

Jon Stewart: Hey Krusty. Haven’t seen you since you bailed on that benefit.
Krusty: Yeah, well I didn’t really believe in the cause.
Jon Stewart: Well Krusty’s Kids sure missed you.
Krusty: Yeah, they’re great. Little clingy.

Jon Stewart: I’ll thank you to keep my zingers out of your mouth. I’m gonna try to remember you the way you used to be.
Krusty: But I’ve always been terrible!

Nelson to the print journalist: Ha ha! Your medium is dying.
Principal Skinner: Nelson.
Nelson: But it is!
Principal Skinner: There’s being right and there’s being nice.

Pollster: Oh my god! This family is undecided. Undecided!

Homer: If you haven’t sprung from or aren’t married to my loins get the hell out of this house. You too, Fred Thompson.
Fred Thompson: But I was in Die Hard.
Homer: Pfft. Die Hard 2.

Lisa: And Ralph is only eight years old. It says in the Constitution you have to be 35.
Bart: The Constitution? I’m pretty sure the Patriot Act killed it to ensure our freedoms.

That 90s Show

Marge: We wouldn’t be in this trouble if you’d just pay the heating bill.
Homer: I thought Global Warming would take care of it. Al Gore can’t do anything right!

Kirk: Luann, a picture of you cheating on me is downloading to my computer. I’ll know who you were cheating on me with in less than six hours. Unless someone picks up the phone.

Comic Book Guy: …and that is why The Lord of the Rings can never be filmed.

Marge: Are you saying that America was founded on misconceptions?

Homer: Okay, I’ll keep the LPs, and you take the CDs. I’ll take the typewriter, you take the computer. I’ll take the Enron stock, you take the Microsoft stock…

Professor August: Good god! The Patriots are deep in Redskin territory! This isn’t entertainment, it’s genocide!

Professor August: Look at that lighthouse. That’s the ultimate expression of phallocentric technocracy violating Mother Sky.
Marge: I thought they were just tall so boats could see them.
Professor August: No Marge. Everything penis-shaped is bad.

Love, Springfieldian Style

Homer: For the next two hours we’ll be kid-free. It’ll be just like the time we lost them at the mall. That was the best Christmas ever.

Homer: Oh! Even love is boring when you’re stuck in a tunnel of it.

Rich Texan: Dang it! I wanted to hear what else was bollocks.

Comic Book Guy: Your music violates everything punk stands for! Which is nothing. You are no longer welcome in CBGB’s. Comic Book Guy’s Bar.

Homer: Happy Valentine’s Day and shut your gob.

The Debarted

The art teacher is fat, not pregnant

Mrs. Krabappel: Bart, this is Donnie. He’s here at our school because he was kicked out of PS 132.
Donnie (Topher Grace): PS: that school sucked.

Ralph about Donnie: When he grows up I wanna be like me!

Homer singing: Driver of a loaner car! [Much better than a] Driver of my normal car!

Lisa: This car’s amazing! The radio lets me contribute directly to NPR.

Lisa: I never dreamed an America car designed in Germany, assembled in Mexico, from parts made in Canada could be so amazing!

Willie: It was rats within rats! Which was also my dinner last night.

Dial “N” for Nerder

Homer: Oh boy, dinnertime. The perfect break between work and drunk!

Bart: Whatcha doin’, mom? Going crazy?

Jennifer: I’ve tried everything except talking to him. Help me, TV show!

Bart: Hey, I didn’t know this park was here.
Lisa: You wrote a report on it last week.
Bart: The internet wrote it. I just handed it in.

Marge: So how was your outside time?
Lisa: We were never outside! We were here all day!
Marge: That quick talking is never a good sign.
Lisa: That’s usually true but in this case it’s not.

Lisa: Give me an Indian burn.
Bart: But—
Lisa: Don’t make me say “Indian” again.

Sneakers Host: Marge, you’ve given me a lot to think about today. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to the editing room to make you look insane. To the post-production trailer!

Lisa: I learned that beneath my goody two shoes lies some very dark socks.

Smoke on the Daughter

Homer: C’mon Bart, all the nerds are doing it.
Bart: I’m not a nerd. I’m a jock who’s too cool for sports.

Homer: Well that’s our book for the year. I think we’ve earned some TV.

Homer: Stop saying things, Bart. That’s the TV’s job.

Chazz Busby: Chazz Busby Ballet Academy is coming to Springfield. Auditions are Monday. Callbacks are Tuesday. Wednesday you see I’m a heartless bastard. Thursday you realize you love me, dammit. Friday we’re closed.

Lisa: I didn’t know you cared about ballet.
: Lisa, have I ever shown you my Shattered Dreams Box?
Lisa: No.
Marge: It’s upstairs in my Disappointment Closet.

Marge: Homey, I’m going to be a dancer!
Homer: Go-Go or boring?
Marge: Boring!
Homer: Oh.

Homer: Son, while your mother and little mother are out I’m going to let you in on a deep dark family secret.
Bart: You got a drinking problem?
Homer: I said “secret.”

Homer: Have you ever wondered what I do in that locked room?
Bart: Gay out?
Homer: Well wonder no more!
Bart: Beef jerky? The queen of all the jerkys!

Lisa: I’ve gotten better from this morning. How could that have happened?
Ballerina: Maybe it’s all the secondhand focus and pep you’re inhaling. They don’t call these dancer sticks for nothing.
Lisa: I thought they were cancer sticks.

Apu: You have made a very powerless enemy!

Papa Don’t Leech

Homer: Dad, are you sure you’re okay to drive at night?
Grampa Simpson: It’s night?!

Mayor Quimby: It was a rhetorical question.
Lisa: And I used rhetoric in my answer!

Homer: Kids, marriage is like a car. Along the way it has its bumps and dings. And this country can’t make one that lasts more than five years.

Judge: Lurlene, the court orders you to make payments of $100 a week until such time as your music comes back in style or becomes appreciated for its camp value.

Royce Lumpkin: Oh man. I better whiskey up these corn flakes.

Lurlene Lumpkin (Beverly D’Angelo): Oh Daddy, you made me the happiest girl on whichever side of the Mississippi this is!

Apocalypse Cow

A person’s a person no matter how Ralph

Bart: So Dean Martin would show up at the last minute and do everything in just one take?
Homer: That’s right.
Bart: But Wikipedia said he was passionate about rehearsal!
Homer: Don’t you worry about Wikipedia. We’ll change it when we get home. {menacingly} We’ll change a lot of things.

4-H Farmer: Let’s skip the oath and get you behind the wheel of something you can’t handle.

Warning: Funhouse may have Christian message

Bart: Mom, they’re going to kill Lou and make him into food and fringe vests for gay cowboys!

Bart: “Anguished Animals III”? That wasn’t my conscience mooing! That was… Tress MacNeille!

Any Given Sundance

Homer: What could be greater than eating and drinking for hours in a drizzly parking lot.
Lisa: Anything.
Bart: No, everything is better.

Carl: Springfield U sucks!
Sideshow Mel: A&M cheerleaders are clumsy!
Carl: Your superstar professors treat undergrads like an afterthought!
Sideshow Mel: Your tenure track is heavily politicized!

Moviegoer 1: Brava Lisa!
Moviegoer 2: Shame on Marge!
Moviegoer 3: Death to Maggie!

Bart: Lisa, your movie exposed our crappy side to the world. I knew you were lame, but I never imagined you were bogus.

Skinner: Well if we can’t get into Sundance, would you like to check out its alternative cousin, Slamdance?
Chalmers: I would rather die.

Homer: Oh. I never wanted to be famous for being mean. I wanted to be famous for catching Santa Claus.

Mona Leaves-A

This punishment is not medieval

Marge: I’m used to buying my critters pre-made. How does your store differ?

Bart about the talking bear: Wow, this guy could put Milhouse out of business.

Homer: You keep disappearing and reappearing and it’s not funny. You’re just like that show Scrubs!

Mona Simpson (Glenn Close): Homer, are you okay?
Homer: I’m fine. It’s my feelings that are mad.

Ned: Look Homer, people don’t come back as anything. Except for our Lord who came back as bread. That’s it.
Apu: That’s the thing with your religion. It’s a bummer.
Ned: Even the sing-a-longs?
Apu: No, the sing-a-longs are okay.

Homer: I’m really glad you corrected me, Lisa. People are always really glad when they’re corrected.

All About Lisa

Sideshow Mel: This distinguished-looking gentleman is a highly respected actor. It’s not important what he says or who he’s a parody of…

Drew Carey: What I love about Krusty is he’s always on. But to find out what, you gotta test his pee.
Homer: Pee! Ha ha ha.
Drew Carey: Seriously. Test his pee. He’s a danger to the community.

Lisa: The intern thing could open up a whole new world of free labor for you. Did you know the Discovery Channel doesn’t have a single paid employee.

Krusty: Go to my joke file and make all the Sophia Lorens into Lindsay Lohans.
Lisa: So do a global change?
Krusty: What am I, Al Gore? Just do it!

Homer about the kissing Lincolns: The one on the left looks into it but the one on the right is just experimenting.

Sideshow Mel: Applause is an addiction, like heroin or checking your email.