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Season 6


Andre Braugher  Callie Thorne  Erik Dellums  Jon Seda  Kyle Secor  Michelle Forbes  Peter Gerety  Reed Diamond  Richard Belzer  Toni Lewis  Yaphet Kotto

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Blood Ties (Part 1)

Pembleton: Where’s Brodie?
Munch: PBS aired his documentary. He won an Emmy.
Bayliss: An Emmy? They give those things to anybody.

Shaggy Dog, City Goat

Munch: Without metaphors, what are we left with? We have a riddle, surrounded by a mystery, wrapped inside of an enigma and stuffed inside a body bag.

Something Sacred (Part 2)

Kellerman shooting Luther: You have the right to remain silent.


Munch: Hey partner, ready to roll?
Kellerman: I gotta run to the dentist; I cracked a filling.
Munch: Which part do you hate the worst? The rubber dam they put in your mouth to open it or the sound of the drill?
Kellerman: I think the worst part is when I scream like a little girl.

Full Court Press

Gaffney: If I was running his shift, I’d be offering you a transfer.
Lewis: Respectfully speaking sir, if you were running his shift, I’d be taking it.

Gee: That’s what they tell someone in prison just before they punk them. Are you trying to punk me here?

Pembleton: You know, sometimes you’re funny. Then there’s now.

Bayliss: So the lawyers are talking, right?
Munch: Yeah.
Bayliss: I got it.
Stivers: C’mon Munch. A gunfight, a couple car chases you’ve got a movie deal. But Ed Danvers and his pals waving their briefcases at each other.
Lewis: Yeah. And who’s gonna line up to pay theater prices for that? That ain’t a movie. That’s Court TV.