Homicide Life on the Street

Kay Howard


Melissa Leo

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Season One

Tim Bayliss ( Kyle Secor): Ah, excuse me. Is this Homicide?
Kay Howard (Melissa Leo): Homicide? We work for God.

Mrs. Jempson: You think you guys wanna look around for some clues?
Howard: The body in the basement’s a big clue.
Beau Felton: We still have to find Jerry. {the phone rings and Kay picks up}
Howard: Hello? Detective Howard of Homicide. And who’s this? It’s Jerry.

Gee: I thought I put you with the new guy.
Howard: Pembleton’s with the new guy.
Gee: Is there a reason why I can’t control my own men?
Howard: It’s better to be feared then loved?

Munch: You cannot insult an ethnic group worse than the truth.
Howard: Lay off the Irish.
Munch: The Irish. A million people died in the potato famine. Ireland is an island. An island by definition is surrounded by fish. A million people died because they didn’t like fish.

Howard: You want it? You ready? Take it.
Bayliss: Detective Bayliss.

Ed Danvers (Zeljko Ivanek): As Assistant State’s Attorney I have every intention of maintaining a better-than-average conviction rate, so that one day in the not-too-distant future I can come to rest at a law firm. Preferably an L.A. law firm.
Kay Howard (Melissa Leo): Well we’ll miss you.

Howard: Danvers, don’t get me wrong. I’m fascinated by your career, but we got a red ball going on.

Beau Felton (Daniel Baldwin): Adena gets home from school at 3pm on Tuesday. She’s out of the house by 3:30. Adena tells her mom she’s heading to the library, which is four blocks away. So why does she need 45 minutes to get there?
Crosetti: I’ll tell you why. Because she stops next door. She stops to get her girlfriend to go with her to the library, but her mother nixes the idea. So she stays at the girlfriend’s house for like a half hour and then Adena goes to the library. That brings her there right on schedule.
Howard: Walks into the library, grabs a couple of books, checks ’em out. Walks into the daytime [?]
Pembleton: And disappears.
Munch: She was murdered and moved. That’s a gimme.
Bolander: Whoever grabbed her, was probably from the neighborhood. He got her off the street in midday. That means he knew her.

Season Two


Season Three


Season Four

Kay Howard (Melissa Leo): Derringers were departmental issue?
Gee: Not exactly.
It was a different time. You did what you had to do and you worried about formalities later. The old timers used to say, I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

Bayliss: You remember Adena Watson?
Howard: Oh, sure. Your first case. Never shut.
Bayliss: Yeah. Risley Tucker, the Araber I always suspected of killing her, he’s dead. You know, she’s eleven years old and she’s raped, murdered and mutilated and he dies peacefully in bed. At home.
Howard: Risley Tucker’s dead so you’re thinking about quitting, huh?
Bayliss: I can’t stop thinking about that case. I can’t stop seeing Adena Watson’s face in the rain. The wounds on her body.

Howard: I’ll go with you.
Kellerman: Why?
Howard: You’re still a new guy, Mikey. Don’t want you talking the shooter out of his confession. Brodie, you come too. If the guy’s making a statement of guilt ‘least we can do is get it on videotape.

Howard: You saying I don’t know how to throw a punch?
Kellerman: No, I’m saying I can show you how to throw it better.

Season Five

Howard: What you got there, Brodie?
Brodie: It’s my documentary on the homicide unit. All you guys.
Lewis: You made a documentary about us?
Brodie: Yeah. I spent all year doing it.

Howard: Pretty tough room, Brodie. Are you sure you want to do this?
Brodie: An artist has to be fearless, Kay. There’s fearless and then there’s crazy.

Season Six


Season Seven