Peter Gerety

The Passion of the Beaver


Jake: So no passion is bad. And too much is bad. Richard: Sure. If you’re passionate about Maker’s Mark. Zoe kissing Richard: Too hard. Richard: What? Zoe: I’m searching for my passion. {kisses the coffee guy} Too soft. {kisses Chris} Just right. Chris surprised: Zoe. Zoe grabbing his hand: I misplaced my passion. See if…

Zen and the Art of Manipulation


Richard: After the little fandango with the sex advice column I did a little soul searching. You'll be reading a kinder, gentler Bugle. Professor Macklin: This week’s video diary topic: Have you ever—knowingly—manipulated someone, sexually or otherwise? Have you ever been manipulated? What is it about sex that makes otherwise moral, decent people lie. Like…

Tell Me No Secrets


Chris: I’d be working on biceps, bro. Lee: What’s up, Chris. Chris: You’re gonna need your strength. Baby in one hand, books in the other. Lee: Baby? Who told you that? Chris: Who told me? Who told everyone. Sexy Sadie. Lee: The column in The Bugle? Chris: “You can bitch about condoms all you want,…

Season 7


La Famiglia Bayliss: Look, it's not a permanent thing. I'm not asking for a long term commitment. Munch: I understand. You stayed with Pembleton for six years. He broke your heart, and now you're just looking for a one-nighter, huh? Bayliss: Yeah, something like that.

Season 6


Blood Ties (Part 1) Pembleton: Where's Brodie? Munch: PBS aired his documentary. He won an Emmy. Bayliss: An Emmy? They give those things to anybody. Shaggy Dog, City Goat Munch: Without metaphors, what are we left with? We have a riddle, surrounded by a mystery, wrapped inside of an enigma and stuffed inside a body…

Season 5


The Heart of a Saturday Night Ravens. Who names a football team after an Edgar Allan Poe story? Pembleton: You and I, we have nothing in common. Kellerman: What are you talking about? We're both stuck here in the squadroom, we're both pissed off about it. I'd say we have something in common. Pembleton: You…

Season 4


Fire (Part 1) Kellerman: There's no absolutes in life. Only in vodka. Autofocus Kellerman: You know, he shouldn't leave a department vehicle running like that. Lewis: Yeah. Could get stolen. Kellerman: Lieutenant said take the first car in. Lewis: We shouldn't. Kellerman: You're right. Lewis: Grand theft auto, baby. Pembleton: You sons of bitches! Heartbeat…