Aasif Mandvi

Risky Business


Owen: Well, I hope I’m not being un-PC or a little too OC to ask this, but did Richard Thorne spend the night last night? Natalie: Richard is fragile. Owen: He’s fragile like a fox. Zoe to Chris: No tape, no tap. Jake: This week’s video diary assignment: how much are you willing to risk…

The Passion of the Beaver


Jake: So no passion is bad. And too much is bad. Richard: Sure. If you’re passionate about Maker’s Mark. Zoe kissing Richard: Too hard. Richard: What? Zoe: I’m searching for my passion. {kisses the coffee guy} Too soft. {kisses Chris} Just right. Chris surprised: Zoe. Zoe grabbing his hand: I misplaced my passion. See if…