Vern Schillinger

1997.07.12    JK Simmons

J. K. Simmons

Schillinger is trying to get Alvarez to kill Beecher
Schillinger: I work the mail room, right. I can push whatever you need, in or out, through the system.
Alvarez: Tits?
Schillinger: Sure.
Alvarez: I thought you were anti-drugs.
Schillinger: I don’t care if you smuggle in fucking tacos. I want Beecher dead. Today.
later… it goes poorly

Schillinger: God dammit. You fucking spic cocksucker!
Alvarez: See? That’s the Schillinger I know and love.

Schillinger: Well look who’s here. What brings you down to the low-rent district?
McManus: Hey, just because you’re not in Em City anymore doesn’t mean I don’t care what’s going on with you.
Schillinger: Bull-fucking-shit. McManus, I had to listen to your sanctimonious crap when I lived in Em City, but I don’t have to now. Bye.
McManus: All right, I don’t care how you’re doing.
Schillinger: Hey boys. Honesty.

Hill asking Vern to help him escape : Is that a no?
Schillinger: Yeah. No. No, yeah, that’s a no. Get the fuck out of here before I tip you over.

Keller: I been out of the hole two days, I haven’t spoken more than ten words to Beecher.
Schillinger: Yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s a fucking mess. He is on the ledge.
Keller: I say it’s about time we pushed him off.

Ryan: Yo, Vern!
Keller: How you doing?
Beecher: Came to get some exercise. Work up a sweat.
Andy Schillinger: They’re gonna teach me how to wrestle.
Schillinger: That’s fine. We’ll just stand here and watch.

different shots in Em City
Murphy: Happy New Year.
McManus: Yeah.
Beecher: Happy New Year.
Keller: Happy New Year.
Wangler: Happy New Year, motherfuckers!
Schillinger: Eat me, you little prick.

Schillinger: Will somebody tell him we can take care of Said ourselves? We don’t need to sub-contract.

Robson: Your kid was involved in all kinds of shit. Drug deals, pimping. So there’s any number of people who might want him dead.
Schillinger: This is you consoling me?

Schillinger: Hey there Petey. You having some shrink time? That’s good. After all, a trauma like you went through, getting gang raped and all, it’s healthy to talk about the experience. You probably shouldn’t get too specific in the details though. That might not be so healthy after all.
Peter Schibetta: Leave me alone.
Schillinger: Sure. Keep your sunny side up.

Schillinger: You’re dead, sweetpea.

Schillinger realizing Keller switched the shanks: That cocksucker!