Oz Oz Seasons

Season 1

1997.07.12    S01

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje  B.D. Wong  Craig muMs Grant  Edie Falco  Ernie Hudson  George Morfogen  Granville Adams  Lauren Vélez  Leon  Otto Sanchez  Rita Moreno  Scott William Winters  Sean Whitesell  Skipp Sudduth  Stephen Gevedon  Terry Kinney  Tom Mardirosian

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Diane Wittlesey: There’s something in the air. And it ain’t love.

Kareem Said: I would give my life for you.
Jefferson Keane: You gonna have to.

Lenny Burrano: Donald Groves. You killed your parents and ate them, right?
Donald Groves: I only ate my mom. I was saving my dad for Thanksgiving.
Lenny Burrano: That’s festive.

Leo Glynn: after McManus refuses a dinner invitation Too much work to do, right? You can take a break from saving the world. Even Jesus had supper.
Tim McManus: Yeah, and right afterwards he was betrayed and crucified.

Groves: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
Father Ray Mukada: What?
Groves: I don’t know what to do. I’ve never done this confession thing before.

Mukada: Catholicism is “nifty”?
Groves: You have that whole mystical transubstantiation bit going.
Mukada: That’s right. The Eucharist becomes the body of Christ.
Groves: So you’re actually eating His flesh and drinking His blood.
Mukada: That’s right.
Groves: Now how can I not get behind a religion like that?

Jeremy Goldstein: I mean, you don’t think of me as a Christ-killer or anything like that?
McManus: Well I’m not even really sure that Christ died.

Groves: They say lethal injection causes no pain. How do they know? Did someone come back from the dead and say they didn’t feel anything?

Beecher: Were you around when the last person in the state was executed?
Bob Rebadow: I was the last person in the state executed.

Miguel Alvarez: Hey, Father. Where was God when my son died?
Mukada: Same place He was when His own son died.

Sister Pete: Christ was executed, you know. And if he hadn’t been, the world would be a very different place.
Glynn: A better place?
Sister Pete: I didn’t say that.

Scott Ross: I was a man in love. I still am.
Wittlesey: Save it for the shower room.

Ryan: No thanks. I’ve never been big on tomatoes.
Nino Schibetta: You Irish. You got no appreciation for the simple things in life.
Ryan: What’s simpler than a potato?

Schibetta to Adebisi: How do you keep that hat on your head? Velcro?

Groves: Mister Said. I just wanted to tell you that, um, the whole thing with the spoons, the whole Allah thing? It’s awesome. butchering Arabic A-salami I-like-em.

Sister Pete: Don’t think of me as a psychologist. Don’t think of me as a nun. Think of me as your mother. Kareem, take your medicine!

McManus announces a lockdown
Alvarez: Gee Dad, I hope I can still make it to the prom.

Beecher: I need you to move me to another cell block.
McManus: All the cell blocks are full.
Beecher: Then move me to another prison.
McManus: Do I look like a travel agent to you?

Officer Anthony Nowakowski: Hey, what’re you doing?
Wangler: Nothing.
Officer Nowakowski: Yeah? Why don’t you do it somewhere else?
Kenny goes under the stairs
Wangler: Stupid hacks.
Adebisi: You’ the lookout!
Wangler: I’m the lookout.
Adebisi: Go on! Look out!

At the beginning of the riot
Glynn: What’s this about, Said?
Said: If you have to ask, Glynn, we got a long day ahead of us.

Said: I am willing to share the power. That is why I asked you here. You see, we can become a kind of council. We will—together—make all the decisions.
Ross: We can talk parliamentary procedure later. How many guns do you have?