Struan Rodger

The Woman Who Lived


Mr. Fanshawe (John Voce): I will not be robbed by some lone, ranting cavalier! The Nightmare: Who says I am alone? {red eyes glow in the distance} The Nightmare: What are you doing? The Doctor: Oh just ignore me, just passing through. Like fish in the night. The Nightmare: This is a robbery. The Doctor: It's not fish in the,…



The Doctor: The year one hundred trillion. That's impossible. Martha: Why? What happens then? The Doctor: We're going to the end of the universe. Professor Yana (Derek Jacobi): One more lost soul dreaming of Utopia. Chantho (Chipo Chung): Chan- You mustn't talk as though you've given up. -tho Professor Yana: No no. Indeed. Here's to…



Sally Calypso (Erika Macleod): Salutations. This is Sally Calypso with the traffic news at 10:15. We've got reports of a multiple stockpile at Junction 509. With a spate of carjackings reported on New Fifth Avenue. So you take care now. Drive safely! The Doctor: Just one trip. That's what I said. One trip in the…