Chipo Chung

Turn Left


Fortune Teller (Chipo Chung): Tell your fortune, Lady. The future predicted, your life foretold. Donna: Oh, no thanks. Fortune Teller: Don't you want to know. If you're going to be happy. Donna: I'm happy right now, thanks. Fortune Teller: Oh, you're fascinating! But you're good. I can see... a man. The most remarkable man. How…



The Doctor: The year one hundred trillion. That's impossible. Martha: Why? What happens then? The Doctor: We're going to the end of the universe. Professor Yana (Derek Jacobi): One more lost soul dreaming of Utopia. Chantho (Chipo Chung): Chan- You mustn't talk as though you've given up. -tho Professor Yana: No no. Indeed. Here's to…