Doctor Who Series 2

New Earth


Adjoa Andoh  Anna Hope  Dona Croll  Sean Gallagher  Struan Rodger  Zoë Wanamaker

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Rose: So where are we going?
The Doctor: Further than we’ve ever gone before.

The Doctor: So in the year five billion, the sun expands, the Earth gets roasted.
Rose: That was our first date.
The Doctor: We had chips.

Rose: What’s the city called?
The Doctor: New New York.
Rose: Oh come on.
The Doctor: It is. It’s the city of New New York. Strictly speaking, it’s the fifteenth New York since the original. So that makes it New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York.

Rose: Not exactly NHS.
The Doctor: No little shop. I like the little shop.
Rose: I’d have thought this far in the future they’d have cured everything.
The Doctor: The human race moves on, but so do the viruses. It’s an ongoing war.
Rose noticing the nurses: They’re cats.
The Doctor: Now, don’t stare. Look what you look like to them, all… pink and yellow.

Matron Casp (Dona Croll): But is there no one here you recognize? It’s rather unusual to visit without knowing the patient.
The Doctor: No. I think I found him.

Novice Hame (Anna Hope): I’m afraid the Face of Boe is asleep. That’s all he tends to do these days. Are you a friend?
The Doctor: Ah, we met just once on Platform One. What’s wrong with him?
Novice Hame: I’m so sorry. I thought you knew. The Face of Boe is dying.
The Doctor: Of what?
Novice Hame: Old age. The one thing we can’t cure. He’s thousands of years old. Some people say millions. Although that’s impossible.
The Doctor: Oh, I don’t know. I like impossible. to the Face of Boe: I’m here. I look a bit different, but it’s me. It’s the Doctor.

Rose: What are you doing?
Cassandra (Zoë Wanamaker): The lady’s moving on. It’s goodbye trampoline and hello Blondie!

Novice Hame: Legend says that the Face of Boe has watched the Universe grow old. There’s all sorts of superstitions around him. One story says that just before his death the Face of Boe will impart his great secret. That he will speak those words only to one like himself.
The Doctor: What does that mean?
Novice Hame: It’s just a story.
The Doctor: Tell me the rest.
Novice Hame: It’s said he’ll talk to a wanderer. To the man without a home. The lonely god.

Cassandra in Rose: Curves. Oh baby. It’s like living inside a bouncy castle.

Cassandra in Rose: It’s the Doctor. The same doctor with a new face. Hypocrite! I must get the name of his surgeon.

Sister Jatt (Adjoa Andoh): It’s happened again. One of the patients is conscious.
Matron Casp: Well, we can’t have that.

Cassandra in Rose: Remember that old Earth saying: Never trust a nun, never trust a nurse, and never trust a cat.

Cassandra in Rose: What disease is that?
The Doctor: All of them. Every single disease in the galaxy. They’ve been infected with everything.
Cassandra in Rose: What about us? Are we safe?
The Doctor: Yeah, it’s sterile. Just don’t touch them.

Cassandra in Rose: Aren’t you lucky there was a spare. Standing room only.

Cassandra in The Doctor: Goodness me, I’m a man! So many parts. I hardly use. Oh. Ah! Two hearts. Oh baby, I’m beating out a Samba!

Rose: You get out of the Doctor’s body! He can think of something.
Cassandra in The Doctor: Nag nag nag. God it’s tedious inside your head. Hormone city.
Rose: We’re going to die!
Matron Casp: All our good work. All that healing! The good name of the sisterhood. You have destroyed everything!
Cassandra in The Doctor: Go and play with a ball of string.

Cassandra back in Rose: Oh, chav-tastic.

The Doctor: That was your last warning, Cassandra!
Cassandra in Rose: Inside her head. They’re so alone. They keep reaching out just to hold us. All their lives and they’ve never been touched.

Cassandra in Rose: You’re completely mad! I can see why she likes you.

Cassandra in Rose: What about you?
The Doctor: I’ve got an appointment. The Doctor is in.

The Doctor: The human race just keeps on going—keeps on changing. Life will out. Ha!

The Doctor: You were supposed to be dying.
The Face of Boe (Struan Rodger): I have better things to do today. Dying can wait.
Cassandra in Rose: Oh I hate telepathy. Just what I need. A headful of big Face.
The Doctor: Sh!
The Face of Boe: I had grown tired of the Universe, Doctor. But you have taught me to look at it anew.
The Doctor: There are legends you know. Saying that you’re millions of years old.
The Face of Boe: Now that would be impossible.
The Doctor: Wouldn’t it just. I got the impression there was something you wanted to tell me.
The Face of Boe: A great secret.
The Doctor: So the legend says.
The Face of Boe: It can wait.
The Doctor: Oh! Does it have to?
The Face of Boe: We shall meet again, Doctor, for the third time—for the last time—and the truth shall be told. Until that day.
The Doctor: That is enigmatic. That is textbook enigmatic.

Cassandra in Chip: Oh sweet Lord. I’m a walking doodle.