Miguel Alvarez


Kirk Acevedo

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Miguel Alvarez: Hey, Father. Where was God when my son died?
Mukada: Same place He was when His own son died.

McManus announces a lockdown
Alvarez: Gee Dad, I hope I can still make it to the prom.

Alvarez: No offense. No offense. But drop fuckin’ dead.

Alvarez: Come on, boys. Be all that you can be.

Alvarez: I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ in love.
Ryan: What, is that so hard to believe? Huh? Me, in love?
Alvarez: Yeah. You, me, anybody. Not in Oz, man.

Alvarez: You trying to escape, Hill?
Hill: I been exploring the possibilities.
Alvarez: Right. Okay, well, hospital ward, that’s like a dead end. ‘Cause if there was a way out, my ass’d be like a vapor. But hey, you find a crack, you let me know, all right? moving arms like he’s pushing Hill’s wheelchair ‘Cause I’d be right there behind you, okay?

Alvarez: They say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
Eugene Rivera: What the fuck you talkin’ about?
Alvarez: Nice to see you.

Schillinger is trying to get Alvarez to kill Beecher
Schillinger: I work the mail room, right. I can push whatever you need, in or out, through the system.
Alvarez: Tits?
Schillinger: Sure.
Alvarez: I thought you were anti-drugs.
Schillinger: I don’t care if you smuggle in fucking tacos. I want Beecher dead. Today.
later… it goes poorly

Schillinger: God dammit. You fucking spic cocksucker!
Alvarez: See? That’s the Schillinger I know and love.

Alvarez: How do you keep them safe from the other prisoners?
Alicia Hinden: Like I said. Love and trust.
Alvarez: Shit. Now that’s like conjugals and cigarettes.
Hinden: Meaning?
Alvarez: That’s two things don’t exist in Oz.

Morales: I figure, you and Guerra made peace you won’t be stabbing each other with silverware. Besides, I got a question.
Alvarez: Nine inches, baby.

Alvarez: It’s Torquemada. Club owner. The king of the night.

Alonzo Torquemada: Miguel Alvarez. I hear you’re the man to know.
Alvarez: Whoever told you that was an idiot.