The Bedford Diaries Season 1

Risky Business


Aasif Mandvi  Audra McDonald  Corri English  Ernest Waddell  Matthew Modine  Milo Ventimiglia  Penn Badgley  Tiffany Dupont  Victoria Cartagena

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Owen: Well, I hope I’m not being un-PC or a little too OC to ask this, but did Richard Thorne spend the night last night?

Natalie: Richard is fragile.
Owen: He’s fragile like a fox.

Zoe to Chris: No tape, no tap.

Jake: This week’s video diary assignment: how much are you willing to risk in order to get what you want.

Richard: You’re looking at a new, passive, uninvolved Richard Thorne.

Richard: You’re worrying about me?
Sarah: Yeah, I am.
Richard dramatically grasping her arm: Sucker.

Owen: I spent a lot of time on these flyers.
Natalie: I know. They’re really nice, Owen.
Owen: Nice? What is it with you and “nice”? I can’t stand the word “nice.” If you hate the flyers, just tell me you hate the flyers.
Natalie: I don’t hate the flyers. I think the flyers are fine.
Owen: “Fine.” The second most [?] word in the English dictionary after nice.

Chris: Hey Lee. You know Zoe Lopez, don’t you?
Lee: Yeah, sure. Why?
Chris: We’ve been hanging out, spooning and stuff.

Natalie: What happened?
Frat guy: Dude was hit by a car.
Natalie: Where’s the driver? Should we call the cops?
Dr. Sharif: On the side, on the front? Where?
Frat guy: From the bottom.
Pledge: There was no driver.
Frat guy: He was piled between two mattresses and we threw him off the roof.
Owen: What?

Dean Harper: So your solution is to threaten the board?
Professor Bonatelle: Yeah. The school’s had a lot of bad press lately. The trustees don’t want another scandal. And you can’t close a place that saved your own students.
Dean Harper: That’s very devious. I like it. Can I be the one that tells the board?
Professor Bonatelle: Yeah.

Richard: Do you lack compassion for other people? Maybe. But you definitely lack compassion for yourself.

Owen to Natalie: You scored your attempted suicide?