Rebecca Cooper

All God’s Children


Annie: Do you know what the weird thing is? Hennessey (Adrian Schiller): Annie says, "Do you know what the weird thing is." George: For the eighteenth time, I can hear her. Annie: So. Looks like we found Mitchell's girlfriend. George: Yeah. Small world. Annie: Why do you think she didn't tell him that she had…

Long Live the King


Bristol 1665 Inquisitor: Your teeth will be smashed from your skull, as a warning to other devils. And your head will be removed from your body... {checks the back of the scroll.} No, that's it actually. Proceed! Lucy (Lyndsey Marshal): Gotta say, I've never seen the condition in a hospital porter before. I suppose the…

Bad Moon Rising


Two Years Earlier Annie: It was nothing really. Just a small good deed in the darkness. But fate is always playing a long game. Seth (Dylan Brown): They don't know who we are. Thug: They do. I got here before you arrived and got talking to the owner. His nan's died, and he wanted an…