Being Human Series 3

The Longest Day


Jason Watkins  Nicola Walker  Rebecca Cooper

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Annie: It’s all right, it’s okay. It can survive a transformation. It… I hate calling it “it”. The baby. The baby can survive. Oh we’re going to have to have a treat tonight. Big tea, major pudding and just… happy times. Oo, and Jenga! See you back at the house. {she blinks out}
Nina: Pissing Jenga.

George: Mitchell! What are we going to do.
Mitchell: Stake him. {he runs out of the room}
Nina: What did he say?

George: It’s the Jehovah’s, isn’t it? I knew I shouldn’t have been nice.
Annie: Social services, it’s gotta be. She looks knackered and she’s got terrible hair.
George: What what? What what? What do they want?
Nina: On a wild guess, I’d say they’d like to know how my uncle Billy from Bristol came to be in a Barrie psych ward.

George: The bell? Is it not working?
Wendy (Nicola Walker): I don’t know.
George: That is completely unacceptable. Mitchell this is, ah, Wendy. And Wendy is a community psychiatric nurse. Isn’t that just something? I mean “wow” is all I can say. Mega wow! Oh, the vista. I know. Oh god, sometimes, sometimes we pretend to surf in front of it. Don’t we Mitchell!

Wendy: Bloody Druids.
Nina: Sorry?
Wendy: Why I wasn’t able to meet you at the hospital and drive you home. It’s the bloody Druids! Having one of their bonanzas, all of them. On the laylines and the’re blocking off the road. The queue’s going right back. Everyone’s effing and jeffing.
Nina grabbing the sandwich: I’ll take that for you, shall I? Just… yeah.
Wendy: Sorry. I mean they call themselves Druids but I recognized quite a few faces from B&Q. So I asked them, where’s my sodding kitchen units then? Be with me Monday, apparently. They’ve been saying that for two weeks. Bastards. I hope a standing stone falls on them. Excuse me if I’m talking a lot. I had three Red Bulls in the car. Yeah, anyhow. Won’t take up too much of your time. I know it’s getting late. Just got to dot the i’s, cross the t’s. Then if anything goes wrong it won’t be me at your doorstep, but the tabloids. Little social services in-joke for you there. Never fails to crack me up.

George: I don’t understand, how is he here? Here in bloody Barry in the hospital where we work? How?!
Mitchell: I don’t know how! Stop asking me.
George: I ripped him to shreds. I killed him!
Nina: Let’s just keep our voices down, shall we?
George: I ripped his head off! And you said, you said that would be it. No one survives a werewolf attack. It’s the end, I’ve run out. There’s no coming back. So you tell me, how has he survived?
Mitchell: I don’t know! I don’t have all the answers! I just know that we need to get rid of him tonight!

Mitchell: What, you think he’s all cured? He’s better now? He’s bluffing! Why can’t anyone see that?
Annie: That noise that he made. That noise, he was so scared. It was horrible. It was so… human.
Mitchell: But he’s not human. He’s far from it.
Annie: Well, couldn’t we just give him some clothes and some money and drive him somewhere and just set him free.
Mitchell: Oh yeah, that’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? That’s genius. Set him free. For fuck’s sake, Annie!
Annie: Don’t talk to me like that.
Mitchell: Well say something sensible then, Jesus!

Wendy: Is she all right?
Mitchell: Oh. Yeah yeah yeah. She’s a hard core raver. Festival season. She looks like she’s just fallen off a park bench now, but a hot shower and some beans on toast and she’s back to the building society in her navy suit.
Wendy: Oh, it’s… raving. I was young once too…. Once.
Mitchell: Of course you were.

Nina: Just now, in the kitchen, you agreed to murder.
George: It’s not the same.
Nina: No thought, no question. Just agreed.
George: Nina, I know this is really difficult for you to understand because you weren’t really there. But Herrick is dangerous.

Mitchell: What are you doing here?
Cara (Rebecca Cooper): Need your help. With Herrick.
Mitchell: Oh great, you know about him.
Cara: Of course I bloody know. I brought him back! He run off from me at the hospital. I need to find him.
Mitchell: You brought him back? Ah, well, aren’t you the clever girl.
Cara: He told me how to do it. He’s our captain. He’d always find a way. And he told me and I done it to the letter. But he don’t know me. He don’t know what he’s for.
Mitchell: Bullshit! He remembers!
Cara: He doesn’t. I bled myself near enough out, over and over, just so he could get a taste and realize, but he just screams. You’re the only one who can make him how he’s supposed to be.

Mitchell: How did he come back?
Cara: What’s it matter to you all of a sudden?
Mitchell: Cara, Cara listen to me. I need to know. Okay, I really need to know. Because… I’ve been told that I’m gonna get got. Alright? I don’t know when, but one full moon a werewolf is going to kill me, Cara. And I am not willing to accept that. That, ah—
Cara: Prophecy?
Mitchell: Yeah. I won’t have it. I don’t want to die, sweetheart. So you’re gonna have to tell me.

Annie: How’d it happen? You being made, I mean.
Cara: He came for me at night. After my shift. I locked up and took the rubbish out the back and there he was. He smiled at me and took me in his arms. He said I was his bride in glory. And the world was all sparkles and gold.
Annie: Hm. A knee-trembler by the bins. That’s enough to put stars in any girl’s eyes.
Cara: You wouldn’t understand.
Annie: Oh I don’t know. I think we got quite a lot in common. I loved my fiancé. Put my heart on a plate for him. And he killed me.
Cara: Herrick didn’t kill me. He chose me because I was special! He made me part of the master race. Everything I am is for him and he loves me.
Annie: But he doesn’t know you. He doesn’t know any of us. So if he doesn’t know you, doesn’t remember, then it’s all over, isn’t it?

Cara: But I’m nothing without you.
Herrick (Jason Watkins): Well then. You are nothing.

Mitchell: What do you want from me?
Annie: Nothing! Don’t change the subject.
Mitchell: You want every little corner of me. But I just don’t want to give it.
Annie: Why are you being like this?
Mitchell: Oh come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. All the bright smiles and the chat. It doesn’t make up for what just isn’t there.
Annie: No. No, you came and got me. You saved me. You said that you loved me.
Mitchell: I was in love with the idea of being a hero…. a rescuer. Your savior. That’s what I was in love with, not you. It’s for the best. One day you’ll realize.

George: Thank you for not saying anything.
Herrick: Well I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble. You haven’t done anything to me. But your friend, you wanna watch him.

Nina: You arrive late—bombed on bloody Red Bull—talking a load of inconsequential guff about Druids and kitchen units. And now you accuse me of, of what? Fraudulently inventing a vulnerable relative just to cover up the fact that you’ve deleted his records?!
Wendy: I didn’t delete a—
Nina: Doorstep by the tabloids is gonna seem like a walk in the park when I’m done with you. What’s your manager’s number, Wendy? I am gonna unleash a shit storm!

Herrick: What was it that I did to you?
George: It’s complicated.
Herrick: And did you do something to me?
George: Yeah, you could say that.
Herrick: I apologize. Whatever it was it must have been pretty serious. You don’t seem the type to be violent. And you’re going to be a father too.
George: How do you know?
Herrick: I heard Nina say. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been listening.

Mitchell: Well done.
Nina: I’m not proud of it.
Mitchell: It can’t be helped. You did what was necessary. {he heads upstairs}
Nina: Wait. I didn’t agree. Because, you know, if we’re really going to execute an amnesiac psychiatric patient like we’re the governor of shitting Texas or something then we should all have a vote. And I didn’t get my vote.

Mitchell: What are you doing, George? Are you really going to use that? I don’t think you have it in you. You know it and I know it. Your hand is shaking, George. Your hand is shaking so hard. Who do you think you are, huh? Pointing the stick at me, you fucking dog. Get out of my way!

George: Herrick is a vampire but he doesn’t know he’s one. He doesn’t remember all the things he’s done. When he did remember, he was punished. But now he doesn’t. Now he’s just ordinary.
Mitchell: He was never ordinary! Never! Listen to me, George, listen to me really good. I’m not doing this on a whim. It’s costing me. You have no idea what it’s costing me.
George: What are you talking about?
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter.
George: If it’s costing you so much then don’t do it.
Mitchell: I have to. I have to for you, for my friends, for the good of humanity. I’m not asking you to do anything.
George: You are! You are asking me to look away and I can’t look away any more, because I have looked away. With you.

George: You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. And probably ever will have. But I will turn my back on you. I will wipe you from my memory and I will never mention your name again. I will never tell my son or daughter that I had a friend called Mitchell. It will be as if we’d never met. That’s it. Now you make your choice.

Herrick: She couldn’t see you. I can see you, those others they can see you. That idiot woman, she couldn’t. Why?
Annie: She’s not an idiot. She was nice.
Herrick: Nice? Who wants to be nice?
Annie: I do.
Herrick: Why? I mean nice isn’t really working for you, is it? You don’t really fit in. Nobody really listens. You’re a bit… peripheral. Like a regimental mascot.
Annie: I fit in just fine. And you are going to have to work a lot harder than that to get to me.

Herrick: Just tell me how you do it.
Annie: Guess.
Herrick: Give me a clue, little lady. Chuck me a bone. What are you?
Annie: What am I? On to you. Is what I am. I’m on to you. Little man.

Annie: Before you say anything I haven’t come in here to do the whole crying thing. And I’d rather not talk to you at all because you have been a five-star dickhead tonight, but y— What’s happened to your face?
Mitchell: George hit me.
Annie: Good. Good for George. Saves me the job.

Annie: That’s what I came to tell you, that you were right about him. He is still who he is. So I will do it.
Mitchell: You’re not strong enough for him.
Annie: I think about what and who I love and I think about them in danger and I could tear this bloody house down with my teeth! You have no idea how strong I am.

Nina: You’re looking better.
Herrick: I’ve found something. I think you should see it.

Herrick: The others, they don’t see what kind of man he is. But you and I, we see. We must keep this to ourselves. Our secret. For now.

Mitchell: George. {he turns back.} I choose you.

Mitchell: Okay, if this amnesia was a bluff even you’d be cracking by now. So let’s take it from the top. William Herrick. Born 1843. Made vampire in 1890. You survived a werewolf attack.
Herrick: If you don’t mind me saying so, old son, I think you’re a bit touched with the simple stick.
Mitchell: You survived it. And you found a way back. Which means you’ve got something that I want. And if I have to dig that secret out of your skull with my nails, I’ll do it. I’m going to make you tell me everything.

Herrick: It’s going to be the most beautiful day.