John Stahl



London 1941 Ivan (Paul Rhys): Does she have a name? Daisy (Amy Manson): Pearl. After her daddy's mommy. Ivan: Where is her daddy? Daisy: He was on the HMS Princess Charlotte. Sub caught fire six months back. Ivan: And is Pearl your jewel? Daisy: She cries a lot. I don't understand her. It's like she…

Long Live the King


Bristol 1665 Inquisitor: Your teeth will be smashed from your skull, as a warning to other devils. And your head will be removed from your body... {checks the back of the scroll.} No, that's it actually. Proceed! Lucy (Lyndsey Marshal): Gotta say, I've never seen the condition in a hospital porter before. I suppose the…

Serve God, Love Me and Mend


Vienna 1999 Mitchell: Why are you doing this? Carl (Steve John Shepherd): Because it's what you'd do for me, Mitchell. George: I promised Annie I'd visit. I hope you don't mind. Hugh (Nathan Wright): Oh, not at all. Two customers, we'll be talking about this for years. Mitchell: I don't know how to talk to…