Being Human Series 2

All God’s Children

2010.02.28    S02E08

Adrian Schiller  Aidan Turner  Amy Manson  Donald Sumpter  Edward Franklin  Lenora Crichlow  Lyndsey Marshal  Mark Fleischmann  Rebecca Cooper  Russell Tovey  Sinead Keenan

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Annie: Do you know what the weird thing is?
Hennessey (Adrian Schiller): Annie says, “Do you know what the weird thing is.”
George: For the eighteenth time, I can hear her.

Annie: So. Looks like we found Mitchell’s girlfriend.
George: Yeah. Small world.
Annie: Why do you think she didn’t tell him that she had all this going on?
George: Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, does it?

Annie: George. I’m worried about Mitchell. When we left him, he was—
George: He was drunk. That’s all, Annie.
Annie: He wasn’t drunk. You know he wasn’t drunk. What the hell had happened? What’s he done?

Lucy (Lyndsey Marshal): I saw Amy McBride this morning.
Kemp (Donald Sumpter): Amy McBride is dead.
Lucy: She spoke to me. She said, “It’s coming.”
Kemp: What is?
Lucy: Retribution, my stuff from Amazon. She didn’t go into detail.

Kemp: What’s the alternative? We simply allow the possession to spread?
Lucy: Are you saying it’s win-win?
Kemp: I’m saying we’re doing good work.

Daniel (Edward Franklin): What are these?
Technician (Mark Fleischmann): Body bags for the Type 3s.
Daniel: But we’re curing them.

George: I know about you and Mitchell.
Lucy: The intention was to reach out to you. Now given the exclusivity of your friendship, I thought the best way to do that was through Mitchell. I fucked up. I lost sight of why I was— It was unprofessional and adolescent.

George: You make me nervous. It’s like all my senses are telling me you’re dangerous.
Lucy: I am.
George: Excuse me?
Lucy: But not to you. They’re not your senses. There’s a… creature inside of you—I know Kemp calls it a demon—but it looks at me through your eyes and it knows what I am going to do.
George: It’s funny. Because it feels like it’s me.

Nina: Why did you even come here? Was it guilt? Obligation?
George: You know why. I thought maybe they had a cure.
Nina: Exactly! A cure for this hell we’re in and three days later you want to leave. I just, I don’t—
George: I’m frightened.
Nina: The risks are minimal. They’ve told you.
George: I’m frightened… it will work. Two years ago I was given the world’s best excuse not to get involved. You said as much yourself when you rang me. Do you remember?
Nina: I said you should stop using the curse as an excuse not to live.
George: All this time I have been dreaming of a life without this, and that it might happen… The thought of it, it’s so exquisite. It’s so terrifying.

Nina: When I found out what you were… suddenly it all made sense, you know? I’ve never exactly been, um, lucky in love, but if this works we’ll have nothing left to hide behind, it will just be you and me. And we’ve never even met before. My god, George, you think you’re scared?
George: You really thought that? Nina, you are worth a thousand of me.
Nina: Just the one’ll do. So what happens now?
George: I stay.

Annie: For so long now I’ve been tired, frightened. The prospect of this scream of time in front of me… is terrifying. Do you remember, George, I was going to pass over and you couldn’t understand why because I didn’t know what lay beyond. … I love you boys. ‘Cause it was through you two that I’ve really truly lived.

Lucy: It’s Mitchell.
Kemp: Mitchell was destroyed in the fire along with all the other vampires.
Lucy: Amy McBride died in the chamber four months ago. That didn’t stop her dropping by my office this morning.
Technician: Oh, Amy McBride came to your office? Amy McBride who exploded.

Technician: Look, he took the body bags. He was in this room.
Lucy: I don’t understand. Is he looking for them? Is he looking for us?
Kemp: Both. Primarily, I suspect, he’s looking for you.

Kemp: Daniel. Our work here is over. But we cannot release George and Nina back into society and allow their demons to steal more innocent souls. They are a threat to humanity. And once we’ve dealt with this intruder, it’s our duty to neutralize it. That is God’s will.

George: What the hell are you doing? I just rang home to see if there was a message from Mitchell and I got your suicide note.
Annie: Ah.
George: Is that why you’re here? Is it? You want Father Lurch to exorcise you?

George: No, I’m sorry I’ve already lost one best friend this week, I’m not losing another.
Annie: You want to get cured, why can’t I?
George: It’s completely different. My cure won’t kill me.
Annie: Well it’ll kill me.
George: What? That doesn’t even make sense.
Annie: You’ll be human, George. You won’t be able to see me. Then nobody will be able to see me.
George: What if I stayed? I mean, the way I am.
Annie: No. You’ve got Nina now.
George: I’m just saying. What if?

George: Just one more day—one more day. That’s all I’m asking. I understand what you’re saying, I really do understand. But please—please don’t do anything until we’ve spoken. I love you, you know?
Annie: Yeah. I love you too. Oh shut up.
George: You shut up.
Annie: You shut up. {she grabs his hand.}
George: What is it?
Annie: I don’t know, it’s weird. But I feel very frightened.

Nina: We can play I Spy.
George: Oh no…
Nina: I spy with my little eye…
George: Please. Please, don’t do this—
Nina: Live with it, it’s happening. I spy with my little eye something beginning with…
George: God, you are beautiful.
Nina: W. Can’t say walls.
George: Do you know we’d never have met if it weren’t for this?
Nina: W. And you can’t say walls.
George: Oh, I don’t know. Weird Christians. I give up.
Nina: Writing.
George: Writing?

George, all the werewolves die

Nina: So. What’s it say? George? George?
George: Get up.

Mitchell: Cut the bullshit, Lucy. Tell me where George and Annie are now.
Lucy: It’s fine. They’re still alive.
Mitchell: Why did you say “still alive”? Was there anything you said to me—anything you did—that wasn’t a lie?
Lucy: I had to win your confidence.
Mitchell: We had sex.
Lucy: I had to win your confidence.

Lucy: The three of you, you erase everything. Science, faith. We go back to the year dot with you. My god, to study that. To understand a fraction of what you mean to the world.
Mitchell: And how does blowing up a building full of vampires fit in with that?
Lucy: We got sidetracked.
Mitchell: Sidetracked?
Lucy: There was a parade of bodies coming into the hospital, Mitchell. We were supposed to just sit there and watch?
Mitchell: It was under control.
Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, clearly.
Mitchell: So you took it upon yourselves to do a bit of ethnic cleansing.

Lucy: The werewolves are sick. There is evil in them. Everything we have done has been to try and help them.
Mitchell: That’s very noble, but did it ever occur to you that if you started pre-ordering body bags then maybe it was time to stop?

Mitchell: If this was just a science project, then why focus on us?
Lucy: The three of you living together like that, it frightened us. We didn’t know what you were planning.
Mitchell: We weren’t planning anything. We just wanted to be left alone.
Lucy: You don’t get to be left alone! You don’t get a life and lovers and hope! You are poisonous! You are wearing other people’s clothes. You are not human.
Mitchell: You have such a redundant view of the world. God made man in His own image. What if that included His rage? And His spite. And His indifference. And His cruelty. What if God made us too? We’re all his children, you see. God’s a bit of a bastard. Look at us both. Covered in other people’s blood and talking about morality. But there’s one difference between me and you. You had a choice.

Psychic: We’ve been through this before. Annie’s different. She won’t budge. Anyway there needs to be a Door for her to pass through. How’re you gonna do that?
Kemp: Like this. {he stabs him.}

Kemp: It’s true! I killed her! Your friend. I threw her over to the other side. {Mitchell attacks} Did you feel her go? Hm? Did you hear her scream as she was ripped from this world? I want you to know pain. Like the families of your victims, I want you to know grief and rage! As I did.
Mitchell: I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna rip your head off.
Kemp: I’m ready to meet my maker. Are you ready to meet yours?

George: I have lost too much today.
Mitchell: Get out of here, George!
George: I’m not going to lose you too.
Mitchell: I’ll kill him! And I’ll kill you.
George: No, you won’t.
Mitchell: You don’t know what I’ve done.
George: You’re still in there somewhere.

Mitchell: They killed her!
George: And this is how you’re going to honor her! If you want to kill, if you want to rip away every last shred of humanity, then fine! But don’t you dare do it in Annie’s name! They’re monsters! Not us!

Mitchell: We lost her.
George: I know. But I got you back.

Three Weeks Later

Newsreader: …in Crystal Cathedral to remember the Box Tunnel 20, on the 27th of last month the 1846 Southwestern Express from Bristol … stopped in a box tunnel after the driver reported an obstruction on the track. Contact with the driver was lost and the entire line had to be closed. When rescue crews finally reached the train, they found all twenty passengers had been killed.

George: It wasn’t your fault, Nina.
Nina: I brought Kemp to the house and he met Annie. I convinced you to go to the facility, we watched her get…. So yes. I have to do this.

George: For the rest of my life, bad plumbing will make me think of her.

Mitchell: Why haven’t you asked me?
George: Asked you what?
Mitchell: About what happened before you left the house. About what I did in the facility.
George: I don’t want to know. I don’t want to look and think…. I can’t be your confessor, Mitchell, I can’t. Not now. I need you too much.

Lucy: I’d already been to your old house. It was all locked up.
Mitchell: Yeah, we can’t go back there.
Lucy: But we’re not in a position to hurt you anymore. It’s over. There isn’t even a “we” now anyway.
Mitchell: We can’t go back there because it was Annie’s house and we lost her.

Lucy: The chamber was my idea. Four people died in there. Craig Ford. Amy McBride. Lee Tully. Richard Galvin. Their faces are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I sleep.
Mitchell: So it’s that, it’s forgiveness you’re after, is it? Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? What you’ve started? I should rip you apart with my hands. I have to live with what I’ve done. I think you should too.
Lucy: Mitchell, I need to see Nina and George.
Mitchell: In terms of good ideas that’s up there with the chamber.
Lucy: Mitchell, please! I don’t have anywhere else to go!

Nina: Why are you here?
Lucy: I find that an odd question, given you’ve gone to such lengths to find me.
Nina: Tell me about it. I’ve got one of your books. Six hundred pages of utter bullshit.
Lucy: Did you keep the receipt? I can get your money back.
Nina: Is that sarcasm? Is she giving us sarcasm now? Christ, Mitchell, why haven’t you just—
Mitchell: What? Killed her?
Nina: Yeah.

Nina: Right. What does she want then?
Lucy: To say sorry.
Nina: Sorry. What, like you pranged the car?
Lucy: To, to explain then. But before I can make any kind of reparation, I have to—
Nina: I don’t want reparation.
Lucy: What do you want, Nina?
Nina: I don’t know. Maybe I just want to give you a little nip.
George: Okay, this is getting us nowhere.

George: Do you trust her?
Mitchell: I believe she wants to make amends.
Nina: She must have been some lay.
Mitchell: You think that’s what this is about?
George: What else are we supposed to think, Mitchell? Lucy’s dangerous. Why have you invited her back into our lives like this?
Mitchell: Hold on a second here. It was inch-high private eye that lead her here.
Nina: I wanted to protect our friend.
Mitchell: You think I don’t?

Nina: It’s not just about Annie. I was in there for two months. One time, they put me in that chamber. They persuaded me to bring the man I love in there to die. Like Tully died. Like the others died.
Mitchell: You’re better than this, Nina.
Nina: They started it. They set the agenda. Why is it always down to the victims to do the right thing?
George: ‘Cause there has to be a difference between us and them.
Nina: There is. We’re weaker.

Mitchell: Thanks.
George: I haven’t forgiven Lucy. I’m just saying I don’t think we should kill her. Don’t go thinking I’m your ally in this, Mitchell.

Mitchell: Why did you come here?
Lucy: I betrayed my lover. I betrayed my faith. I don’t know who I am anymore.
Mitchell: I guess you’re a monster. Just like us.

George: If you want to kill someone, then you kill me.
Kemp: Oh be reassured. Tonight I will spill every drop of your black blood. And I will start with her.

Mitchell: Annie, are you okay?
Annie: Yeah. It’s just a bit complicated. Um, I miss you.
Mitchell: Oh, we miss you too, Annie.
George: What’s it like there?
Annie: We wait. We wait. We each have a number and we wait for someone to call our number and then we move to another room and we wait there. But then… then one of us disappears and we talk, and we’re not allowed to talk about them. And there are bells and there are buzzers and whistles… we had to fill in this form and the people… the people behind the doors, they whisper. I don’t know what we’re waiting for to happen, but sometimes I wish it would just, just happen. We’re frightened of what it might be and… they’re really angry with me for getting Kemp, ’cause they said there isn’t a form for that. Oh god, um, I have to go. {she starts to fade} Please, don’t forget me, will you?

George: What happens now, Mitchell? What do we do?
Mitchell: We’re gonna get her back.

Daisy (Amy Manson): This will never work.
Cara (Rebecca Cooper): This is where Mitchell said the bones were.
Daisy: Yeah.
Cara: Well then, blood heals. You saw the state of me when you found me in that cave. I drank from that cave blood, now look at me.
Daisy: I can’t lose any more blood. I feel sick.
Cara: Shut up. We can’t stop not now!