Being Human George Sands

Series 3


Russell Tovey

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Episode 1 : Lia

George: Is it soundproof? It’s just um, yeah, I can get pretty… Rawr! Rawr! when I’m working out, you know. “Feel the burn!” “Who’s your daddy!”… “Say what you see.”
Nina: Oh god.

George: I thought this is what you wanted—a place of our own.
Nina: Yeah but it isn’t, is it? It’s you, me and [Count de Prix] upstairs.
George: He saved our lives.
Nina: He’s changed. Something’s… something’s happened to him. You must have noticed.
George: We’ve lost Annie. We’re all over the place.

George: Um. It’s our friend. She’s in… Midsomer Murders.

George: Okay, right. No. We want to move in now.
Blodwen: Really?
Nina: Please. Can we?
George: Mitchell?
Mitchell: Yeah. Whatever.
Blodwen: But it’s…. Well, look at it.
George: It’s fine. We wouldn’t change a thing, would we? We just, we can’t wait to start our… Hawaiian dream.

George: Wait a sec. You’re doing this now? It’s a full moon, we’ve just moved into a new house. There’s enough going on without you crossing over to the afterlife.
Nina: We could be waiting weeks for another opportunity like this.
George: There could be consequences.
Mitchell: I don’t care about the consequences. She’s our friend and we lost her.
George: And I don’t want to lose you as well!
Mitchell: I’m doing this. I’ll take everything they’ve got. Death, God, the Devil. None of it frightens me.
George: Right. Well, I feel totally reassured.

Mitchell: What’s that you’re doing?
George: It’s a prayer. It’s Jewish.
Mitchell: Yeah. I’m not great with religious rituals.
George: Aw… Tough.
Mitchell: Is he even Jewish?
George: It doesn’t matter. His body’s let him down, medicine’s let him down. It’s a gesture of sympathy.
Mitchell: I’m trying to get in the zone here.
George: Yeah, may I refer to my earlier statement of: “Tough.” {he goes back to the prayer… briefly} I can’t remember the rest.

Mitchell: Five letters. Something-A-something-something-something. The clue is just the letters H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O.
George: Mitchell! {he indicates the dying man.} The answer’s water. Yes, it’s the letters. H to O. H2O. It’s the molecular formula for water.
Mitchell: Get it!
George: Okay, give me another one.

Mitchell: None of this is your fault. Anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner, and a lot worse, if I hadn’t have met you.
George: Just come back.

George: What are you doing? Why have you got a… chicken… on a string?

Bob: We’ll be fine. We hadn’t even started. It’s a legal gray area. You alright there, chum?
George: It’s coming.

George: Kill me.
Bob: What did you say?
George: It’s the only way you’ll survive.
Bob: I’m not killing you.
George: Kill me. Or I will tear your fucking head off.

George: I’m so sorry for all this.
Nina: I know. We could have had the house redecorated after all. I love you.
George: I love you too.

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Episode 2 : Adam’s Family

George: Nina, no. We are not getting involved.
Nina: We can’t let a teenage vampire loose on the street.
Adam: I’m forty-six.
George: There you go! He’s forty— Really?
Nina: Not emotionally he isn’t. Like you said, he’s still effectively being breast fed.
Adam: Well, if you’re offering.
George: Oh, can you not ask my girlfriend to suckle you, please?

George: Home sweet home.
Adam: It’s a shit hole.
George: Yes, but it’s our shit hole so show some manners.
Adam: I can tell you many a stories about cheap B and B’s like this, George. Many a stories.
George: And I don’t want to hear any of them.

George: Adam is a vampire. Isn’t the fantastic?
Annie: Yep.
George: Adam is going to be staying with us for as short a time as possible.

Adam: I don’t want ghosts popping up all over the place. It freaks me out.
George: You’re a forty-six-year-old vampire who dresses like a child. Don’t call her freaky.

Mitchell: The kid’s still feeding. Staying clean for me is a day-by-day… no, no! A minute-by-minute thing. How am I going to manage if he’s all, “Let’s go out on the razz, find some women, drink them dry.”?
George: I’m sure he’d never…. No, actually, that does sound quite like him.

George: Okay, look, I know we all got off to a bad start but I’m thinking if we all pull together this could be an interesting, enriching and, ah, very brief experience for us all.

Adam: I think you need a new wingman. I, sir, am a registered poon hound.
George: Have you ever actually had sex, Adam? You know, proper, balls-deep sex? You touched a boob? Be honest with me, Adam. have you ever even touched a boob? Because I have! Loads!

George: I don’t have a good feeling about this.
Nina: Someone’s just died. You’re not supposed to.
George: Adam hasn’t just lost his dad, he’s lost his food supply. He’s going to have to feed again. Soon.

Number Seven: How’s it hanging?
George: Oh. Ah. It’s not so bad. Yourself?
Number Seven: Yeah. Can’t complain. You from Penarth then?
George: Nope. Barry. Um actually we came here on the B4267.
Number Seven: Oh yeah, good bit of road there. What’re you driving in then?
George: Um, it’s—
Nina: George. You’re chit-chatting. With a gimp.

George: Well that’s sorted then.
Nina: Yeah. Well and a job done.
George: I’m sure he’ll settle right in there. I mean they do have a massive telly.
Nina: Oof. Ginormous.
George: The whole house, it was furnished to the highest standards.
Nina: Yeah. And so clean.
George: It was immaculate. I mean, Richard and Emma themselves were slightly, what? Eccentric perhaps…
Nina: I’d go for “unreconstructed.”
George: Really?
Nina: Yeah.
George: Would you?
Nina: Mm.
George: And, well… kinky.
Nina: Filthy. Just assholes.
George: A pair of complete and utter kinked-up, filthy racist assholes.
Nina: We’ve just left a vulnerable young boy with a pair of, not only instinctive killers, but heinous pervs.
George: Do you realize I’m zipping my coat up and going back there.
Nina: Yeah. And I’m going with you.

Nina: Sounds like a party.
George: Maybe we should come back tomorrow. I mean throwing him a party is not exactly mistreatment.
Nina: Yeah, a vampire party. Who knows what that involves.
George: Yeah, which takes me back to, maybe we should come back tomorrow. Nina!

George: Baby, when we get home, can you remind me to gouge out my brain with a spoon?
Nina: What did you see?
George: Bodies. Many many bodies.
Nina: What, alive?
George: Very.

George: Who wants some of my plant!?

George: We’ve come to take Adam back.
Richard: How dare you barge in here, you ill-mannered trash. You mongrels! Bet you didn’t even wipe your feet.
George: No, but we’ll wipe them on the way out.
Nina: If I wasn’t holding this I would totally high-five you.

George: I think he’s going to be okay.
Nina: Yeah. I think we all are.

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Episode 3 : Type 4

Mitchell: George, where’s Annie?
George: I don’t know. Probably off on one of her midnight rambles. She doesn’t need sleep. Unlike some of us.
Mitchell: Can I have a word?
George: Could it wait until the morning—or at least until I’ve after I’ve peed?
Mitchell: Oh, yeah yeah yeah, after you’ve peed. {he leaves}
George: I can’t go now!

Mitchell: I think Annie might fancy me.
George: Finally.
Mitchell: You knew?
George: Oh, Mitchell, Annie is many things but subtle she is not. You’ve rescued her from Hell. That kind of thing tends to turn a girl’s head.
Mitchell: How long have you known?
George: I don’t know, a couple of weeks. Pretty much since she came back. And for future reference, no one says “fancy” anymore.
Mitchell: And you didn’t think to tell me?
George: Um… nope. Because I’m not twelve. Did you— Did you seriously not pick up on any of this? That whole… guardian angel business?
Mitchell: Okay, so she hasn’t actually told you.
George: Oh wow. We are twelve, aren’t we. No, she hasn’t told me she “fancies” you. She doesn’t need to. Her body language is deafening.
Mitchell: Jesus. What a mess.

George: Mitchell, if you’re thinking about doing this don’t go into it lightly. This is not a little thing. This is Annie we’re talking about.
Mitchell: George, you gotta know I would never hurt her.
George: Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I was just… So are you going to ask her out? {he giggles.} This could be so cool!

George: What have we got?
Mitchell: A drunk, dead woman. Shouting.
George: That’s not a ghost. I can smell her.
Mitchell: What, from here?
George: Oh yeah. Even without the whole wolf thing.
Annie: Well of course you can smell her. She’s got a body! {they look at her.} I’m sure I mentioned that.
Mitchell: So she’s dead, but she’s got a body?
George: Which is rotting.

George: I thought we were supposed to be the scary ones.

Mitchell: We have a shouting, pissed corpse on our doorstep!
George: Right. And you want a shouting, pissed corpse inside?
Mitchell: She’s gonna draw attention to the house, Annie. To us. What if somebody calls the police, huh?

Annie: What, what can we get for you?
Sasha: Straighteners!
Annie: Straighteners?
George: Straighteners?
Sasha: Yeah.
George: Oh good. Great. Because that will solve everything.

Nina: George?
George: Dead woman. With a body. Followed Annie home.

George: That’s a beautiful dress, Sasha. Wonderful cut. Have you, have you been to hospital recently?
Sasha: Okay. Confession time. I was involved in a car accident. But, you know, it wasn’t my fault. Well, I was texting while I was driving, but that’s not the same as making a phone call. In my Beemer. Prussian blue. Heated seats, all the extras. I love my little extras.

Nina: Well I think someone’s in denial.
George: How could she not know she’s dead?
Mitchell: Solves one mystery anyway. The mortuary’s suddenly been off limits.
George: No, that was a chemical leak. Or they were hiding a zombie.

George: Well at least she’s not attacking us. Don’t they usually attack people?
Mitchell: No. They don’t “usually” do anything because they don’t usually exist.
George: What about eating brains?
Mitchell: I don’t know the rules. I just know that she can be seen and she’s rotten.
George: Mm hm. I can vouch for that. Do you think she’ll just continue rotting until she’s not, you know, soupy?

George: Annie’s invisible to normals, you can’t be seen on CCTV. I think you can manage sneaking one zombie back into a hospital. Now I am taking my lady friend back to bed.

George: Nina, is this yours? I mean, I thought it can’t be Mitchell’s because he’s a man and it can’t be Annie’s because she’s dead and it can’t be Nina’s because she’s on the pill. You’re on the pill. Why would you be needing a pregnancy test? Are you late? When were you thinking about telling me?
Nina: Th— Um… I was looking for the right moment.
George: Okay, well I’m not busy now. Are you busy now?
Nina: Fine. I’m pregnant.
George: Oh my god, but you’re on the pill!
Nina: Yes, I am. But we had sex, and we weren’t exactly ourselves and apparently the pill wasn’t designed with werewolves in mind.
George: But you know these tests can be wrong?
Nina: Look, I’ve done three tests. I’m pregnant, George. It’s happening. Or rather, it’s not. I can’t, I can’t… I can’t let this go any further. I’m sorry.
George: Okay, so um… let me get this straight. If I hadn’t have found this, would you have just had an abortion without telling me?
Nina: No. I was planning—
George: Oh my god, you were just going to do it, weren’t you? No discussion, no nothing.
Nina: Don’t you dare judge me. This isn’t some teenage mistake, George. This is a child of monsters. I mean, who even knows what it could be? Just the idea is terrifying.
George: It could be fine. We’re both fine. Most of the time.
Nina: It’s my body, George.
George: Yeah, well part of it isn’t.
Nina: Excuse me?
George: There is part of me in there, and as the father I have just as much right as you to decide what happens to our child.

George: I only got up for a pee!

George: Mitchell, wake up. She’s still here.
Mitchell: Who?
George: Who? Who do you think? Um, she’s a little bit mouthy, a little bit dead.
Mitchell: There’ve been developments.
George: Developments?

Annie: Sh! This is not about whether I like her. This is about trying to do the right thing.
George: She is rotting! She smells like [off meat!]
Annie: Don’t be so deadist!
George: Excuse me?
Annie: It’s like racist but for dead people.
George: Have you just spent the whole night just making up words?
Annie: No, I have spent the whole night watching footage of screaming people being dissected!

Nina: It’s not always about the wolf, George.
George: So what are you saying?
Nina: I’ve got other stuff—old stuff going on in my head, it’s… it’s not you.
George: “It’s not you, it’s me.”
Nina: No. It’s becoming a mother and, um, all that means. See, um, my mum used to hit me. All the time. For my own good, you know, and she… always reminded me that I was a mistake and, uh, I’d ruined her life and I was worthless and I’d never amount to anything. She, ah… she made me hate myself.
George: I’m sorry, you’ve— you’ve never said.
Nina: No, there’s never really a good time to bring up that conversation. See, this thing inside me, whatever it is, it’s a baby. And I will become a mother. And that terrifies me more than any werewolf bullshit. You see, I was pretty messed up even before you scratched me.
George: No you’re not. You are strong and you are beautiful. You are not in this alone. I will always be there.
Nina: Sorry. It’s not enough George.

George: Mitchell. Should we get pissed?
Mitchell: You. Are a genius, George.

Mitchell: They should be back by now.
George: They’re all adults. And two of them are dead. I think they’ve already seen the worst life has to throw at them. If you’re worried, call Nina’s mobile.
Mitchell: I’m not worried.
George: Mitchell. It’s okay to care.

George: How is she?
Nina: She’s gone.
George: Sorry.
Nina: George. would you like to have a little… hairy baby… with me?
George: Yes I would.

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Episode 4 : The Pack

Nina: George are you sure we’re not lost?
George: I have three tracking badges on my woggle. I don’t do lost.
Nina: You were a boy scout?
George: Well, a cub.
Nina: What?
George scratching her belly: Cub.

George: I knew it. What else could have done that?
Nina: I don’t know, foxes? A really pissed off badger? Anyway it’s been almost a month since the last full moon. How do we know he’s even still going to be here?
George: Well until NHS Direct get back to me about my pregnant werewolf query, we have no other option. You’re the one that wouldn’t let us talk to Mitchell.
Nina: I just don’t want anyone to know yet.

George: Hi. Just tuning up?
McNair: Fan belt’s gone.
George: Oh. If I had a pair of stockings on me I’d hand them over. Not that I do. Wear. Stockings… much. I’m actually looking for someone else. Younger guy, early twenties. Saw him about a month ago. Dragging a chicken.
McNair: Only parked up a couple of nights back.

Mitchell: Where the hell have you guys been?
George: Shopping.
Nina: Cinema.
George: Shopping. Then cinema.
Nina: What’d you see?
Nina: Ava… tar.
George: Smokey and the Bandit. … What a weird double bill that was.
Nina: Oh… it was weird.

George: Mitchell’s our friend. It’s fine.
McNair: What do you mean he’s your friend? Do you know what these things do to us? Put us in cages, make us fight?
Mitchell: Oh, what are you talking about? That stopped years ago.

Nina: Have you heard of other pregnant werewolves?
Tom: Of course. Mom and Dad.
Nina: So you were born a werewolf.
George: He was.
Tom: And I’m all right, aren’t I?
McNair: You’re perfect.
George: And the pregnancy. It was… it was fine? Even during the full moon?
Tom: Tell him Dad. The curse is really a blessing.
McNair: You know when your bones break? They mend… harder. And when your skin tears. It’ll heal. Tougher. The curse, it doesn’t hurt you. It makes you stronger.
George: Well that’s brilliant. Isn’t it?

George: Oh my god. I’m going to be a dad. I’m going to have to teach them how to play football…. and I’m going to have to learn how to play football.
Annie: Oh, you’re gonna be brilliant. You’ll be embarrassing and everything.

Mitchell: Did the wolves say anything else about what they’re doing here?
George: Like what?
Mitchell: What, you don’t think it’s weird. Breaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night.
George: I don’t think they’re all [?] with the whole domestic protocol thing, no. But they just wanted to help. They’re like over zealous midwives.
Mitchell: And what about Nina?
George: What about Nina?
Mitchell: Oh come on! That Tom fella couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

George: Well it… kind of makes sense. Wolves are pack-running creatures.
Nina: It’s bullshit. Like everything else McNair’s told him.
George: What are you talking about?
Nina: He’s got scratches. On his head, on his back. Like the ones on your shoulder, like mine.
George: Yeah, but he could have got them anywhere. Oh come on!

George: And if he wasn’t born a werewolf?
Nina: Well then we’re back to where we started.

George: What about Gina? It’s a combination of George and Nina.
Nina: Well. Better than Norge.

George: Annie and Mitchell still haven’t said anything. It’s getting embarrassing. Maybe they think we wouldn’t approve.
Nina: Well we don’t now, do we?
George: Why not?
Nina: Well, let me see. She’s a Sagittarius and he’s a hundred and seventeen-year-old mass murderer.
George: Nina!
Nina: What?
George: I’m surprised at you. No one’s defined purely by their past or their condition. Just because we’re not normal doesn’t mean we can’t be… normal.

George: You all right.
Nina: Yeah. Think so. Hope so.
George: Me too. More than anything.

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Episode 5 : The Longest Day

George: This is the end. They take his photo, they find out, they find out what he is. This is the end.
Nina: Well then we, ah, we make a break for it. Now. Just the two of us.
George: And go where? We will be hunted. Every single one of us. {she heads into the ward} What are you doing— ? What are you doing?
Nina: I have no idea.

George: It’s the Jehovah’s, isn’t it? I knew I shouldn’t have been nice.
Annie: Social services, it’s gotta be. She looks knackered and she’s got terrible hair.
George: What what? What what? What do they want?
Nina: On a wild guess, I’d say they’d like to know how my uncle Billy from Bristol came to be in a Barrie psych ward.

George: The bell? Is it not working?
Wendy: I don’t know.
George: That is completely unacceptable. Mitchell this is, ah, Wendy. And Wendy is a community psychiatric nurse. Isn’t that just something? I mean “wow” is all I can say. Mega wow! Oh, the vista. I know. Oh god, sometimes, sometimes we pretend to surf in front of it. Don’t we Mitchell!

George: It’s going to happen all over again.
Mitchell: It’s not. We get rid of him. We wait for her to do whatever she has to do and then we get rid of him.
George: I don’t understand, how is he here? Here in bloody Barrie in the hospital where we work? How?!
Mitchell: I don’t know how! Stop asking me.
George: I ripped him to shreds. I killed him!
Nina: Let’s just keep our voices down, shall we?
George: I ripped his head off! And you said, you said that would be it. No one survives a werewolf attack. It’s the end, I’ve run out. There’s no coming back. So you tell me, how has he survived?
Mitchell: I don’t know! I don’t have all the answers! I just know that we need to get rid of him tonight!

Nina: Just now, in the kitchen, you agreed to murder.
George: It’s not the same.
Nina: No thought, no question. Just agreed.
George: Nina, I know this is really difficult for you to understand because you weren’t really there. But Herrick is dangerous.

Herrick: George— it is George, isn’t it? Did I do something to you? Some injustice? Some injury?
George: Look just stop it, all right? Enough! You know. You know. You remember.
Herrick: I don’t. I don’t even know why I’m here.

Herrick: What was it that I did to you?
George: It’s complicated.
Herrick: And did you do something to me?
George: Yeah, you could say that.
Herrick: I apologize. Whatever it was it must have been pretty serious. You don’t seem the type to be violent. And you’re going to be a father too.
George: How do you know?
Herrick: I heard Nina say. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been listening.

George: Herrick is a vampire but he doesn’t know he’s one. He doesn’t remember all the things he’s done. When he did remember, he was punished. But now he doesn’t. Now he’s just ordinary.
Mitchell: He was never ordinary! Never! Listen to me, George, listen to me really good. I’m not doing this on a whim. It’s costing me. You have no idea what it’s costing me.
George: What are you talking about?
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter.
George: If it’s costing you so much then don’t do it.
Mitchell: I have to. I have to for you, for my friends, for the good of humanity. I’m not asking you to do anything.
George: You are! You are asking me to look away and I can’t look away any more, because I have looked away. With you.

Mitchell: You’re making such a big mistake.
George: I’m going to be a father soon. I have to teach my child the right way to live. I have to teach my son or daughter about humanity, and that someone is worthy of redemption no matter what they’ve done. That someone can be forgiven their sins. No matter how unforgivable. That is the ultimate test.

George: You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. And probably ever will have. But I will turn my back on you. I will wipe you from my memory and I will never mention your name again. I will never tell my son or daughter that I had a friend called Mitchell. It will be as if we’d never met. That’s it. Now you make your choice.

George: Where did you go?
Nina: Um… I needed some air.
George: Oh. Well you know what it is, don’t you? It’s morning sickness. Come back in.

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Episode 6 : Daddy Ghoul

George: I like watching you sleep. I look at you and I think, “She’s mine. She’s all mine.”
Nina: Hm. That’s sweet. Creepy and slightly Ted Bundy-esque. But sweet.

George: Me and you. Mum and dad. We’re going to be the ones that have to teach them how to ride a bike, we’re going to have to set their curfew. We’re going to have to—
Nina: Relocate to 1950s America where they actually use the term “curfew”.
George: That’s hilarious.
Nina: I’m sorry. But you’re just too easy.
George: I’m easy? You’re the one that’s knocked up.

Nina: This isn’t exactly the ideal baby-raising environment though, is it?
George: Well what is?
Nina: I don’t know. somewhere without a dementia-ridden vampire lurking in the attic, perhaps?
George: You don’t have to worry about Herrick. We’ll work something out.

Nina: What was he like?
George: Boring. I’d look at the other kids at my school and there was always drama. Someone’s father was an alcoholic. Someone else’s gambled. Someone’s parents were getting divorced. I mean from the outside it almost seemed glamorous. But my dad, he worked hard. He never played away. I don’t think I ever heard him raise his voice. He’s— … He was… ordinary. Boring. I don’t think I ever realized just how wonderful that was.

George: I need to go, Nina.
Nina: To the service?
George: Yes, do you think it’s a bad idea?
Nina: Well, no. But I don’t know, just you turning up there.
George: Well no one need know I’m there if I’m discreet.
Nina: Okay. Ah… better get a move on.
George: Nina—
Nina: I need to call work.
George: Nina. I think I need to do this alone.
Nina: Alone?
George: You understand, don’t you?
Nina: If there’s anything you need. Anything at all.

George, Sr.: So you’re telling me I’m a ghost? I’m dead. That’s my funeral. That’s my coffin. And I’m a ghost. {George nods}. And nobody can see me? Or hear me?
George: No. It does take a little bit of getting used to. You’ll be fine, Dad.
George, Sr.: Wish I thought so.
George: You will. I promise.
George, Sr.: Three years, and then you finally come back just like this. Under these circumstances. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful. But, um, I just feel so…
George: What?
George, Sr.: Guilty. Because now I know why you left. Why you stayed away. What made you run and hide.
George: Now you know? You know? You know what I am?
George, Sr.: Yeah.
George: Do you think I’m a freak?
George, Sr.: Of course I don’t, son.
George: Annie knew too. She knew the moment she met me. It’s supernaturals, they see the crosses others bear so clearly. The scars on our soul.
George, Sr.: Annie?
George: She’s my friend. She’s a ghost too.
George, Sr.: When did you start— I mean how did it, you know, begin?
George: Well it was in Scotland. That’s when… It’s still quite difficult to, um…
George, Sr.: Well I wish you’d come to me, talked to me.
George: You couldn’t have changed anything, Dad. It’s not like there’s a cure. For the rest of my life I’m going to be howling at the moon.
George, Sr.: you poor thing.
George: Besides, I don’t want to burden you with any of this. Or mom.
George, Sr.: She never gave up hope, you know. Well, I mean, she was right not to.

George: What the hell is that prick doing here?!
George, Sr.: Who?
George: Him. Mr. Logue. He taught me PE, remember? Made my life a bloody misery. Left me hanging from the high bars for forty-five minutes once. Still can’t watch the Olympics without having flashbacks. You didn’t even know him!
George, Sr.: No, no. I didn’t know him.
George: What exactly is going on?

George: Well how does it go from kick-ball-change to suddenly walking out on a twenty-five-year marriage and shacking up with a failed athlete?
George, Sr.: Kick-ball-change is a Jazz step, isn’t it?
George: Um. No no, they do use it in Latin America too.
George, Sr.: Oh, really?
George: Yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen it on Strictly. This is not the point!
George, Sr.: Look George, I was as surprised as you. The last thing I expected to [determine] was she had a lover.
George: Oh my god, ugh! I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’re a ghost or you just used the word “lover.” What did you do when you found out?
George, Sr.: Well…
George: Oh, woah. relax there, Valentino.
George, Sr.: No, she’d made up her mind. He makes her happy. I obviously couldn’t.

George, Sr.: Come on, I’ll make us a cup of tea.
George: Oh god. Not another ghost who makes tea they can’t drink.
George, Sr.: Oh. Er, force of habit. So… what now?

George, Sr.: This passing over, what does it involve exactly?
George: It’s not as daunting as it sounds. Basically a door appears.
George, Sr.: A door?
George: Yeah, a door comes
and you walk through it.
George, Sr.: What kind of door?
George: What do you mean?
George, Sr.: Well, what type of door is it? Wooden? Glazed, PVC, paneled…
George: What? This is what concerns you? Not what lies beyond the door but the materials used to construct it?

George, Sr.: So you’re saying when I least expect it a door will just pop up and I’ll walk through it and you’ll wake up one morning and I’ll be gone forever?
George: It’s not when you least expect it. You’re hanging around for a reason. there’s obviously still something you need to do. You do that thing and the door comes.

George, Sr.: Here we are.
George: Well what happened? I don’t understand.
George, Sr.: Oh, there was a fire.
George: A fire? You died in a fire? I didn’t realize.
George, Sr.: Well it doesn’t matter how I died.
George: Of course it matters! A fire, that’s, that’s painful. It’s frightening.
George, Sr.: No, George, it wasn’t like that. Honestly.
George: Don’t lie to me Dad.
George, Sr.: No, I fell asleep. I did. Fell asleep and when I opened my eyes it was over.
George: Well how did it even start?
George, Sr.: Um… I don’t know.
George: You must have some idea.
George, Sr.: I’d like to leave now, George. I don’t know what possessed me to come back here anyway.
George: Dad—

George: Are you joking? I can’t believe you’ve never seen it.
George, Sr.: Well I didn’t think I’d like it.
George: What, it’s over fifteen hundred people drowning whilst Celine Dion wails like a banshee. What’s not to like? Seriously, Dad. I don’t think that’s your unfinished business.

George, Sr.: When I’m gone and your minds at rest, and you know that I’m okay. Then you can go and see your mum.
George: Mum? Oh no, no, Dad. I came back for your funeral and that’s all. I need to keep all this—what I am, what I’ve become—away from her.
George, Sr.: She can cope, George. I did.
George: Dad. Death gives you a great sense of perspective.

Marcus Logue: So hold on, let me get this straight. You left home three years ago because you decided to…
George: To… join a cult.
Marcus Logue: Join a cult. Good. That’s what I thought you said. And you made no attempt to contact your mother and put her out of her misery because?
George: Because it was like a prison. And we had to escape in the end, didn’t we Nina?
Nina: I was in the cult? I was. I was in the cult.
Marcus Logue: You had to escape?
George: Yeah, we secretly chipped away at this wall everyday, and then we covered up the hole with this, um, old poster of Raquel Welch. Until eventually we were able to tunnel our way out of there.
Marcus Logue: Isn’t that the plot of Shawshank Redemption?
Nina: Well that’s where we got the, frankly, ludicrous, idea from.
Marcus Logue: What was the name of the cult!
George: The name of the cult was called the… Church of Earth. The Church of Earth, Wind and Fire.

George, Sr.: We made sure George Sands died in that fire.
George: Why would you even want that?
George, Sr.: I needed to start over. Go somewhere else. Be somebody else. By the time you turned up, it had all gone too far. But when you started talking about unfinished business, I thought, Good. I can stall things for a bit. Spend some time with you.

George: Why did you go—to your funeral, I mean?
George, Sr.: I wanted to see Ruth.

George: Dad, you’re not trying to secure her vote for the local election. We need to nail this.

George, Sr.: I’m taking you back, Ruth! Whether you like it or not!
George: No no no, we’ve tipped completely the other way now.
Nina: Yeah. No. You’re a bit… rape-y now.

George: Look, the reason I left… the reason…
Nina: George, are you sure about this?
George: It’s hard to actually say the words.
George, Sr.: You take your time son.
George: I’m… I’m a werewolf.
George, Sr.: Now, you are taking some form of medication at the moment, aren’t you George?
George: Mm hm.

George: Well I told them. I mean, they’re probably going to try and have me sectioned. But I did tell them.
Nina: You did. And I’m very proud of you.

George, Sr.: I’m gonna fly, Jack! I’m gonna fly!
Nina: Did your dad just misquote Titanic?
George: Yeah. Just… don’t ask.

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Episode 7 : Though the Heavens Fall

George: I mean you’re what? Nineteen, twenty? You shouldn’t be killing vampires from a shitty camper van. You, you— You should have chlamydia. A twenty-four hour hangover. Because trust me, Tom, you will look back and they will be the best years of your life.
Tom: I don’t have a choice.
George: Um, yeah you do. You could stay here.
Tom: McNair would never agree to that.
George: Oh please! Screw bloody McNair.
Tom: You people really do swear a hell of a lot, don’t ya? Just an observation. McNair says it suggests a limited vocabulary.
George: Oh right, does he? Well actually I can speak six different languages. And McNair can just… piss off.

George: You do know it’s a full moon tonight.
McNair: I was thinking maybe I could use your basement? Well it’s probably not a good idea to run ’round the forest in this state.
George: Nina uses that, so…
Nina: No, not so far.
McNair: Alright with you, Tom? Just a for a few days. You could probably watch some cartoons. Maybe George’ll take you for a pint.

Annie: I know who killed the Box Tunnel 20. Mitchell told me.
George: He told you?
Nina: You’re kidding.
Annie: Daisy Hannigan Spitteri… or something.
George: What? She— Ah, sorry. Who?

George: Daisy.
Annie: Do you know her?
George: Ah. Well yeah. Kind of. Her and her husband attacked me and Mitchell a few months ago but it does, it does kind of make sense. She was pretty wild. Just um… Just very determined. Tenacious. Surprisingly strong… Limber.
Nina: You do know you’re saying all this out loud, don’t you?

George: So anyway. While we’re here if you could just see if there’s anything abnormal, or…
Dr. Hayley Hamilton: Like what? A tail?
George: No no… Yeah. Yeah.

Nina: We both know this baby was conceived eight weeks ago. So why the hell is it growing so fast?
George: Wolf gestations are a lot shorter than humans.
Nina: Says who?
George: Wikipedia.

George: What the hell?
Nina: They’ve come for Mitchell.
George: What? Why?
Nina: Oh my god, George. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
George: What are you talking about?
Nina: I reported him. I gave his name to them about the Box Tunnel 20. You don’t understand, I found this, this scrapbook Annie was talking about. It was before we knew about Daisy.
George: If they’ve arrested him, they will take his photo. They’ll…. Why, why didn’t you say something?
Nina: Because I knew you would take his side. I knew you’d try to cover for him.
George: Have you any—any—idea what you’ve done!? The danger you’ve now put us all in?

Nina: Where are you going?
George: The police station. I’ve get to get him out of there.
Nina: I’m coming with you.
George: No. You—you stay there! You are not going anywhere near him. Fuck!

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Episode 8 : The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Mitchell: Just Rentaghost into the corridor, get the keys and let me out. Without me there’s no proof.
Annie: I could get you a cup of tea. And a Kit-Kat if you want.
Mitchell: Oh, sh— Look. [] me this. They’re gonna move me to a maximum security station and that’s it. Guards and guns. Even you won’t be able to get me out.
Annie: Mitchell. I don’t know how to make this any clearer to you: I don’t want you to get out.

Mitchell: So this is how the world discovers vampires, werewolves and ghosts, huh?
Annie: Yes. I suppose it is.
Mitchell: They’re gonna kill me, Annie. They’re gonna kill us all.
Annie: No, you don’t know that.
Mitchell: They’re frightened of us.
Annie: They should be.

Mitchell: I swear, the man who did those things, that’s not me anymore. You gave me a reason to fight it and try to be human again. That’s why I kept Herrick alive.
Annie: What’s he got to do with this?
Mitchell: When I came to get you back from— from where you were. They told me that if I brought you back there’d be a price to pay. That I’d be killed by a werewolf.
Who told you that?

Mitchell: I almost wanted it to happen. Just let fate take its course. I mean, my god! To be free of all this. But I thought it, so I could be with you. I didn’t conceal it out of cowardice, but because there was nothing—no punishment on Earth—worse than your disappointment.
Annie: Do you even know who you’re in love with?
Mitchell: What do you mean?
Annie: Maybe you were happy to see those people bury their mums and their dads and their children. With no sense of— no justice. Maybe you thought that we were worth it. What the hell made you think I would?

Annie: I should just let you rot in here alone, but I won’t. Things we do for love, eh? So that’s the deal. You give them justice. And you get me.
Mitchell: Yeah, but for how long? There’s a bullet out there with my name on it. So how long do I get you for anyway.

Herrick: Rule number one of Vampire Club: Do not get arrested. Even Seth knew that and he used to point at planes.
Mitchell: What the hell are you doing here?
Herrick: Putting the genie back in the bottle. Come on.

Annie: Mitchell, no! Please don’t. Not even if the whole world finds out about—
Mitchell: No, this is not about that. He has the secret. He can tell me how to fight the prophecy. I’ll come back, I swear.

Mitchell: Was that necessary?
Herrick: Oh, uh. You’re welcome.

Mitchell: You’re back then.
Herrick: Isn’t that what you wanted?
Mitchell: No no no. What I wanted was to learn how to survive a werewolf attack.
Herrick: Oh, well I feel drenched with love.
Mitchell: So tell me.
Herrick: What, now? During a prison break?
Mitchell: Come on, you got Cara to do it. How complicated can it be.

Police: Paramedics answered a 999 at the suspect’s house. Multiple murders. Three police, two forensic. Three more in critical condition. Including a female, late-twenties.

What’s that barking/It’s all starting. Like a row/of dominoes. Can you stop them falling?/Someone’s due a mauling. Here it comes/the wolf-shaped gun. Annie, listen/here’s your mission. Mitchell’s toast/if you’re a scaredy-ghost. Come to purgatory/stop shit getting gory. Or the big bow wow/ends his story now.

Now what?
Annie: It’s your door. It’s what happens next. I’ll… I’ll come with you.
I’m scared.
Annie: So am I.

McNair: Tom, if you’re reading this, then I’m dead. Somewhere in this house is a vampire. He’s the one I’ve always been searching for. He was there when I became this creature. And tonight, I tried to kill him. If I had, I would have been able to stop. But I wasn’t doing this for me. Or the man I killed two months ago. Or even your parents. This was for you. My Tom. This must be the final act. Tom, I want you to live a different life now. One that’s decent. You see, we’ve lost everything that was harmless and mundane. When I sat down to write this I realized I’d forgotten how to hold a pen. It’s so long since I did something so ordinary. I was selfish. I turned you into a weapon for my own war. The things I’ve asked you to do, they make me ashamed. Let it end. I want you to be home now. Stop this chaotic, violent life. Make this the end of that story. I die tonight, but don’t avenge me. It’s getting dark. I have to go. Always know that I love you, Tom. I wish I really had been your father.

Your comrade,
Anthony Michael McNair.

Herrick: Gotta say, I’m ever so confused.
Mitchell about the cage: What’s going on?
Herrick: Just a precaution. Completely understandable, I think.

Mitchell: Why have you brought me here?
Herrick: Surely who have I brought here is more apropos. I mean, one minute you’re letting George tear my head off for the sake of humanity. And the next, you’re massacring twenty of them in a train carriage. I mean, talk about fickle.
Mitchell: Yeah, wouldn’t expect you to understand. Your character’s always been pretty consistent.
Herrick: I think that was a dig. Look. There’s the natural ebb and flow of personality, and there’s being as mad as a gibbon. Because then you’re doing this whole “pillar of the community” thing while feeding me policewomen so I can tell you how to survive a werewolf attack. I mean, you make me dizzy. You really do.
Mitchell: Just now, why didn’t you kill me?
Herrick: I told you. I don’t know where your loyalties lie. See, I wanna pick up where I left off and having you by my side—
Mitchell: No. No, this is more than just political maneuvering. I make you weak. I make you vulnerable.
Herrick: Says the man in the cage.
Mitchell: Still walking and talking and making it look like you can’t finish a job.
Herrick: Not for want of trying.
Mitchell: But you always manage to fudge it somehow. Why is that? Just kill me! Get it over with. You know, people are starting to talk.

Herrick: I want you to be ugly! I want you to be corrupt! This vein of decency in you. I want to stamp on it with my boot!
Mitchell: You wanna look in the mirror.

Herrick: Everyone has weaknesses, Mitchell. Loyalties that put them in jeopardy.

Lia: Annie. Thank god. You got my message.
Annie: Oh, that was you. Lia, what’s going on?

Annie: Where are we?
Lia: Oh, sorry. The signal’s really weak. {she futzes with the set} We’re okay. Here we go. Oh, gosh. We’re too late. It’s starting.
Annie: I’ve been there. They have these— They’re like dog fights. What do we do?
Lia: We can’t do anything.
Annie: Well of course we can. I know where they are. We just have to go.
Lia: You don’t understand. The people who did this, they don’t… Well this is their endgame. This is how it happens.
Annie: No, the prophecy says he’s going to be killed by a werewolf. So where is it?
Lia: On his way, I guess.

Herrick: First, I get rid of all the werewolves. I’ve made a start on that already. Then it’s the ghosts. Like Annie.
Mitchell: You do what you want.
Herrick: I’m sorry?
Mitchell: Killing those people, on that train. Do you think me, her and George are gonna be eating a pizza in front of The Real Hustle? No, that’s out.
Herrick: Okay, I’m going to stop you there. Because we both know that right now you’d say anything to get out of the cage.
Mitchell: Exactly! You’ve known me ninety years and finally you get it. What the hell have we just been talking about? It’s all about expediency with me. It’s skin deep. The vampires were pissing me off so I threw my lot in with humanity. They betray me, I get on their train. And I’m washing bits of humanity out of my hair for a fortnight. So what do I? I get the fuck out of Dodge, that’s what I do. I’ll do whatever it takes to survive, Herrick. And right now the only way for me to survive is by siding with you. Completely 100% percent? You bet. Forever? I doubt it. Until then I’ll be your poster boy—your vice president. Whatever you want. I’ll do it.
Herrick: You’ll be the villain now.
Mitchell: Christ. I always was.
Herrick: There’ll come a day when one of us finally kills the other.
Mitchell: But it won’t be today.
Herrick: Prove it.

Herrick: Good to finally meet you again properly, George. I haven’t been myself the last few weeks. Sorry about these two. It’s clearly dress-down Friday.
George: He’s him again, isn’t he?

Annie: George is the one who’s going to kill him.
Lia: I know! It’s actually going to happen. What are the chances? I mean these are werewolves we’re talking about, not Australian barmen. They’re really rare.
Annie: Stop this. Please.
Lia: I can’t.
Annie: I’m not going to just stand here and watch Mitchell be torn apart.
Lia: So sit.

Mitchell: You know your timing’s a bit off. There’s no full moon for weeks.
Herrick: This is a spin on the usual game.
Mitchell: So you want us to fight, is that it?
Herrick: I want to make sure you’re back in black.
George: What’s he talking about, Mitchell?
Mitchell: George won’t fight me. This is your argument. This is your vendetta.
Herrick: You’re right. He needs a little motivation. George. Did you know you’ve been living with a celebrity the last few weeks? Oh, it’s, ah, not me. But you’re so sweet. No, Mitchell is the killer of the Box Tunnel 20. {no visible reaction from George} Right, well that’s not the response I expected. Oh wait a minute. You knew! Oh well, thanks everyone, for pissing on my parade. Come one! Me and the boys wanted a fight! There’s popcorn. And at halftime we were going to have a Nespresso!

Annie: Lia, what’s going on? You told me that I had to come straight here. That Mitchell was in danger.
Lia: Oh Annie. I made it up.
Annie: You made it up?
Lia: On the spot. I just wanted to screw with Mitchell’s head. “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet.”
Annie: But why?
Lia: Well, I wanted to drive a wedge between him and George and Nina. But instead of getting suspicious of them he got all worked up about the other two. Tom and… What was it? McIntyre? Macintosh? Well. Whatever. Oh Annie, you didn’t really believe it, did you? I can’t control people. I can’t see the future. You’ve been watching too much TV.
Annie: If there’s no prophecy, then why is this happening?
Lia: Well what you really need to worry about is the self-fulfilling prophecy. Annie. He made it come true. There really is a wolf-shaped bullet. That he carved his name on.

Herrick: So Mitchell’s been trying to get me back to my old self.
George: What?
Mitchell: Long story. don’t ask.
Herrick: So. He’s been trying to get me to drink blood again. You know that policewoman that came to the house? He actually brought her up to the attic. He was like, “Dig in!”
Mitchell: Yeah. But then I stopped you.
Herrick: Eventually. Anyway, I did. I had a jolly good munch. Hence um {outfit}. And do you know the first thing I did. Oh! No! Hang on, before that I killed McNair. Um, I’m getting this story in completely the wrong order. The first I did after… I killed Nina.
George: You’re lying.
Herrick: Purple-y top, twigs in her hair. At least I think I killed her. Stabbed her in the kidneys, usually does the trick.

Herrick: It hurts, doesn’t it? Mitchell brought me back. He lit the fuse, he walked away. It was “bye-bye Nina.”
Mitchell: No. George. This is what he wants.
Herrick: He killed all those people, George. He made you complicit. Everything he touches he corrupts or destroys. First you, now Nina!

Mitchell: It’s you. You’re the one who’s gonna kill me.

Tom: Anthony Michael McNair. Murdered by a vampire. Avenged by his son.
Mitchell: Tom, leave him alone. Don’t touch him. If you did, I kill George.
Tom: You wouldn’t, he’s your friend.
George: He would.
Mitchell: Try me.
Tom: He killed McNair.
Mitchell: He’s one of your own. Don’t let this happen.

Herrick: Kill him, Mitchell. Do it now.
Mitchell: The famous Herrick brain clearly ain’t workin’ at fullspeed yet, is it? Listen to me, he ripped your head off and cancelled the revolution so you’re gonna have to kill him yourself. But do it publicly, make a statement.

Herrick: Be seeing you, George.

George: He killed my Nina. And you killed all those people. You don’t say my name now. You don’t even look at me now. You are not my friend. You better go. Your boss is waiting.

Annie: So if this is all just a lie, just a mind game, why did you get me over here?
Lia: Don’t get me wrong, I wanted him to suffer. And that’s where you come in. Keeping you here, depriving him of you, that’ll be his punishment.
Annie: Why didn’t you just keep me here when you had the chance?
Lia: He didn’t love you enough. It wouldn’t have hurt him enough.
Annie: I was the weapon.
Lia: Now she gets it.
Annie: What, now you’re just going to keep me here like a hostage?
Lia: Just give me a chance. I’ve got a lot of very commendable qualities. I’m chatty, but also a good listener.
Annie: This is all just one big game to you, isn’t it?
Lia: This wasn’t a game! This is revenge! He killed me. Let me tell you something about revenge. It isn’t petulant or being a sore loser. It’s righteous. A game? Fuck you. This is what needs to happen. Revenge is about setting the world straight again.
Annie: It didn’t work though, did it?
Lia: Well I’ve still got you and I’ve still got him grief-stricken without you.
Annie: I don’t know who that man is. But I doubt you’ll get much in the way of grief-stricken from him.

Lia: This was my bedroom, you know. I’d come back here on holiday from college. My parents would make such a big fuss. My mum literally could not bear the sight of somebody not eating. This house is very quiet now. Since I died. My dad comes in here sometimes, lays on the bed. My brother’s getting into lots of fights at school. This was all for them. Can you not understand that?
Annie: And Nina?
Lia: Collateral damage.
Annie: What the hell. I was going to spend eternity in a prison cell with Mitchell. I might as well spend it here with you. Besides, when Nina gets here I want her to see a friendly face.
Lia: You know, I think we’d be great friends, us three.
Annie: Yeah. Yeah. All the murdered girls. Besides we have to watch George.
Lia: George?
Annie: Yeah, on that. Talk about your parents’ grief. We have to watch George now that he’s lost Nina. Now that he’s lost the baby. Now that he’s lost me.
Lia: Oh, I don’t know if …
Annie: Oh, well I want you to watch, Lia. Watch him turn hard. Cold. Mean. They’re like your comrades, George and Nina. The last victims of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre.

Annie: Do you know what I think? I think you are way out of your depth. Don’t get me wrong, you are— You’re brutal. But I’ve been doing this supernatural stuff a long time now and trust me, grief and revenge are not things to get drunk on. You know I think you wanted wild and Biblical and rawr! But instead you just woke up somewhere unfamiliar with your underwear on back-to-front.
Lia: I wouldn’t know how to…
Annie: How to what?
Lia: How to undo this.
Annie: Let me go back. And let me see Nina.

Annie: Lia, come on, this isn’t you.
Lia: But if you go, then… well I won’t know anybody here.
Annie: This is not the way to make friends and influence people, trust me. Lia, they were going to have a baby. {She gets up and Lia goes in for a hug.}
Lia: Oh. I thought we were going to hug, but not-hugging would also work.
Annie: Yeah. Good.
Lia: Annie. Revenge kind of sucks. Who knew.
Annie: Gilbert! Somewhere here there’s a man called Gilbert. Find him. Tell him Annie sent you. He’s really nice.

Herrick: Things are going to be moving a lot faster now. I’ve got sleeper cells all over America. I just say the word and it begins. What are we doing here?
Mitchell: You’ll see.
Herrick: Listen, okay, I think it’s about time that I explained the trick. So basically if George had stuck a stake in me it was game over. No one comes back from that. So I.. I kinda got lucky with him just ripping my head off.
Mitchell: I don’t want to know anymore.
Herrick: But you’ve been searching for this for months.
Mitchell: And then I saw the look of contempt on my best friend’s face. And I realized that this has to stop.
Herrick: Listen, it’s okay. I understand. You’ve just agreed to avert the destination of mankind. There’s bound to be [a run on []. Let’s cross the border. Find ourselves a nice English village. I’ll make some calls. Wooden-underidge.

Mitchell: I want to show you something first. You recruited me. You lead me into this… unbelievable world. And I know I’ve done some terrible things, but I’ve seen some extraordinary things too. I have more memories than I deserve, Herrick. And that’s because of you. So in return, I want to give you this.

Herrick: Look at this world. How does it make you feel knowing that soon all of this will be ours?
Mitchell: Don’t you understand? It always was.

Edgar Wyndam: A nation exhales. As the killer of the Box Tunnel 20 is finally put to justice. In other words, that was the sound of someone else doing your job. My name is Edgar Wyndam. And as of 26 seconds ago, you are all unemployed. If you have a phone in your hand or a piece of paper or a file put it down. Make your way to the exit. You will searched on the way out. And when your wives and husbands ask why you were back so early and so shame-faced, you tell them this. Our superior officer disappeared. An arrest was made, but then the arresting officer and five more police were killed at the suspect’s house. And then the suspect disappeared. You tell your families “I am here because I failed.”
Who the hell are you?
Edgar Wyndam: I’m from Head Office. I’m the man from Del Monte. I am the wrath of God.

Annie: “Neighbors describe Jason Healy as a loner with a short temper. But even they were surprised to discover he was perpetrator of the Box Tunnel Massacre.” Not half as surprised as he was I bet. Do you think Herrick is behind this?
George: Well it’s what Mitchell says. Vampires take care of their own.
Annie:They’re aware. I mean, they’re invisible but they’ve got everything covered. They’re like… bacteria.

Annie: I can’t believe how quickly Nina’s recovered.
George: Yeah, well it’s the one advantage to being a werewolf I guess. You don’t survive shattered bones and major organ failure without toughening up a bit.
Annie: You sure you got the dates right? ‘Cause she is really starting to show.

Annie: Do you think we should try to find Mitchell?
George: I think we just have.

Annie: Mitchell, you do know we can’t go back to the way we were. You know, the four of us. Friends. Lovers. Making tea. You do understand that.
Nina: So what do you want?
Mitchell: I want George to kill me.
Annie: Look, Mitchell. There is no prophecy. Lia made it up.
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter. I’m going to kill again, we all know it. Because I have to. And because there’s a part of me that wants to. The vampire gene is stubborn. It finds a way to thrive. I need to be stopped in a way I can’t come back from.
Nina: Why can’t you do it yourself? Like Cara did.
Mitchell: It has to be him. It’s the final piece of his story with me.
Vampires and their inscrutable bullshit. You can’t do it yourself because it won’t provide enough anguish. You’ve been killing for nearly a hundred years. All this bloodshed and turmoil, it’s become your currency. God, even suicide has to be some shared bloody drama.
Mitchell: He has to kill me because he has to disown me. You’ve all become corrupted by me, but George most of all. He suspected more than any of you. And so he had to choose between his love for me and his ethics. And I let him choose me. But there’s something else too. You saw that they set some guy up for the Box Tunnel murders.
Annie: Herrick arranged it, didn’t he?
Mitchell: No. This is way out of Herrick’s league.
Nina: So who did?
Mitchell: I don’t know. But whoever it was, it’s a debt they’re going to want repaid. Trust me. You want me out of the picture.
George: Um. Kitchen. Not you.

George: Well I thought you’d be all for it.
Nina: Except I’m the one— I’m the one who’ll be expected to pick up the pieces of you afterwards.
Annie: He’s right about one thing. He will kill again.
George: Are we actually thinking about doing this? I mean he hasn’t attacked —
Annie: A bomb is still a bomb, even if it hasn’t gone off yet.
George: Right, yeah. But doing it now, with him like this. That’s murder.
Nina: So what do we do? We wait until he goes bad again?
Annie: I don’t understand. You were ready to kill him in the cage.
George: I thought Nina was dead.
Annie: So what? We just let him go? Hm? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think.
George: Look, we’re not entirely sure that we don’t do anything. Anything. We, um, we exile him or something. We tell him it’s over, we can’t see him again. He’s dead to us. Deader.
Annie: Letting him go is still a decision. It might be the right decision but it definitely still a decision. And if we do, fine. But there will be consequences.
Nina: If he kills again—
Annie: —it is because we let him leave this house.

George: Where’s Herrick?
Mitchell: Dead.
George: How dead?
Mitchell: Proper dead. I killed him.

George: What do you see when you look at me?
Mitchell: My friend.
George: That’s good.
Mitchell: A werewolf.
George: Okay.
Mitchell: I want to pull your spine out through your mouth.
George: What’s happened to you?
Mitchell: It won.
George: So who am I talking to?
Mitchell: An echo.

George: What if you ran away to Scotland?
Mitchell: I’d kill people in Scotland.
George: What if we kept you in the attic?
Mitchell: Our success rate there is less than a hundred percent.
George: What if I forgave you?
Mitchell: That’s not your right. I didn’t hurt anyone you know.
George: No. But you’ve made me complicit.
Mitchell: Suppose I kill Nina and the baby.
George: Oh don’t say stuff like that.
Mitchell: But I get someone else to forgive me. would that be okay with you?
George: So ask some victim’s relatives to do this.
Mitchell: Those souls don’t need saving.
George: You’re trying to save my soul?
Mitchell: It’s been compromised.
George: What you are asking me to do—
Mitchell: Is heroic. “George Sands saves the world.”
George: That was never one of my ambitions.
Mitchell: Yeah, well. I wanted to own a pub but this is where we’re at. I used you, George. I used our friendship. I hid in it. It’s nothing personal, but it was a means to an end.
George: Okay, no I can, yeah, I can see what you’re trying to do but it won’t work.
Mitchell: Poor little lost werewolf. It made me feel better about myself.
George: Oh, is that right?
Mitchell: You didn’t ever wonder why someone like me would be friends with someone like you?
George: Someone like you?
Mitchell: Yeah. Smart, savvy. Looking like this.
George: Right. Whereas I was…
Mitchell: Pathetic. Shambolic. Needy. But there you were, hanging out with the cool kids. no wonder you were willing to forgive and forget a few murders. You know what? Even I felt a kind of disgust.
George: This will not work.
Mitchell: You looked the other way. You gave me alibi after alibi. You betrayed humanity, George, just so you could have somebody to live with.
George: Do you really want me to believe this?
Mitchell: When I got on that train you might as well have come along and held my coat.
George: Do you really really want me to believe this!?
Mitchell: No. Of course not. Oh please, George. God, I can see their faces! Not just the people I’ve killed but the people I’m going to kill. I’m so scared. I want to tear my eyes out. Is it going to be another train next time? Oh, Jesus, or a school? It’s all so inevitable. Please do it. Please. You need to stop me. And if you can’t do it for me you have to do it for them. Please. Please.

George: Stand up. Is this really happening?
Mitchell: This is a good thing you’re doing. That stuff I said is not you. Remember once I told you that anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner and a lot worse if it wasn’t for you two. to Nina. Look after him. And look after the baby. I guess I’m finally doing the decent thing.
Nina: Then this is what we’ll remember.
Mitchell: Yeah.

Mitchell: You were the love of my long life.
Annie: And you were the love of mine.
Mitchell: Thank you. All of you. You made me human. Let’s do this.

Wyndam: One two, buckle my shoe. Three four, knock on the door. Five six, put down sticks.

Annie: Who the hell are you?
Wyndam: Tell them, John.
Mitchell: His name’s Wyndam. He’s one of the Old Ones.
George: How the hell’d you get here? We didn’t invite you in.
Wyndam: Well you don’t get to be a thousand years old without learning a trick or two.

Wyndam: As if humanity’s imbecilic governance wasn’t bad enough, Mitchell here almost blurts out our existence. And so. We are taking control of the situation.
George: Again with the world domination. You know Herrick’s already tried that twice and we stopped him. Twice.
Wyndam: Herrick.
George: Yeah.
Wyndam: You’re comparing me to Herrick?
Mitchell: He doesn’t mean it, Wyndam. He doesn’t know who you are.

Wyndam: This is what is going to happen. Mitchell, you’re coming with me. I think you’re going to come in useful one day so this martyrdom isn’t an option.
Mitchell: No. No, please, I don’t want that. This, this has to be the end.
Wyndam: Sorry. You’re going to dance for me. You are going to kill and rampage. {to George} You are going to be my attack dog. And the day that you say no is the day that I crucify George and Nina. In Regents Park. What about the rest of you. What about Annie. Now, I think you’re more powerful than you imagine so I’m going to keep you around. Besides, there are going to be a lot more ghosts. And then there are the history makers. A werewolf impregnated by another werewolf. We’ve never seen the like. The others want you culled. I’m the curious type. I want to see exactly what it is that’s going to pop out. But there’s something I want you to do in return. I want you to pass on a message. To every werewolf, every ghost, every vampire that you meet. You tell them the world is under new management now. It is year dot. You tell them this. The age of the vampires has begun.

George: I’m doing this because I love you.
Mitchell: I know.

George: I think you’ve got a fight on your hands.

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