Dean Winters

Ryan O’Reily


Ryan: Hey, Law-Boy. I thought Schillinger said you couldn't get high anymore. Beecher: Yeah. Fuck him. Ryan O'Reily throwing something at Auerbach: We want Sister Pete. Carlton Auerbach: Uh, she's not here. So, uh, today, we're gonna be... Kenny Wangler: lunging at him Shut. The fuck. Up. Ronald Pokelwaldt: Markstrom and his crew, how do…

Other Characters


Season One Steve Crosetti (Jon Polito): Mr. Becker ducked. But he didn't duck good enough. Meldrick Lewis (Clark Johnson): Lost art, ducking. Crosetti: That's the problem with this job. It's got nothing to do with life. Bernard: Okay, I was there. But I didn't kill them. John Munch (Richard Belzer): Who killed them? Bernard: A…