Stargate SG-1 Season 9

The Fourth Horseman: Part 2


Beau Bridges  Cameron Bright  Jason George  Louis Gossett Jr.  Tony Todd  William B. Davis

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Jolan: It was foolish of you to come. The others are distrustful of you.
Mitchell: Yeah, I kind of got that. Anything else I need to know?
Jolan: Haikon will have the answers.

Carter: Orlin, by not letting go of the Ancient knowledge you’re damaging your brain.
Orlin: Yes. My human brain is failing under the weight of so much information.
Carter: You knew this would happen, didn’t you?

Lord Haikon (Tony Todd): How will we know when it is working?
Mitchell: We’ll know when the Prior is no longer able to use his powers.
Jolan: How will we know when he will be no longer able to use his powers?
Mitchell: Well. Someone is just going to have to test it and find out. {silence all around.} Don’t worry, fellas. That someone is me.

Jolan: You are confident this will work?
Mitchell: Well. If it doesn’t work, we’re out of options.

Orlin (Cameron Bright): Tell me, Sam. How can you regret losing a memory you can’t even remember?

Jackson: That warm, fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing may be the effects of a device that’s inhibiting your ability to concentrate and focus your powers.
Mitchell: Symptoms may include: dizziness, irritability—
Jackson: Nausea—
Mitchell: Mild nausea. And a condition known as “hot dog fingers.”

Damaris (William B. Davis): It makes no difference what you do to me. But know this: the Ori are all seeing. They’re already aware of this affront to their emminence. They shall strike down those that dare to defy them.
Mitchell: Nothing happened. You?
Jackson: Not me. Little thirsty.
Mitchell: That doesn’t count.
Jackson: No it doesn’t.

Damaris: We are beacons on the road to enlightenment.
Mitchell: No. You’re darkside intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen. Unfortunately the home office hasn’t been quite up front with you.
Jackson: Nice work on the metaphor.
Mitchell: Thank you.

Mitchell: General! We were just exchanging recipes.
General Landry: I heard. Has he offered up anything?
Mitchell: No sir. The man doesn’t even have a decent pie crust.

Landry: What was he saying?
Orlin: He just told you why the Ori are on the way to this galaxy. They’re coming to destroy the Ancients.

Teal’c: Why are you hesitating, Gerak?
Gerak: If I help you, I will die. But I will die free!