Stargate SG-1 Season 9

The Fourth Horseman: Part 1


Beau Bridges  Bill Dow  Gary Jones  Louis Gossett Jr.  Tony Amendola

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Mitchell: I’m just saying, it’s pure ego.
Jackson: Pure ego? That level of enlightenment? Arrogance is about pleasure, right? Wallowing in the pride of one’s achievement.
Mitchell: You don’t think getting a whole galaxy to bow down and worship you is something to write home about?

Landry: Colonel Carter! I’ve read your proposal.
Carter: And?
Landry: And, I’m not exactly sure what an aneurysm feels like, but I suspect I’m pretty close.

Bra’tac: Gerak has proposed that the religion of the Ori should be adopted by all Jaffa.
Teal’c: As law?
Bra’tac: To be taught to our children. Its benedictions and traditions followed to the letter. Should it be ratified by the council, all Jaffa will have no choice but to accept the Ori as Gods.
Teal’c: True belief cannot be legislated.

Teal’c: Gerak is a fool and he must be revealed as such.
Bra’tac: Gerak is many things, but he is no fool.

Dr. Lee: A couple of days?
Carter: Well, we’ll just have to roll up our sleeves and burn some midnight oil if we have to.
Dr. Lee: “Midnight oil”. Why didn’t you just tell them we’d come up with a viable means of creating cold fusion while you’re at it.
Carter: Sure, if you’ve got something.

Walter: Unauthorized offworld activation.
Landry: What now?
Dr. Lam: Hey, you wanted to be a general.

Orlin: You’re so close.
Carter: I know.
Orlin: Hello Sam. It’s good to see you again. I’ve missed you.
Carter: Who are you?
Orlin: I had no choice but to take this form. It’s me, Orlin.

Jackson: I’m sorry, aren’t you breaking some major cosmic rules here? I mean, why did the Others let you go without wiping your memory clean?
Orlin: Honestly, I don’t really know. I guess enough of them felt it was necessary for someone to step out of line and warn you.
Landry: I’m assuming you’re talking about the Ori. We’re already aware of the threat they pose.
Orlin: Believe me, you don’t know everything. A long time ago, the Ori and the Alterans were one society—human—on an evolutionary path to ascension, but a philosophical division grew. The Ori grew more and more fervent in their religious belief. The Alterans… for lack of a better way of putting it… believed in science. The Ori tried to wipe them out.
Jackson: So instead of going to war, the Alterans built a ship, left their galaxy and came here. We know that both the Alterans and the Ori eventually ascended, and that the Ori passed on a religion called Origin to the next evolution of humans they created.
Orlin: Yes, but the central promise of the religion, everything Origin’s followers devote themselves to, is a lie.

Jackson: Are you saying that the Ori don’t offer their followers ascension?
Orlin: No. Most certainly not. Then they’d have to share.
Landry: Share what?
Orlin: The power they sap from those who worship them.
Carter: How is that possible? I mean, are you saying there’s a real, physical transfer of energy to the Ori that occurs simply through a human being’s belief in them?
Orlin: “Simply” is not how I would put it. It’s quite complicated, but possible. And for it to have a measurable effect, it requires massive numbers of humans relinquishing their will. Nevertheless, it is one of the main reasons the Ancients have so strongly believed in strict non-interference in the lower planes.
Jackson: Because the temptation to manipulate and align lower lifeforms in some order for your own purposes could result in exactly this type of abusive corruption.
Orlin: The Ori empower themselves by sapping the life force of those willing to surrender themselves to them.
Jackson: Unknowingly. And this promise of salvation in return—
Orlin: Leads to nothing but death of the most meaningless kind.

Carter: Do the Priors know this? I mean are they complicit?
Orlin: No. They are merely pawns. The more worlds the Priors convert, the more powerful the Ori become. They must be stopped.
Landry: Why don’t the Ancients, uh.. Alterans, whatever you call yourselves now. Why don’t you stop them?
Orlin: I am one of them no longer, and even if I was, it is unclear whether such action would result in victory. Nor is such an endeavor at that level necessarily the next best step to further enlightenment. All I can say for sure is that if this galaxy were to succumb and bow to the Ori, it would be very bad for everyone.

Gerak: True belief cannot be forced upon others. The offering of Origin speaks for itself.

Gerak: What would you have me do?
Prior: Go to Chulak. Mark it as the last place the Jaffa will ever defy the power of the Ori. And destroy all those who will not walk the path of enlightenment.

Landry: We’re hoping that as long as you’re here, you may be able to help us.
Orlin: I no longer possess the power to simply cure this plague as I could have as an ascended being. However, with the knowledge I still retain, I believe I can synthesize a cure using your medical technology.
Carter: You built a stargate in my basement with spare parts from a toaster.
Orlin: Actually, this’ll be a little harder than that.

Carter: How’s it going?
Orlin: Basically, I know what I need to make. I just don’t have any of the right materials or tools.
Carter: This is the best we have. I can get you a toaster if you need it.
Orlin: Not unless you’re hungry for toast.
Carter: Waffle iron?