Stargate SG-1 Season 9

Collateral Damage


Anna Galvin  Beau Bridges  William Atherton

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Landry: We need to set up a meeting.
Carter: No need, sir. We’ve already been invited back for a reception in honor of the scientists who developed the implant technology.
Mitchell: I’m hoping there’ll be dancing. Sir.

Carter: How’s it going?
Mitchell: I don’t think diplomacy’s my thing.
Jackson: Oh. That’s what you’re doing.

Mitchell: So, do you… live here on your own?
Dr. Reya Varrick (Anna Galvin): Why do you ask?
Mitchell: It’s a big place. I don’t know. Just curious, I guess.
Dr. Reya Varrick: I thought that was your clever way of asking if I was married.
Mitchell: I’m not that clever.

Mitchell: What if I told you everything that happened to you yesterday was a false memory? How would you know the difference?

Marell: Unless Colonel Mitchell’s made a habit of killing innocent people, we’re out of options.
Mitchell: I may have what you need.

Varta (William Atherton): I understand Dr. Marell and Dr. Amuro were able to determine that the memory was an implant. I must say, I’m relieved. A trial could have been extremely detrimental to relations between our worlds.
Teal’c: Not to mention inconvenient for Colonel Mitchell.

Jackson: Colonel Mitchell was assaulted. His memories were manipulated against his will, and an innocent woman was murdered. Now I’ve only worked with the guy a short period of time, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna let this one go.

Varta (William Atherton): He doesn’t know he killed her. There was no way to recover that memory.
Mitchell: And that’s gonna make it okay?
Varta: It was for the good of the project. And Dr. Varrick would have understood.

Landry: I read your report. Not sure I’ve seen language like that used in an official Air Force document before.
Jackson: Sorry about that, sir.
Landry: Oh, you should have seen what Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson wrote.