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The Ark of Truth


Beau Bridges  Currie Graham  Julian Sands  Morena Baccarin  Sarah Strange  Tim Guinee

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Altaren 1: We cannot hide our ways any longer.
Altaren 2: Nor should we.
Altaren 1: The Ori have amassed armies and moved to destroy us. Everything we believe—all we are—is an affront to them. They will stop at nothing to destroy every last shred of evidence that opposes their fanaticism.
Altaren 3: We have no choice. We’ve tried to argue reason.
Altaren 1: We can fight. Use what we know to oppose them.
Altaren 4: We are so few compared to them.
Altaren 2: The Ark can change everything.
Altaren 3: Is forced indoctrination really the answer? You would deny the Ori the very essence of self. It is no different than the murder they propose.
Altaren 1: The only moral way to change someone’s mind—make them see the truth, as you put it—is to present evidence.
Altaren 4: We believe in the systematic understanding of the physical world, through observation and experimentation, through argument and debate. But most of all through freedom of will. I will not compromise the fundanental tenets of my devotion in order to preserve it.
Altaren 1: We acknowledge the incredible potential of the technology of the Ark.
Altaren 4: And the danger such power presents.
Altaren 1: It will not be used as a weapon against the Ori. The debate on the issue is closed.

Vala: You really think this is it?
Jackson: Well it’s covered in Ancient writing. These symbols here are part of the oldest dialect I’m aware of. It says, “safely kept is the something of old.”
Vala: Well if I knew for sure I wouldn’t have said “the something”—

Vala: We’ve been out here in the scorching heat for days. I haven’t showered.
Jackson: None of us have.
Vala: That is painfully obvious.

Mitchell: I do not remember sending out invitations to this party.

Tomin (Tim Guinee): Vala, it’s Tomin. Throw down your weapons and surrender. I promise you will all be spared.
Mitchell: Well that’s funny. to Tomin I was just about to say the same thing!

Vala: What if we got them to open it? Well it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?

Landry (Beau Bridges): Shame you didn’t find the real Ark.
Mitchell: Yes sir. But not for lack of trying.

Mitchell: We were thinking of him more as a guest.
James Marrick (Currie Graham): Of course. My mistake. I trust the enemy commander hell bent on our total annihilation has been given comfortable quarters.

Jackson: We think that these visions might be remnants of Merlin’s memories left behind intentionally to steer us in the directon of the Ark.
Tomin: And you think I’m crazy for believing in the Ori.

Landry: You’ve been given temporary command of the Odyssey for the duration of this operation.
Mitchell: Sir, does that mean I have to sit in the chair.
Landry: That it does. And I wish the fun ended there. Mr. Marrick will be overseeing the mission.
Marrick: Personally, I’ m excited.

Mitchell: Weapons to maximum.
Marks: Sir?

Mitchell: We are all going to find the Ark, Mr. Marrick. It’s just too late for you not to join us.

Mitchell: Jackson, Teal’c, we gotta go. Keep looking.
Jackson: What’s wrong?
Carter: Marrick’s up to something. He’s turned on the Asgard core.
Teal’c: That will alert the Ori ships to our presence.
Mitchell: Yeah, I think that’s the idea.

Mitchell: We have a little Replicator problem. So we’re gonna jump into hyperspace and avoid the bad guys while we deal with them.
Jackson: I’m sorry, did you say Replicator problem?
Mitchell: Unfortunately yes, I did.

Tomin: What’s a Replicator?
Teal’c: You do not wish to know.

Landry to the Prior: There is one thing I do know for sure. If we’re going to hell then you’re coming with us. You can go burst into flames if you’d like.

Mitchell: All personnel, this is Colonel Mitchell. Pleased to report I got it. {hears the rustlings of more Replicators}. Oh shit.

Mitchell: Hey Sam. They seem to be living up to their name. There’s definitely more than one at this point.
Carter: How many?
Mitchell: A lot.

The tunnel makes collapse-y noises
Teal’c: Perhaps we should examine this more closely on the surface.
Vala: Good idea!

Carter: Whatever they’re trying to do, eventually they’re going to want to take total control of this ship. And in order to do that, they’re going to have to get into this room.
Mitchell: We should stop them from doing that.

Carter: We should probably weld the door shut.
Crewman: You won’t be able to get out.
Carter: If the Replicators get into the core it won’t matter.

Jackson: Oh god.
Doci (Julian Sands): Your gods cannot save you now, Daniel Jackson.
I caught Rose Red this week and was reminded of how sexy Julian Sands is. Especially when not wearing white facepaint.

Adria (Morena Baccarin): Good to see you, Mother. Or should I call you “Vala”? I believe you renounced our blood relation last time I saw you.
Vala: It seems you have no blood left to speak of.

Mitchell to RepliMarrick: You know I think— We really got off on the wrong foot. Who am I kidding? I knew you were an asshole from the moment we met.

Vala: My own mother used to asy to me, “Vala, happiness is not something you can buy.” Or in my case, steal.

Marks: We just dropped out of hyperspace.
Carter: That’s funny. I was just thinking we couldn’t get anymore screwed.

Marrick: Kill me!
Mitchell: Believe me, I’m trying.

Jackson: You’re not a figment of my imagination. And you’re not Merlin. You”re Morgan le Fay.
Morgan le Fay: You’re delirious.

Vala: Adria, I’m sorry. I wish things could have been different.
Adria: Me too.

Adria: No! You can’t take away my power!
Vala: I think… we just did.

Adria: You’re no match for me.
Morgan Le Fay (Sarah Strange): I am now.

Jackson: It was Origin.
Vala: What was?
Jackson: The keyword that activated the Ark. I realized while Adria was talking the Ancient version of the word also means truth in older dialects. I guess the Altaren that built it must have thought it was ironic.
Vala: You know I’m starting to think that irony is very overrated.