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Harriman: After ten years and a thousand email requests I finally get my own parking spot.

Mitchell: What am I signing this time?
Siler: Nothing sir. Just wanted your autograph.

Mitchell: Sure you don’t want to come along sir? Might never be another one of these.
Landry: As tempting as it is I’ll be doing paperwork the whole time you’re gone. Besides one general looking over your shoulders is plenty.
Jackson: Yes. Speaking of Jack…
Landry: He went ahead with SG-3 to officially hand over the prisoner.
Carter: I guess he knows who we’re dealing with.
Teal’c: Such precautions are unnecessary. Half of the free Jaffa fleet stands guard over the Tokra home world to ensure that the execution of Ba’al takes place as planned.
Vala: You know better than anyone, Muscles. This is an extraction, not an execution.

O’Neill: Never, in the history of boredom, has anyone been more bored than I am right now.
Carter: C’mon sir, it’s only been— woo.
Jackson: It’s almost over. The crimes they’re listing are starting to sound familiar.

Ba’al: SG-1. And Gen Jack O’Neill.
O’Neill: How’s tricks, B?

Ba’al: And where is my dear Ketesh?
Jackson: Well Vala was here.
Ba’al: Interesting.
O’Neill: Oh she’s probably going to the bathroom for heaven’s sake. I’m next in line by the way.

The Atlantic Ocean – 1939

Jackson: I dialed earth.
Mitchell: Yeah I know. LIke I’ve seen you do a hundred times before. But my keen professional eye is seeing a few differences between this place and Stargate Command. That, for one. And the Stargate… is in a box.

Mitchell: Alright so Vala and Teal’c disappear into thin air. We gate into somebody’s freezer. Put the pieces of that puzzle together and… I got nothing.

Jackson: The ship was warmer.
Mitchell: You wanna go back?
Jackson: No, I’m good.

Mitchell: I keep wondering what Daniel was going to say.
Carter: When?
Mitchell: Back on the ship he got all excited and he said, “Do you realize what this means”.
Carter: Well obviously that Ba’al had gone back in time and stopped the ship that was carrying the Stargate from ever reaching the United States.
Mitchell: By sending it to the North Pole?
Carter: Yeah apparently.
Mitchell: Carter, that is a terrible plan.
Carter: But you have no problem with the fact that he went back in time.
Mitchell: I’m just saying, why not sink the damn boat.
Carter: I think the bigger problem here is that Ba’al has rewritten history.

Mitchell: Something went wrong and we were not supposed to make it back to earth alive. That was his first mistake.
Carter: Maybe he’s already taken over the entire planet. I mean humanity may be enslaved for all we now.
Mitchell: That’s quitter talk.

O’Neill: Mitchell I don’t know what you’re doing in the arctic with a dead astronaut, but I’m going to need some answers.
Mitchell: Yeah, well. Back atcha.

O’Neill: Are there any more of you I should know about?

O’Neill: I don’t have to understand anything. More importantly, I don’t want to. As far as I’m concerned you people are nothing but a pile of paperwork waiting to happen.
Jackson: Jack, please—
O’Neill: And stop that!
Carter: You should at least warn your superiors that this world is in great danger.
O’Neill: I’ll get right on that.

Landry: I take it that in your timeline you’re not a discredited wackjob living on the fringes of society.
Jackson: That really depends on who you ask.

One Year Later

Apophis. Last of the System Lords to stand against me. What have you to say to your sovereign?
May your reign last days and your death years.
That’s actually rather good. Isn’t it? Had you planned to say that when you walked in— or was it just off the top of your head?

Even if everything goes according to plan it’s going to be a couple of days at least until we get back. What are you going to do if Ba’al shows up before then?
Is there anything we can do, Dr. Jackson?
Jackson: Well I wouldn’t mention us.

Ba’al: There it is, my friends. This little world in the middle of nowhere. Lost and forgotten. Until now.
Ketesh: Thanks to our Lord Ba’al it is ours to enslave and pillage as we please.
System Lord Chica: It is an abomination they have been allowed to breed to such numbers.
Ba’al: Their stargate has been buried for centuries. And was subsequently involved in an unfortunate boating accident. Hence they have been completely cut off from us. They know nothing of the Goua’ld.
Camulus: Nevertheless there are too many to control.
Ketesh: We’ll just blast them to the brink of extinction.
Ba’al: That will not be necessary.
Ketesh: But it would be enjoyable.

Ketesh: What is that?
Ba’al: Something I’ve kept in stasis a very long time so that one day I could make this call.

Ketesh: Put that down.
Ba’al: Mr. President. I’m afraid I’ll have to get back to you later.
President: He hung up on me.

Ketesh: Now tell me. My sweet. Is your plan going as well as you expected?

Jackson: We’ve come a very long way to use this device.
Russian: I can not give you what I do not have.

Mitchell: Teal’c?
Teal’c: How do you know my name?
Mitchell: I can do better than that. You’re from Chulak. Your best friend goes by the name of Bra’tac and you’re the first Prime of— Jackson, whose mark is that?
Mitchell: What’d he promise to win you over?
Teal’c: The freedom of my people.
Mitchell: Give him credit for knowing which button to push.
Teal’c: Ba’al is dead. Slain by his queen.
Jackson: Oh don’t tell us. Ketesh.
Teal’c: Indeed.
Jackson: Why?
Teal’c: That is none of your concern. Allow us passage through the Chappa’ai and your lives may be spared.
Mitchell: Or: you tell us what you’re up to and your lives will be spared.
Teal’c: My only concern is my mission.
Mitchell: Which is?
Jackson: To avenge Ba’al’s death. Final task of a First Prime.
Teal’c: Indeed.
Mitchell: That sounds great. We’ll help out. Right guys?
Carter: Sure. Why not.
Jackson: I’m not busy.
Mitchell: Let’s do it.
Teal’c: I do not require your assistance.

Mitchell: Teal’c if you let us use this device we can return history to the way it was meant to be.
Jackson: You have our word.
Teal’c: Let it be done.

Ketesh: Teal’c. You are the most… stubborn Jaffa I have ever met. Perhaps I shall choose you as my First Prime after all.
Teal’c: I think not, Ketesh. I die free.

Mitchell: I guess that was worth seeing.
Jackson: What? That’s all you have to say?
Mitchell: Well you guys made it out like it was some sort of big deal.