Stargate SG-1 Season 9



Beau Bridges  Cliff Simon  Reed Diamond

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Dr. Kelly: I imagine you had to pull some pretty big strings to make this happen.
Mitchell: Ferguson got that chunk of metal in his head saving my sorry ass four years ago.

Ferguson (Reed Diamond): Doing pretty good. For a guy with a ticking time bomb in his head.
Mitchell: Why don’t we see what the doctors have to say about that.
Ferguson: I’m just doing what the flyer says.

Ferguson: How’s the big important top secret job?
Mitchell: Still top secret.
Ferguson: Oh come on, man, you can tell me. I’m not going to tell anyone. He puts on his serious face. I’m going to die, you know. No flowers?
Mitchell: No. No, hell, I thought about it. But I decided on this instead.

Ba’al: Come now, Teal’c. We’re smart enough to know we’re not actually gods. Well, some of us are anyway. There are always those who will begin to believe their own propaganda. I suppose all you need is enough people to worship you and then what’s the difference? You’re pretty much a god by definition, are you not?

Ferguson: You know what I think you’re doing?
Mitchell: Sleeping.
Ferguson: I think you’re fighting aliens.
Mitchell: I think that chunk of metal you got in your cranium has caused a lot of damage.

Mitchell about the vending machine: Sorry Doc, you were wrong. Hitting it doesn’t help.

Ba’al: So. Have you given some thought to my proposal? To be honest, you’ve looked better, Teal’c.

Ferguson: My god, you’re going out on other planets through a freakin’ wormhole. You have to be a little nuts.

Mitchell: Hey. When you get to the part with the flight attendant, skip over it. That’s private.
Ferguson: I promise nothing.

Landry: Teal’c is family. I don’t like people screwing with my family.

Carter: You go. We got your back.
Mitchell: You sure about that?
Carter: Am I going to be able to stop you?
Mitchell: I don’t think so. I’m in a bad mood today.