Stargate SG-1 Season 9



Ernie Hudson  Garwin Sanford  John Aylward  Matthew Bennett  Sage Brocklebank

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Mitchell: You want the big chair?
Carter: Not me. I’ll sit here.
Mitchell: Sam, he’s in Washington.
Carter: Yeah.

Kane: We watched so many barter away their beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leta, she… she refused to accept it.
Jackson: I am sorry.

Pernaux (Ernie Hudson): The large vessel appears to be disabled. Shall I broadcast a call for surrender?
Nadal (John Aylward): The book of Origin tells us that enemies of the Ori show no mercy in their attempts to draw us away from the path. We must face this attack with all the strength we have been given. Finish them.

Mitchell: Blue squadron, this is blue leader. Break off the attack and scramble formation between the Prometheus and the weapon. Maybe one of us will get lucky and take a portion of the next shot.
Teal’c: I would not consider that lucky, Colonel Mitchell.
Mitchell: Well it could be for anybody aboard the Prometheus.

Colonel Pendergast: Colonel Carter, I need good news now.
Carter: A couple of minutes.
Colonel Pendergast: We don’t have it, Sam. I’m sorry. It’s over.

Colonel Pendergast: I’ll handle all the final transport commands. Everyone else, report to the nearest beam out site. Let’s go, people! That’s an order. Move!

Kane: Do you ever give up?
Jackson: Not until I’m dead. And… sometimes not even then.

Nadal about the power loss: To our knowledge, the Caledonians do not possess the level of technology required to do this. Such a weapon could only have been given to them by your people.
Jackson: I hope so.