Stargate SG-1 Season 8



Neil Denis  Tony Amendola

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O’Neill: Fellas! How was the trip?
Teal’c: I have been betrayed by those I trusted most.
O’Neill: That good, eh?
Bra’tac: His mood is foul indeed. Greetings. It is good to see you both.
Jackson: Bra’tac, what’s going on?
Bra’tac: There was a complication.
O’Neill: Ishta?
Bra’tac: She is well. And as lovely as ever, O’Neill. The problem, I fear, lies with Ry’ac.
Jackson: Is he okay?
Bra’tac: He is in love. And plans to be married.

O’Neill: Look, T, I’m not gonna tell you how to raise your kid, but I’ve always found that sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly solves a whole slew of problems.

Bra’tac: I have consulted with Ishta on the matter. And despite the evacuation of Hak’tyl, she wishes the wedding to proceed as planned. And as scheduled.
O’Neill: Meaning here.
Bra’tac: A more suitable world is not likely to be found in time. Delaying the ceremony would only grant another victory to Moloc’s tyranny.
O’Neill: Do you know what it took to get approval for Tailgate Tuesdays? Will there be cake?

O’Neill: They want a what?
Carter: A goat, sir.
O’Neill: You can tell them lamb is far less gamey.
Carter: They want it for a ritual sacrifice.
O’Neill: Yeah, well you can tell them that’s not going to happen.
Carter: Yeah, I was hoping you’d say that.
O’Neill: They can have a pinata. That’s always fun.

Kar’yn: I kneel before no man, not even my husband.
Bra’tac: This action has been part of the ceremony for thousands of years.
Kar’yn: Then he should kneel before me as well! Or am I too weak to have such respect given to me in return?
Rya’c: You disgrace my name.
Bra’tac: Perhaps if we took a short recess.
Kar’yn: If you insist on treating me like a fragile handmaiden then I have chosen poorly for a husband!
Rya’c: Well perhaps I have chosen poorly as well! {She storms off}
Bra’tac: I can see why one must rehearse these events.

Rya’c: Then he insults Kar’yn. She is a formidable warrior who deserves his respect.
Bra’tac: And yours.

O’Neill: Teal’c. You there?
Teal’c: Proceed O’Neill.
O’Neill: You know how I get when you don’t call.

Ka’lel: We will not abandon Ishta. We insist a rescue mission be devised immediately.
O’Neill: We’re devising.

Bra’tac: May you love and fight like warriors. Just not with each other.