Stargate SG-1 Season 8



Charles Shaughnessy

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Alec Colson (Charles Shaughnessy): As you all know, about five months ago our planet suffered a horrible tragedy. Over two thousand American servicemen and women were killed when a meteor shower disrupted global communications and hit a United States Naval carrier group on maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean. I’m here today to challenge the facts of that incident as they’ve been conveyed to the general public. On the day in question, none of our satellites detected a meteor shower. Now I don’t know how many governments around the world are in on this, but I do know we are being lied to. And the truth is being covered up.
Carter watching the press conference: Uh oh.
Colson: Ladies and gentlemen, there is life beyond our world. There are aliens out there and they have a technology far beyond ours and they have been intervening in our existence for quite some time. I have proof. And I am giving the governments of all the nations that are aware of this 24 hours to reveal the truth. Or I’m going to do it for them.

Teal’c: Why not merely tell him the truth?
Carter: His personality was profiled and he was deemed a security risk.
O’Neill: For obvious reasons.

Colson: I’m a big fan. Pyramids as landing pads for alien ships? Fascinating.
Jackson: Uh, that was a long time ago.
Colson: Yeah, what have you been up to since? It’s like you just dropped off the map.
Jackson: I’ve been around.

Jackson checking voicemail: I’ve got thirteen messages from Emmett Bregman.

Brian: Alec, it doesn’t matter who we are. Or how right we are. They can stop us if they really want to.
Colson: Come on, Brian. What are they going to do, hm? Have me killed?

Colson: Yesterday I told you of our belief in the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet. I also told you that we believe several governments—including our own—have known abut this. And have been concealing the information for quite some time. Yesterday I challenged those governments to come clean; reveal the truth. We got only silence. Which gives me no choice but to present to you what evidence I have. How do I know for sure that alien life really does exist? Ladies and gentlemen, seeing is believing. An Asgard is ushered into the room.
O’Neill: Well I’d call that something.

Carter: Okay, here’s a possibility. What if it wasn’t really an Asgard?
Jackson: Looked like one.
Carter: Didn’t sound like one.
Jackson: It didn’t say anything.
Carter: That’s my point. Colson wrapped things up pretty quickly without taking any questions.
Jackson: It was a perfect likeness.
Carter: Imagery of little gray aliens has been commonplace on Earth for years. For that matter, Colson could have a picture.
Jackson: So not a real Asgard?
Carter: No Asgard we know would allow himself to be used that way.
Jackson: Well it did look a little vacant.

Aide: How are we supposed to convince the world of alien intelligence when this guy doesn’t have any?

O’Neill: Well the Pentagon has lost all patience.
Jackson: What do they going to do?
O’Neill: They want us to put a stop to it.
Carter: How?
O’Neill: We’re calling in a marker. nothing happens. Yep… calling in a marker.
Thor beaming in: Greetings.

Colson: I won’t be stopped, Sam. I promise you one way or another the world is going to learn the truth.

O’Neill: Well Thor and I are meeting with the president in five minutes. I’ll bring it up.
Carter: Five minutes?
O’Neill: Yeah. they beam out.
Carter: Right.

Colson: Okay. What just happened?
Jackson: Well in layman’s terms we just beamed you up. And then… down again.

Colson: This isn’t a game, Sam. What you guys are doing up here. This is life and death for all of us.
Carter: We know that.

Colson: And no one will ever know.
Carter: Welcome to my world.