Stargate SG-1 Season 3



Alexis Cruz  Garwin Sanford  Marie Stillin

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O’Neill: So. Who’s on trial?
Jackson: -ad.
O’Neill: Triad… al.
Narim: The decision that the Triad must reach is of great concern to a friend of yours. He is an Abydonian by the name of Skaara.
O’Neill: What?

Carter: So you built that Stargate?
Narim: Yes.
Jackson: Way smarter than we are.
O’Neill: Ours is bigger.

Narim: No harm will come to you. The Tollan will guarantee it.
O’Neill: Is that a “money back if you’re not completely alive” guarantee?

Klorel: You! You will pay for what you did to my father.
O’Neill: It’s good to see you too.

Skaara: I’m very happy to see you. All of you.
O’Neill: What just happened? What’s the deal?
Narim: The Tollan designed the device worn upon his chest. It suppresses the Goa’uld’s ability to silence his host. The Goa’uld and host are free to speak at will. The device cannot be removed as long as Klorel and Skaara are our guests.

Narim: As you may recall from our last encounter, it is forbidden for the Tollan to give our technology to anyone less advanced than our own.
O’Neill: Still got that arrogance bug, I see.

Travell: You disregarded my warnings.
O’Neill: Mine too. Well done.
Travell: If you were my subject I would be forced to discipline you. However you are not one of my subjects.

Carter: I thought the Nox were pacificists.
Lya: I only hid the weapon. I did not fire it.
Carter: Ah. Pretty fine line you didn’t cross.
Lya: Yes it is.