Stargate SG-1 Season 3



Colin Cunningham  Teryl Rothery  Tom McBeath

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Fraiser: Loosen your belt please, Colonel.
O’Neill: How’s a needle in my butt gonna get water out of my ear?

O’Neill: Listen, really jam it in this time, okay?

Fraiser: It must have something to do with the alien symbiote within him. It took an extremely large dose just to sedate him in the first place.
Hammond: What is the problem with the human?
Fraiser: Her bio-chemistry has been altered. It is related to her prior infestation by the dominant parasitical species of this galaxy.
Hammond: Is there a way to compensate?
Fraiser: I have not found one yet.
Hammond: Place them in a holding cell. Once the invasion is complete you may study them further. Only then will we know if this is a viable new home.

Carter: This is Major Samantha Carter. We have a foothold situation.
Maybourne (Tom McBeath): Major Carter? Where are you?
Carter: I can’t tell you that, sir.

Maybourne: Major, you’re way outside your chain of command.
Carter: I have reason to believe that may be compromised, sir.
Maybourne: Understood.

Fraiser: Hey Teal’c. How’re you feeling? You went a little crazy on us so we had to sedate you. Do you what happened?
Teal’c: I do not.
Fraiser: SG-1 was exposed to chemical fumes from the spill. You became delusional and attacked several people trying to escape from the base.

Maybourne: So. You came to the one person you don’t trust.
Carter: I don’t know how far up the chain of command the infiltration goes. It may well be contained within the SGC, but if General Hammond was compromised—
Maybourne: He sounded fine to me on the phone.
Carter: What?
Maybourne: He called me, Major. Calm down. He’s concerned for you, that’s all.
Carter: I told you we had a foothold situation.
Maybourne: Major, a chemical spill causing paranoid delusion is infinitely more plausible to me than aliens taking over the SGC.
Carter: My god. You don’t think I can tell the difference between the two? What was I thinking—
O’Neill: Oh hi, Carter.
Carter: Maybourne you are an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn’t you have just taken one day off?

O’Neill: Who’s that?
Major Paul Davis (Colin Cunningham): Major Davis.
O’Neill: Colonel O’Neill.
Davis: What’s going on? How’d we get like this?
O’Neill: You’re asking me?

O’Neill: Davis, the latch for that thing is— {Davis drops} You found it.

Davis: What are you doing?
O’Neill: I’m going to wake her up.
Davis: Do you think that’s such a good idea, sir?
O’Neill: It’s *an* idea.

O’Neill: Maybe they didn’t hear that.

Davis: What about the other thing?
O’Neill: The other thing? Okay… She’s just an alien. She’s just an alien. Yeah, that’s an alien all right.

O’Neill: Hello.
Carter: Colonel?
O’Neill: Yes.
Carter: It’s you?
O’Neill: Yes.
Carter: It’s good to see you. Oh my god. I figured they had to be keeping you alive to access your mind—
O’Neill: Woah! Hey. Who are you?
Carter: Sir? Oh! Sorry.
Davis: Major Carter?
O’Neill: Oh. Well in that case, it’s good to see you too.

O’Neill: Maybourne? How’d he get—?
Carter: I called him.
O’Neill: Willingly?

Carter: How did you two get free?
Davis: We just woke up.
Carter: It must have happened when I killed you.
O’Neill: I’m sorry?

O’Neill: I’ve come for the bald prisoner.

O’Neill: You will come with me.
Teal’c: I will submit to no further experiments.
O’Neill: Oh, but you will. {Teal’c gives him the eye and O’Neill gives him the eyebrow}

Teal’c: O’Neill, I presume.
O’Neill: What gave it away?

O’Neill: You sure you’re up to this?
Teal’c: As always.
O’Neill: You’re an animal.

Maybourne: What happened?
Carter: They self-destructed.
Teal’c: Their destruction appears to be complete.
Carter: That’s a lot of damage.
O’Neill: Coat of paint. Little touch-up. It’ll be fine.

Hammond: Appreciate your help in this matter, Maybourne.
Maybourne: Credit Major Carter. I do.