Stargate SG-1 Season 10

The Shroud


Beau Bridges  Robert Picardo

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Jackson: Okay, this is not necessary.
Mitchell: No offense, but have you looked in the mirror lately?

Jackson: …so I could steal an Ori ship and fly through the supergate with an Ori weapon on board and destroy them.
Carter: Okay. Uh. One small flaw in your plan.
Jackson: I know. There’s a wormhole blocking the supergate, and that’s why I’m here. I need you guys to shut it down.

O’Neill: This is new.
Jackson: Yeah it’s always something, isn’t it?
O’Neill: Gotta tell ya, though. Not your look.

Jackson: Jack, you have to believe me.
O’Neill: Why?
Jackson: Why? Well, because, I don’t know, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance?
O’Neill: You know, that old chestnut’s getting a little… old.

O’Neill: You of all people should know I don’t believe anything anyone says, even if I know what they’re talking about!

Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo): I assure you, this may be the hardest decision I ever make. But I take full repsonsiblity for it. Based on my recommendation, the IOA has proposed to the President that Daniel Jackson’s life be terminated. Immediately.

Vala: That little weasel man who somehow represents your government.
Jackson: Woolsey?
Vala: I can’t be certain, but I think he might not like you.
Jackson: He wants to have me killed, doesn’t he?
Vala: Oh, I’m not sure how serious he is. He seems quite the prankster to me.

Carter: How’s it going, sir?
O’Neill: Longing for the days when I actually carried a weapon. What do you got?
Carter: A crazy idea.
O’Neill: I’m down with crazy. I like crazy. Crazy and I are like that.

O’Neill: I’ve always been the one who caused the worry, not the worrier.

Landry: If it makes you feel any better, I still worry sometimes too. About you.
O’Neill: Thank you, sir.
Landry: Don’t mention it.

Woolsey is suddenly beamed into the room
O’Neill: I thought we fixed this thing so that wouldn’t happen anymore. {he gets beamed out}

Vala: Okay. Huh. This shouldn’t be too bad.
Mitchell: I don’t know. With me whenever there’s some assembly required, I inevitably find a part missing. A screw, a widget, what-have-you.

O’Neill: Yep. Just like old times. Except I’m here against my will and you look like Marcel Marseau.

Jackson: Merlin’s gone. He sacrificed himself for it to work.
O’Neill: Yeah? Prove it. {Daniel waves his hand at him} What the hell was that?
Jackson: If I was Merlin you would know.

O’Neill: Well if it did work I think the Ancients would feel obligated to give us a fruit basket or a gift certificate or… something like that.

Mitchell: We may have made things worse right now. But in the long run it could be our only chance to win the war.