Stargate SG-1 Season 10



Anne Marie DeLuise  David Lovgren  Eric Steinberg  Mike Dopud  Noah Danby

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Vashin: It’s the third transport they’ve hit. Our supply of kasa is getting dangerously low.
Netan (Eric Steinberg): This isn’t about kasa. This is about them trying to make me look weak. I can’t allow them to interfere with our operations any longer. Put the word out. As of this moment, I’m placing a bounty on their heads.

Vala: I can’t wait to meet your parents.
Mitchell: Yeah, just don’t embarrass me.
Vala: I would never embarrass you.

Mitchell: I’ll be on the couch.
Vala: Your loss.

Teal’c: Are you injured?
Cha’ra (Noah Danby): No. But you are.

Bounty Hunter: Should have taken my first offer, Dr. Jackson. It would have been far less painf— {she gets hit by a bus}

Landry: Sounds like you two are having a hell of a time.
Mitchell: Oh yeah. Me and Daisy, we’re livin’ large.

Darrell Grimes (David Lovgren): What department did you say you work in again?
Vala: Accounts. Receivable.

Amy Vandenberg (Anne Marie DeLuise): Where’s your date?
Mitchell: My date? Vala is over there plotting my death with Wally Valesko.

Darrell: Would you like a little refreshment? Moonshine. {Vala looks confused} It’s flammable.

Mitchell: Wow. Big bad bounty hunter after little old me. I’m flattered.
Odai Ventrell (Mike Dopud): You’re just the bait.

Netan: Well done. You saved my life. You will be richly rewarded.
Ventrell: I know I will. But not for saving you.

Mitchell: She’s a nice girl. I like her.
Vala: Nice. She’s a cure for insomnia.