Stargate SG-1 Season 10

The Pegasus Project


David Hewlett  Joe Flanigan  Sarah Strange  Torri Higginson

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Vala: Funny, he doesn’t look excited.
Mitchell: Trust me. Like a kid who was up all night on Christmas Eve.
Vala: I thought we imposed a moratorium on cultural references I didn’t understand.

Mitchell: Let’s just take a moment. {they take a moment} Okay, moment’s over. Let’s go save the galaxy.

Rodney McKay (David Hewlett): You may need me.
Vala: Colonel Carter said as much.
Carter: Oo. We weren’t going to tell him that.

Mitchell: I gotta tell you, Sheppard, it’s a nice place you got here.
John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan): Thanks. We just painted. Well, good luck. And listen, if McKay gives you a hard time just—
Mitchell: Shoot him.
Sheppard: Also, he’s mortally allergic to citrus.
Mitchell: Really?
Sheppard: I keep one with me at all times. Just a comfort to know it’s there.

Jackson: There’s something else going on.
Vala: What?
Jackson: It shouldn’t have worked.

Mitchell: It’s like my grandma used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed—”
Carter: Try a larger thermo-nuclear reaction?
Mitchell: Her words exactly.

Jackson: You chose your words very carefully when you said the first “human” to set foot in the city. What about ascended beings? {silence from the Archives} You’re not really a hologram, are you?
The Archive: You have your answer, Daniel Jackson. I suggest you act on it.

Jackson: I know you’re still here. There’s no point in hiding!
Vala: I don’t think she’s coming back, Daniel. Especially if you shout at her.
Jackson: Oh yes she is. She’s going to finish what she started.

Dr. Weir: Dr. Jackson. Hi. Who are you talking to?
Jackson: Well I don’t know what she’s calling her self these days, but at one point in history her name was Morgan la Fey.
Dr. Weir: Morgan la Fey was here?
Jackson: Posing as a hologram, yes.

Teal’c: Odyssey, this is Teal’c.
Mitchell: Teal’c, I thought we told you to get the hell out of there.
Teal’c: If I had done so I would be unable to inform you that the jump was successful. The Supergate is now active.
Mitchell: Are you serious?
Teal’c: There is more, Colonel Mitchell. I was able to keep the Stargate concealed until the last moment and lure the Ori vessel into the unstable vortex of the Supergate when the jump occurred.
Carter: You mean we just blew up an Ori ship?
McKay: By destroying a Wraith ship.
Teal’c: Indeed we did.