Stargate SG-1 Season 10



Beau Bridges  Bill Dow  Cliff Simon

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Ba’al: At last. The welcoming committee.

Mitchell: Has he said anything?
Landry: Only that he won’t talk to anybody but SG-1.
Carter: Lucky us.
Landry: Franky I’m inclined to let him rot.
Mitchell: That’s all right, sir. We’ll talk to him. After all he did come all this way.

Teal’c: You are suggesting that Ba’al attempted to gain control of the council in order to gain acess to the Ancient device.
Vala: With the purpose of wiping out all life in the galaxy except his own little corner, of course.
Mitchell: That was Anubis’ plan.
Ba’al: I never said it was original.

Dr. Lee: We managed to activate the tracking system on the al’kesh and this is what we got.
Mitchell: Those are the Ba’als?
Dr. Lee: More like dots.

Landry: You don’t think you can control her?
Mitchell: Sir, I know I can’t control her, but that’s pretty much par for the course. Sir, Carter and I are the same rank, Teal’c’s an alien, Jackson’s a civilian. I learned a long time ago I don’t control anything.
Landry: Who does.

Mitchell: What the hell are you doing?
Vala: I alerted the Jaffa patrol to our presence.
Mitchell: Obviously. Do you mind if I ask why?
Vala: So they’d sound the alarm, and send reinforcements.
Mitchell sarcastically: Oh well that’s, that’s brilliant. Hey, how come I didn’t think of that?
Vala standing in the rings: My dear Colonel, where do you think the reinforcements will come from?

Mitchell: You know what? This is giving me a headache. What say we finish this up at home. {he grabs Ba’al} Let’s go, Spartacus.