Stargate SG-1 Season 10



Beau Bridges  Ben Ratner  Robert Picardo

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Vala is off to use Jackson’s computer to study for her psych test
Jackson: I said no. And you can’t access it without my password!
Vala: Already got it, thanks!

Landry: You can’t cram for a psychiatric evaluation.
Vala: That’s what they want you to think.

Teal’c suddenly stops
Mitchell: What is it?
Teal’c: Birds.
Carter: What birds?
Teal’c: My point exactly.

Dr. Hutchison: Vala. I’m Dr. Hutchinson. Have a seat. So, how are you feeling?
Vala: Very well. Very well. Well you know all things considered. I mean you’d assume I’d be a prime candidate for acculturation difficulty, enduring feelings of displacement and alienation. Perhaps even a little paranoid ideation. The truth is I was able to adopt an abstract attitude, which allowed me to release some of my repressed feelings, ultimately providing me with a cathartic actualization. How are you feeling?

About Vala taking the lie detector test
Hutchison: Try to relax. an aside You’re looking very nice today.
Vala: Oh. Thank you. You’re looking rather dashing yourself.
Hutchison: Thanks. realizes the detector is signaling a false answer. So does Vala.
Vala: I mean, nice. no change. I mean, not objectionable.

Woolsey: I’m assuming things didn’t go well.
Vala: I fail to see the point of that ridiculous exercise. Unless its purpose was to thoroughly humiliate me. Those questions weren’t intended to shed light on my character or delve deeply into my subconscience. They were merely little reminders as to exactly why I don’t belong here.
Woolsey: Then I take it you’ve carefully considered our offer and come to a decision.
Vala: I have.

Mitchell: Yeah, I was getting worked up, cussing at Teal’c, telling him to “go home. Leave me.” It must have been 20 minutes that I realized he had gone home and I was sittin’ there talking to myself.

Vala: As my first official act I’d like to report a rather disagreeable little man.
Woolsey: That’d be me.
Landry: Mr. Woolsey’s offer was part of the test. We wanted to make sure we could trust you.
Vala: I knew that. But were his sexual advances part of the test?
Woolsey: What? That’s a— General, I can assure you—
Vala: Well, I would have even considered playing along, but some of his requests were, well, a little unusual. Even for me.