Stargate SG-1 Season 7



Carmen Argenziano  John Novak

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Colonel Ronson (John Novak): So this thing is different from a nebula how?
Carter: Well that’s what makes it so exciting, sir. We don’t know exactly.
Colonel Ronson: And it just so happens that this formation is in the vicinity of our next cool-down coordinates.
Carter: It’ll only be a little bit out of our way, sir. All I ask is two hours tops.
Colonel Ronson: If only so I can see the expression on your face firsthand. The words “kid in a candy store” come to mind.
Carter: I’ll maintain my composure, sir.

Carter: This is Major Samantha Carter of the United States Air Force vessel Prometheus. As the sole remaining member of the ship, I feel compelled to keep a log of these events. After being attacked by a hostile alien ship, I sustained an injury and lost consciousness. When I awoke, I found the ship devoid of all crew. An initial systems review indicated the hyperdrive to be operational. But the sublight engines remain offline. Possibly due to damage from the attack. I am hopeful further investigation will provide more answers. However, my first duty is to find out what happened to the crew. Having search the entire ship and found no one, only one possiblity remains to explain their disappearance. {she checks the escape pods: zero remain}

Teal’c: Major Carter. Hear me. You must remain conscious at all costs.
Carter: I just need to rest for awhile.
Teal’c: You can not! Listen to me: You are injured. If you sleep you will die. Do you understand?
Carter: I know.
Teal’c: If you sleep, you will die!

Mystery Girl: Play with me.

Jackson: Yep, I’d say you’re stuck all right. {Sam ignores the Daniel hallucination} Oh come on, Sam. You’ve been running the same diagnostic program for four hours now. What makes you think the results are suddenly going to change? Sam? Hello!
Carter: Were you this annoying when you were ascended?

Jackson: Look, you need some help, that’s all. Will you just try going along with this?
Carter: You’re me talking to me?

Jackson: Sam, you have to check this out. Trust me. It’s important.

Teal’c: Everything may not be as it seems.
Carter: Thanks. But the fact that I’m talking to someone who isn’t even here kind of speaks to that.
Teal’c: On the contrary. I think it’s you that’s not here.
Carter: What are you talking about?
Teal’c: I believe you and the crew are being held as prisoners aboard the other vessel that attacked you.
Carter: How do you know?
Teal’c: It is possible they are probing your mind.

Carter: Did you see a—
Jackson: Little girl?
Carter: Yeah.
Jackson: No.

Carter: I’m so tired.
Grace: You can’t sleep—not yet.
Carter: Why?
Grace: Because we need to talk.

Jacob: Don’t take this the wrong way.
Carter: I know. I don’t look so good.

Teal’c: You’re like a brother to me.
O’Neill: You’re like, what, a hundred and forty?
Teal’c: A younger brother perhaps.

O’Neill: Maybe it’s not me that’s the problem. Let’s face it, I’m not that complex.

Carter: I’m thinking you’ve been stuck in here just as long as I have. Only difference is, I found a way out. {no response} Here’s the deal: return my crew—everyone, intact—and let us go. And I’ll help you get out. Do we have a deal?

Colonel Ronson: Now what?
Carter: We see if they keep their end of the bargain.