Stargate SG-1 Season 7



Corin Nemec

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Carter: Are you saying at this moment there are deposits of naquadah on your planet that are being transformed into naquadria?
Jonas: Yes. One very large one in particular.

If you knew more of our history you’d understand our reluctance to believe Kelownan propaganda.
Jackson: Well our own scientists have studied the problem. And while it is true that Kelowna will bear the brunt of the initial explosion—in fact by our calculations half the country’s landmass will be destroyed—you’re not taking into account the dust and debris that will be thrown into the upper atmosphere. It will block the sunlight and lower the average temperature significantly. For all intents and purposes, your entire planet will be uninhabitable.

Carter: It’s possible to create these particles in the lab. But there’s really only one way they could have been produced in sufficient quantity and with enough energy to penetrate several miles under the crust of the planet.
Jonas: It was the naquadria bomb test. The test we conducted two years ago. We did this to ourselves.

Jackson: This is diplomacy, Jack. This is the way the game is played. It takes patience.
O’Neill: Yeah? Well I’m fresh out.
Teal’c: As am I.
O’Neill: I think you’re on your own.

Kianna: You made the right choice. Your confidence in me will not go unrewarded.
Carter: We had to choice. And for the record, our confidence in you is minimal.
Kianna: Which is no doubt why the Sholva will be accompanying us. And why all of you are armed.

O’Neill: How’s the whole diplomacy thing working out for ya?
Jackson: It’s not.

Kianna: You waited.
Jonas: You held up your end of the bargain.
Kianna: Was that your only reason?

Jackson: Miss it?
Jonas: Yeah. I do.