Stargate SG-1 Season 1

Within the Serpent’s Grasp


Alexis Cruz  Gary Jones

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Hammond: I never anticipated how much paperwork is involved in shutting down a facility. Not exactly the last brave act I wanted to do before retiring.
O’Neill: So you’re still just gonna throw it in, huh?
Hammond: Well I was a month away from retirement before were started the SGC. Only thing that kept me here was… well let’s face it. It was a pretty wild ride.
O’Neill: Yes sir. Personally I don’t think we should be getting off that ride just yet.

Hammond: It’s over, Jack. No extensions, no reversals, no new hearings. The Stargate will be buried literally and figuratively.

Carter: Even if it was, how do we know that that address correlates with this reality?
Jackson: Well there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?
Teal’c: We should enter the coordinates and attempt to open the Gate.

Teal’c: I believe a medical attack could be successful.
O’Neill: Surgical attack, Teal’c. It’s called a surgical attack and I’d feel like an idiot.
Carter: Sir?
O’Neill: I was answering Daniel’s question. If we don’t do something now and they do attack later I’d feel like an idiot. {pause} We go.
Teal’c: I too will go.
O’Neill: It’s not an order ,Captain.
Carter: I understand that, Colonel. I’m going.

O’Neill: Cool. What are these things?
Teal’c: This is a Goa’uld zat’n’ktel. A weapon using a different form of energy less powerful than that of a staff weapon. Less destructive but still quite deadly.
O’Neill: Sweet. Pass ’em around. What’d you call it?
Teal’c: Zat’n’ktel.
O’Neill: Right. Let’s call it a zat gun.

O’Neill: I always get a happy, tingly feeling when I see those guys.

Jackson: Teal’c, what is this?
Teal’c: It is aGoa’uld long-range visual communication device. Somewhat like your television but much more advanced.
O’Neill: Think it gets Showtime?

Carter: We’re not on a planet, are we?
Teal’c: That is correct. It appears we are on a Goa’uld transport vessel.
Carter: And that jolt was…
Teal’c: Hyper launch.

Hammond: I’d like to reemphasize, Major, that officially your primary mission is to bring back SG-1 for court martial.
Major : Yes sir.
Hammond: Major, bring them back alive and well.
Major : That’s my plan, sir.

O’Neill: Hey. How’re you doing? Uh… seen a bathroom around here?

O’Neill: Okay. One shot hurts him, two shots kills him. Third shot…
Disintegrates him.
O’Neill: Oh great. You didn’t feel this was worthy of mention, I take it.

O’Neill: I suggest the two of you figure out how to get us back home.
Carter: Sir, the only way to do that would be to turn this thing around and go back to where we started.
Jackson: Right. I’ll just go tell the pilot.

Jackson: It’s happening. We’re on an attack ship headed to Earth.
O’Neill: Okay. Well we’ve got some problems then.

O’Neill: I’m not talking to the thing in your head, I’m talking to Skaara.
Skaara/Klorel: Nothing of the host survives.
O’Neill: That’s bullshit!

Hammond: I guess Dr. Jackson is lucky.
Harriman: How so, sir?
Hammond: He won’t have to be around to watch his nightmare come true for a second time.

Carter: Colonel, we still have the death gliders. They’re prepping for launch.