Stargate SG-1 Daniel Jackson

Season 2


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The Serpent’s Lair

O’Neill: Stand by to detonate your charges on my order.
Carter: Yes sir.
Jackson: Wait.
O’Neill: Daniel! If we don’t stop them now we may never stop them.
Jackson: Yeah, I know that. {he find some C-4 in his vest}. Let’s just make as big a dent as possible, okay?

Carter: Ready and awaiting your order, sir.
: Okay. Well, I suppose now is the time for me to say something profound. […] Nothing comes to mind. Let’s do it.

Bra’tac: Perhaps when the warships of your world attack, we may be able—
Carter: Ah ah ah. Excuse me. Did you say, “ships of our world”?
Bra’tac: Surely you have such vessels.
Jackson: Well, we have a number of… shuttles.
O’Neill: Shuttles.
Bra’tac: These “shuttles”, they are a formidable craft?
O’Neill: Oh, yeah. Yeah. {to himself} Bad day.

Samuels: General, maybe we should consider using the Stargate as a strategic weapons platform.
Hammond: How?
Samuels: By sending a bomb to the coordinates Dr. Jackson was talking about. Or to Chulak.
Hammond: We already tried to send a team through to Dr. Jackson’s coordinates. It won’t work. And I can’t think of any military reason to wipe out the people of Chulak.
Samuels: Well sir, since I’m no longer wanted or needed here, I respectfully request permission to join one of the teams headed to the Alpha site.
Hammond: Permission denied. The idea is to send the best and the brightest, Colonel.

O’Neill: Daniel. Damn it!
Jackson: I’m dead anyway. Just get outta here.
O’Neill: I am not leaving you here, Daniel!
Jackson: Get out of here! We’re just going to blow up with the other ship anyway. What difference does it make! Go! Just go…. I’ll stay and watch your back.

In the Line of Duty


Jackson: P2A-509!
O’Neill: Little brain damage along the way?

The Gamekeeper

Carter: Daniel, what’s going on?
Jackson: This can’t be real.
Carter: Who are these people?
Jackson: They’re my parents.

The Keeper: You must try another alternative.
Jackson: No.
The Keeper: You would allow your parents to suffer an awful death?
Jackson: I won’t play your game.
The Keeper: You are an obstinate race.

Jackson: Where are we going?
O’Neill: Back through the Gate to show them what their planet looks like. In our memories. Before the virtual reality…. Leave me alone.


O’Neill as Jackson runs off: I wish he’d stop doing that.

O’Neill: What were you thinking?
Jackson: I thought she’d be grateful.
O’Neill: She was trying to kill herself.

Jackson: Why are we here?
Shyla (Heather Hanson): I know you must have seen much in your travels. Surely you’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful. We call them trees.
Jackson: Ah. Uh, so do we.

Jackson: I’ve used it before without any side effects. And look. No glasses!
Carter: That looks like a side effect to me.

Thor’s Chariot

Hammond: This is not our world. Is it really any of our concern?
Teal’c: The destruction of the hammer device to save my life may have caused this. If so, I am responsible.
O’Neill: General. I gave the order.
Jackson: I fired the staff at the machine.
Carter: And I… was there.

Teal’c: Things will not calm down, Daniel Jackson. They will, in fact, calm up.

Jackson: This is the Hall of Might?
Gairwyn: You were expecting something different?
Jackson: Well, uh… maybe a hall.

Gairwyn: Do you not think me worthy? {Thor disappears} Why has he forsaken me?
Carter: It’s just a holographic recording. It’s being projected through that hole in the ceiling.
Jackson: Oh. Yeah. If you say so.

Carter: So what does it mean?
Jackson: I’m not sure. Maybe somehow we have to prove that we’re worthy before he’ll trust us with his might.
Carter: Which you still think is a weapon?
Jackson: I’m hoping so at this point.

Gairwyn: Is Thor testing us?
Jackson: I figure it’s some sort of safeguard. He wants to be sure whoever finds the weapons is smart enough to understand the technology and use it wisely. It’s like he wants to be sure that his children are grown up enough before he hands them the keys to the armory. Which might not have been a bad idea if we’d done the same thing on Earth.

Carter: This is uncanny. They look just like the Roswell grays back home.
Jackson: I guess there’s some truth to those stories after all.
Carter: You think the Asgards may have visited Earth?
Jackson: Why not.

Thor: I am the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.
Gairwyn: How can this be?
Thor: In the ten span since I created this world you are he first to reach this level of contact. You have finally grown wise enough to see me in my true form.
Gairwyn: These are the wise ones. I would never have come this far without their help.
Carter: Gairwyn. It’s a hologram. It was probably recorded a thousand years ago. It can’t hear you.
Thor: On the contrary. My image is a living transmission. I am communicating to you from my quarters aboard the Asgard ship Beliskner.
Jackson: You mean you’re the real Thor? This is, this is… this great. We need your help. The Goa’uld are here.
Thor: Impossible. Cimmeria is a safe world.
Jackson: Yeah. We sort of messed that up.

O’Neill: Daniel, you look suspiciously empty-handed.
Jackson: Yeah, uh…
O’Neill: Yeah, what?
Jackson: There’s nothing.
Carter: We did meet the real Thor.
O’Neill: Didja now? Nice fella?

Jackson: Before they rode into battle, the Sioux used to say, “This is a good day to die.” {The heavens open up} Then again maybe not.
O’Neill: Oh my.
Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen, I think maybe this is Thor’s Chariot.

Message in a Bottle

Hammond: The NID people want to see it.
Carter: Even knowing what it’s done to the Colonel?
Jackson: Especially knowing what it’s done to the Colonel.

Jackson: Come here.
SG Leader: Who?
Jackson: What? Anybody! Just come here.


Jackson: Okay, so we’re alright. Ry’ac is alright. We just have to get his mind back. And how do we do that?
Carter: Deprogramming.
O’Neill: It’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to put a kid through.


O’Neill: So we’ll come pick you up in a couple of days.
Jackson: And say hi to the President for me.
O’Neill: Will do.

Teal’c: As long as the Goau’ld within her sleeps, Sha’re shares its memories.
Jackson: So? So what?
Teal’c: It would be of great strategic benefit to have access to the Goau’ld genetic memory even for a few days.
Jackson: What? Access? Do you know who it is we’re talking about?
Teal’c: I do. And soon she will give birth.
Jackson: Well hasn’t she gone through enough? I mean, what are you talking about here, Teal’c? Handing her over to Maplewood for study?
Teal’c: The knowledge she possesses could one day save your world.
Jackson: I don’t care! I will not put her through that too. I’m sorry.
Teal’c: More sorry for yourself it appears than for Sha’re. Within a matter of days, Sha’re will give birth. The Goau’ld within her will be awakened. Apophis will take his child and leave Abydos forever. That is the fate you choose for Sha’re by allowing her to stay!

O’Neill: You alright?
Jackson: No. No I’m not. But I will be.
Teal’c: She looked directly at us, Daniel Jackson. Yet she did not reveal our position.
O’Neill: Let’s go home.


Teal’c: To show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon. One with increased range and firepower.
Ally: Wicked! This so cool. Have any time to play?
Jackson: Uh. Actually— Ally shoots Teal’c and runs off. Guess we shouldn’t have loaded it, huh.
Teal’c: How else will she defend herself? he shoots Jackson
How else.

The Tok’ra : Part One

Jackson: You said their eyes glowed. Are you really sure that these Tok’ra are what Jolinar said they were? I mean, good guys for lack of a better word.
Carter: Yes.
O’Neill: Yes? Just “yes”? Could you elaborate a little?

Carter: Be careful, Daniel.
Jackson: Why?
Carter: Because they’re Goa’uld.
Cordesh: We are not Goa’uld {as his eyes glow}.

O’Neill: We’ve done nothing but get interrogated here. Now are we prisoners and are you Goa’ulds?
Jackson: Jack—
Garshaw: You are not. And I have told you, we are not Goa’uld.
O’Neill: Alright, then why do you talk like that? And what’s with the glowing eyes? Huh? Might it have something to do with a little reptilian activity in your heads?
Garshaw: We have symbiotic creatures within us, yes.
O’Neill: Well then?
Jackson: Well then you can see how we might think you’d be a danger to humans. You take humans as hosts.
Garshaw: Goa’uld take hosts. Tok’ra do not. Our’s wish to be so.
Martouf (JR Bourne): We have a truly symbiotic relationship.

Carter: …you don’t use the sarcophagus, yes?
Martouf: That’s correct. We believe to do so would drain the good from our hearts.
Jackson: I can vouch for that.

Jackson: Wait a minute. You think by form an alliance we mean we want to be hosts?
Garshaw: Well what other sort of alliance would a non-blended human and a Tok’ra want to have?
O’Neill: Well we do have a common enemy. How about friendship?
Carter: We could share information.
Teal’c: We can engage in battle side-by-side.

The Tok’ra : Part Two

Teal’c: Chel’nat.
Jackson: Correct translation: “very cool”.

Jackson: Garshaw, what will Martouf do if the Goa’uld get too close?
Garshaw: I regret that at the risk of capture Martouf will destroy the underground compound with himself and all your people in it.


Jackson: Wait. You’re not going to perform a ceremonial dance or something?
Tonané: Our great great grandfathers used to call the spirits that way. But one day Xe’ls just said, “Call my name.” So that’s what we do.

Hiding in a storage closet
Jackson: I won’t lie to you. There is a problem. We have to find Jack.
Tonané: Okay. He’s not in here.
Jackson: Right.

O’Neill: How do I know you’re really Daniel?
Jackson: Because.
O’Neill: Yeah, okay.


Jackson: Have you been watching the Weather Channel?
O’Neill: I’m more of a C-SPAN guy.

Jackson: Who would have been authorized to use the second Gate? I thought it had been officially decommissioned.
O’Neill: It was. Officially.

The Fifth Race

Hammond: Colonel, are you sure you’re okay?
O’Neill: I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvis with me. {everyone looks at him} What?
Jackson: You just said there’s nothing “cruvis” with you.
O’Neill: I did not.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: No I didn’t.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: “Cruvis”? What is that?
Jackson: I don’t know.

O’Neill: Alright. What the hell is going on with me?
Jackson: What do you mean?
O’Neill: Well apparently I have lost the fallatus to speak properly. That wasn’t a joke. I didn’t do that on purpose.

Jackson: Well my translation’s a little bit vague. I think the circle means “the place of our legacy.” Or it could be “a piece of our leg” but the first seems to make more sense.

Hammond: Colonel! I’m just supposed to let you go?
Jackson: He’s already gone, General. I don’t think we have much of a choice.

A Matter of Time


Jackson: As I’ve been trying to tell the General and the good doctor here, I am not Machello. I am Daniel Jackson.
O’Neill: Here we go.
Jackson: I realize what I look like. But I’m telling you, that machine somehow switched us.
Fraiser: He, ah, knows a lot about Daniel.
Jackson: Ask me anything. Something only Daniel would know.
Carter: Okay. Who’s Cassandra?
Jackson: She’s a twelve-year-old girl we found abandoned on P8X-987.
O’Neill: P8X— ?
Carter: 987.
O’Neill: Alright, lucky guess.
Hammond: Where was the Stargate found?
Jackson: At a dig in Giza.
O’Neill: Alright, describe for me the dress your sister wore last week when I took her out.
Jackson: I don’t have a sister, Jack, and if I did, I wouldn’t let you near her.
Hammond: Okay, let’s assume you are Daniel Jackson. Then who the hell did we send home?

Jackson: The Goa’uld use hosts because they think they are better than humans. Because they believe they deserve it. You’re a Goa’uld, Machello. I am nothing but a host to you.
Machello (in Daniel): I am not a Goa’uld.

Serpent’s Song

Jackson: Basically he was the original Satan.
O’Neill: Well. Isn’t that special. {overhead: Incoming traveller} Speak of the Devil.

One False Step

Jackson: Deja vu.
Teal’c: I am unfamiliar with that term.
Jackson: Ah, it means I feel like I’ve been here before.
Teal’c: That is correct, Daniel Jackson. Yesterday. When we first arrived on this planet.
Jackson: Right. What was I thinking.

Jackson: You know I thought the alien on the video looked fairly docile. More curious than harmful.
O’Neill: I thought it looked bald, white and naked.

Jackson: Hi. {the alien runs off, trilling} Well I guess that was the wrong thing to say.

Carter: We’ve introduced a number of foreign substances that could be responsible.
Dr. Fraiser: Okay, let’s set up over here.
O’Neill: And the UAV ran into that plant thing I showed you.
Jackson: I’ve been sneezing like crazy ever since we got here.
Carter: And I cut my hand and one of the aliens could have come in contact with my blood.
Teal’c: One of the aliens had lubricant from the UAV on its hands.
Dr. Fraiser: Okay, look. The fact is it could be somebody’s aftershave. Now how are they going to react when I try to run some tests?

Jackson: Mythology is one of the primary reasons for cultural development!
O’Neill: Maybe! What’s that got to do with filming a plant?!
Jackson: Exactly!
O’Neill: What does that mean?!
Jackson: I don’t know!

Jackson: That was your hunch?
Carter: I had a feeling that there was some sort of symbiotic relatonship between the aliens and the organisms. They probably don’t even realize it.
Jackson: Well how did you realize it?
O’Neill: Captain?
Carter: I— I talk to my plants.

Show and Tell

Jackson: Isn’t he a little young to be a host?
Selmak: He is young. But the Tok’ra symbiote that we introduce to his mind can teach him. He will grow up with the advantages that great wisdom brings.
O’Neill: Two keywords there: grow up.


Jackson: We’re the first people in human history to go back in time… well, for all we know. If we could figure out how to do this again, just think of what we could do. We could actually visit Babylon. We could, we could— We could see the Great Wall of China being built.
Teal’c: Or prevent regrettable events from your history from ever occurring.
Carter: No. That’s exactly what we can’t do.
O’Neill: Why not?
Carter: Because of the Grandfather Paradox. If you went back fifty years and murdered your own grandfather, your own father would never have been born.
Jackson: So you’re saying that if we change our own past…
Carter: We could change our world in ways we can’t possibly imagine. We might even cease to exist. Along with everything and everyone we know.

An officer asks them (in Russian) if they’re spies.
Jackson: Nyet.
O’Neill: Daniel?
Jackson: He just asked if we were Soviet spies. I just— realizes the problem
Guard: Come with me.
O’Neill: Sure. You bet. {on the way out} Nyet?

O’Neill: Listen, I don’t know where we’re headed but they’ll probably try to split us up. So we’re not going to have much time to—
Carter: Escape and hopefully live out the rest of our lives without affecting history.
O’Neill: Or?
Carter: I can’t think of an “or” at the moment, sir.
Jackson: No “or”?
O’Neill: There’s an “or.”
Jackson: There’s an “or”?
Carter: Sir, you can’t just will something to happen because you want it to be a certain way.
O’Neill: Captain, where there’s a will there’s an “or.”

Jackson: So what’s the plan?
O’Neill: Find the Stargate.
Jackson: That’s the plan? “Find the Stargate”?
O’Neill: Elegant in its simplicity, don’t you think?

Carter: In order to preserve our past Catherine has to meet you years from now.
Jackson: So we go in disguise. Pretend to be… foreigners.
O’Neill: How are you going to do that?
Jackson: Well I speak twenty-three different languages. Pick one.

Out of Mind

Major General Trofsky (Tom Butler): Welcome back to the land of the living, Colonel. I’m Major General Trofsky. This is General Raully.
General Raully (Samantha Ferris): Maybe we can try to answer some of the questions that are probably weighing heavily on your mind.
Trofsky: First of all, I regret to inform you that everyone on your team—Dr. Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter and a Jaffa named Teal’c are all deceased.
Raully: As a matter of fact, I’d imagine everyone you ever knew is probably gone now.
Trofsky: You see, Colonel, the year is now 2077.

Trofsky: It’s okay, Dr. Jackson. You’re in the SGC. You’re going to be fine.

Jackson: I don’t understand. They said—
Carter: They’re Goa’uld, Daniel.
Jackson: What year is it?
Carter: 1999, more than likely.
Jackson: So this is all a hoax?
O’Neill: Big hoax. I’d say so.
Jackson: I have more questions, but that can wait.