Stargate SG-1 Season 1



Ronny Cox

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Jackson: “Beware the destroyers”. That’s what the message said. These are the coordinates the Goa’uld will launch their attack from. It was a warning.
Teal’c: So your vision foretells.
Jackson: No! It wasn’t a vision or a dream or a hallucination. It was real.

Jackson: The whole time you thought I had disappeared on P3R-233 I was experiencing an alternate reality.
O’Neill: And you were there. And you were there. And there’s no place like home.
Jackson: As a matter of fact you were there!

Carter: Daniel, it’s not that we don’t believe you.
Jackson: So you do?
O’Neill: No. It’s just that. We don’t believe you.

O’Neill: All right. Let me get this straight here. Engaged?
Carter: It is theoretically possible.
O’Neill: It’s against regulations.
Carter: I’m talking physics, sir.

Carter: Major Samuels.
Lt. Col. Samuels: That’s Lieutenant Colonel Samuels now, Captain.
Carter: I beg your pardon, sir. Congratulations.
O’Neill: You’ll always be “Sparky” to me.

Hammond: It costs nearly a billion dollars just to turn the lights on around here.
O’Neill: How about a bake sale? Yard sale? Garage?
Hammond: This is what I look like when I’m not laughing, Colonel.
O’Neill: Car wash? {Hammond laughs} I’m sorry, sir.

Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox): So this must be the infamous SG-1.
O’Neill: Infamous. Yes sir.
Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox): Colonel, I’ve heard a lot about you.
O’Neill: Don’t believe a word of it, sir. I’m actually a very nice guy.
Senator Kinsey: And this must be the drain through which the money flows.

Kinsey: Teal’c. With an apostrophe, I understand.

Kinsey: I am by nature suspicious of all things secretive, be they in the government or inside the military service. I believe that which grows in shadow but whithers in the light of day, does not belong on the vine.

Kinsey: Now, do you stand behind SG-1’s record?
O’Neill: Yes. I do.
Kinsey: Then let’s just go through it, shall we?

Kinsey: Admittedly these Goa’uld are a dangerous race.
Teal’c: More dangerous than you could possibly know.
Kinsey: If they’re so strong why did you switch sides in the first place?
Teal’c: Because what is right cannot be measured by strength. Your world values freedom. I wish that very same freedom for my people.
Kinsey: I don’t want to appear callous, sir, but I believe that’s your problem. Not ours.
Teal’c: It will soon be yours as well, Senator Kinsey. For the Goa’uld are as powerful as they are evil. The Goa’uld have enslaved a galaxy of worlds.
Kinsey: I don’t care about other worlds. I must place the citizens of this country first.
Teal’c: Then you would be wise to heed our warning, Senator Kinsey. For when the Goa’uld do finally come in force—and then will—your citizens, as the strongest most powerful in this world, will be among the first to die.

Jackson: SG-2 just made contact with Kynthia’s planet just a few weeks ago. They are living long, productive lives because of us. Now I am very proud of what we did there.
O’Neill: I might even retire there.
Kinsey: You have no fear of it, do you Colonel? It’s like a game to you.
O’Neill: No sir. Anything as powerful as the Stargate deserves respect. We know how dangerous it is to do what we do. We also know how dangerous it is.
Kinsey: Colonel O’Neill, You’re like reckless children and you’re playing with fire.
Carter: If you shut down this program now, when it’s needed most—
Kinsey: For what?
Carter: To gather technology. Weapons.
Kinsey: Not at this price or this level of competence.
Hammond: My people are the best out there, Senator.
Kinsey: I’m sorry, General. But your best is not good enough. I do not approve of nor support this endeavour. And I have heard nothing here today that would change my mind. I intend to shut the Stargate down.

Carter: Sir. We think Daniel may have experienced an interdimensional transfer to an alternate reality.
Kinsey: I beg your pardon?

Jackson: I am not crazy.
Kinsey: Nor am I, Dr. Jackson. Neither am I am unused to eleventh hour pleas, though never have I heard one so desperate as this.
Jackson: Senator, they are coming.
Kinsey: Then I say let them come!
O’Neill: Where do you get this bureaucratic bull? You’re talking suicide.

Teal’c: I would like to request permission to return through the Stargate before it is permanently sealed. If this world does not intend to continue its struggle against the Goa’uld, then here I do not belong.
O’Neill: I think I’m going with him.
Hammond: I can’t allow that, Colonel. Sorry, but you know that. The President has made it perfectly clear, if we were unable to convince the Senator we would cease operations effective immediately.
Carter: Sir, there are still two SG teams offworld.
Hammond: We’ll keep the light on until they return, but that’s all I’m authorized to do.
O’Neill: So what? That’s it?
Hammond: That’s it, Colonel.
Carter: It can’t be.
O’Neill: With all due respect, sir—
Jackson: With all due respect, sir, the good senator is an ass.
Hammond: He is an elected official of the government we are sworn to serve. Whether we agree or disagree, he’s made his decision. Our commander-in-chief has given us our orders accordingly. I expect you all to carry them out. Dismissed.