Stargate SG-1 Season 1



Tony Amendola

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Jackson: You were calling out something. “Rya’c”. Does that mean anything?
Teal’c: It means nothing.

Hammond: This is not my first barbecue, Colonel.

Teal’c: If we are discovered, you will be brought before Apophis along with us.
O’Neill: We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
Bra’tac (Tony Amendola): No. The bridge is too well guarded.
O’Neill: No, actually there I was using a cliche that…

Bra’tac: Teal’c tells me your world is without gods. Difficult to imagine.
O’Neill: Oh it’s not without gods. A lot of people believe there’s a god. Not everyone believes in the same god in the same way, but…. Well let’s just say nobody believes in anyone with glowing eyes and a snake in his head.
Bra’tac: Then you serve no one.
O’Neill: I serve the SGC under a General Hammond.
Bra’tac: So this Hammond is—
O’Neill: Just a man. A very good, very bald man from Texas.

O’Neill: Alright, here’s the plan.
Bra’tac: You will do as I say.
O’Neill: Right.