Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Proving Ground


Courtenay Stevens  David Kopp  Elisabeth Rosen  Grace Park

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O’Neill: Okay. So we’re all dead, and there’s an armed Goa’uld on the loose. I got a problem with that. Anybody else got a problem with that?

O’Neill: What’s your excuse?
Satterfield (Grace Park): I didn’t believe Dr. Jackson was the Goa’uld.
Carter: Why not, Satterfield?
Satterfield: I don’t know, ma’am. It was just my instinct.
Jennifer Hailey (Elisabeth Rosen): She thinks he’s cute.

O’Neill: Okay, so one of your team members distracted you into getting shot by the enemy and you want to poke holes in the training scenario.
Elliot (Courtenay Stevens): It wasn’t a fair test.
O’Neill: There’s such a thing as over thinking a situation, Lieutenant. When you’re dealing with what we deal with, you’ve got to think on your feet and think fast. These and other clichés will be available to you all for one more day of training with me. After that, you’ll either be assigned to an SG team. Or not. Dismissed.

Hailey: Let’s all decide, right here right now, we all make it. Together.
Elliot: Like the man said, it’s not up to us.
Hailey: You’re wrong about that too.

Carter: You have to admit he’s got leadership potential.
O’Neill: Do I?
Carter: Grogan. He’ll make a fine addition to an SG team one day.
O’Neill: He’ll make a fine target. He’s good at getting shot.
Carter: Okay, Satterfield’s bright.
O’Neill: I give her high marks for her… high marks. But I’d never go into combat with her.
Carter: And there’s Hailey.
O’Neill: Oh yeah. Four foot nine fighting machine.

Carter: Think back to when you were their age.
O’Neill: I was never their age.

O’Neill: You left one of your team members behind. That is one thing I will not tolerate, Lieutenant.

Hailey: You guys, something’s going on.
Grogan (David Kopp): Maybe he’s ordering our execution.

Elliot: You’re injured. You’re going to need help.
O’Neill: This is not an exercise.
Elliot: No sir, it’s a foothold situation. And from what we just saw it looks like it’s already reached outside the SGC. You need our help.
O’Neill: Forgive my bluntness, Lieutenant, but I was just about to fail you. I’m not sure I want your help!
Elliot: Can’t speak to that, sir. But at the moment we’re all you’ve got.

Elliot: Looks like their leader is Dr. Jackson.
O’Neill: I always knew he wanted that office.

Kerrigan: Same wager as last time, George?
Hammond: Well that’s hardly fair. These young people are up against SG-1.
Kerrigan: I’ll give you double or nothing.
Hammond: Well in that case how can I refuse?

O’Neill: Well if he knows it’s an exercise he won’t show it. However he did appear to enjoy shooting me.