Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Last Stand


Anna-Louise Plowman  Carmen Argenziano  Cliff Simon  Vince Crestejo

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Jacob: You know what’s at stake here, Daniel. No single person’s life is more important. Complete your mission.

Osiris: I am here to represent the vote of another.
Yu: Whom do you serve?
Osiris: Anubis.
African SL: What?
Ba’al (Cliff Simon): You lie!
Yu: He is dead!
Osiris: That was what you assumed after you attempted to murder him. Was it not enough that he was banished from the System Lords?
Yu: Never to be allowed to return!
Osiris: That was long ago. And only one System Lord remains from that time.

Jackson: Hey, here’s a question for you. Why do you think the Goa’uld are allowing their human slaves to hear everything that’s going on?
Jacob: I’m not sure. The truth is we suspected they were going to kill the slaves when the summit was done.
Jackson: And you didn’t think that was important enough to tell me?
Jacob: Not considering that you were going to kill all the Goa’ulds.
Jackson: I’m not doing that anymore.
Jacob: True. What’s your point?
Jackson: There’s a big vat of live symbiotes here.

Osiris: Over the years we have all lost a great deal to the infiltrations, subversions and rebellious acts of the Tok’ra. Today will henceforth be known as the day the blood of the Tok’ra ran free and their rebellion ended for good.

O’Neill: How do we know it’s working?
Carter: I guess if someone comes to rescue us.