Stargate SG-1 Season 8

New Order: Part 2


David DeLuise  Steve Bacic  Torri Higginson

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Jackson: Tell the System Lords to call the ship back.
Amaterasu: The decision they have made is one of desperation. Forced upon them by your unwillingness to help. Persuading them to change course can only be done in person.
Oshu: With a full council vote.
Dr. Weir: Even if I did believe you, all good faith is out the window at this point. You’re our prisoners.

Amaterasu: We would also like to witness the demonstration.
Jackson: The ship isn’t coming. It was destroyed en route by Ba’al.

Pete: Okay. Pancakes or do I have to call the doctor?
Carter: I am kind of hungry.

O’Neill: What’s going on?
Thor: Your mind has been interfaced with the Daniel Jackson.
O’Neill: What?
Jackson: What?

Camulus: This may come as a surprise to you.
Dr. Weir: I’m not sure anything can surprise me at this point.
Camulus: I wish to request asylum.
Dr. Weir: Well. Seems I was wrong again.

Carter: Thanks. It was great. Tasted really real.

Jackson: What’s the last thing you remember?
O’Neill: Getting my head sucked by one of those dang… Ancient… head-suckers. And something about twins.

O’Neill: Teal’c what’s with the hair?

Dr. Weir: How are you feeling?
O’Neill: Not bad. I haven’t had to urge to go anywhere or build anything.

O’Neill: I should be clear. I like the promotion, the paycheck and parking spot. But I don’t really want to be in charge here.
Dr. Weir: Well sadly all those things kind of go together. So I guess you have some thinking to do.
O’Neill: I hate that.

O’Neill: I’ve spent my whole life sticking it to the man. If I do this, I’ll be the man. I don’t think I can be the man.