Stargate SG-1 Season 8



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Jackson: So how’s the new job?
O’Neill: Oy. One crisis after another. This morning the mess got a shipment of Yukon Gold potatoes instead of the usual Russets.
Jackson: No.
O’Neill: Oh yes. The golds don’t make for good mash. The consistency’s all wrong.

Carter: I hear the new Russian colonel came to see you. Made a pitch to join SG-1.
O’Neill: Yeah.
Jackson: What’d you say?
O’Neill: Told ’em to make french fries instead.
Jackson: About the Russian.
O’Neill: Oh. Well I made it clear he shouldn’t expect preferential treatment. That he’d have to prove himself before I’d consider him for off-world travel.
Carter: He is one of the most highly-decorated officers in Russian military history. He has over twenty years flight experience.
O’Neill: And exactly no years in off-world travel. I’m not gonna risk the lives of anyone under my command on a slick resumé.
Carter: How… uncharacteristically cautious of you, sir.

Carter talking about Daniel: The members of SG-11 insisted he seemed perfectly normal. Did you notice anything peculiar about him, sir?
O’Neill: I thought it odd he was shooting up the Gateroom.

Jackson: Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?
Dr. Brightman: You’re recovering from a gunshot wound.
Jackson: What?
Teal’c: You have no recollection of the incident?
Jackson: No! Who shot me?
O’Neill: Don’t… change the subject. What do you remember?
Jackson: I went to see Colonel Vasilev and right in the middle of our conversation he collapsed.

O’Neill: Anubis is dead.
Jackson: No he’s not. And he’s here on this base.

O’Neill: You’d think that getting blasted out of orbit would have slowed the guy down.
Teal’c: According to Daniel Jackson, Anubis surrendered his mortal form when he ascended, only to be cast down by the Ancients. As a result he exists purely as an immaterial being.
Carter: See in the past when we encountered Anubis the physical form what we were seeing was actually a forceshield, designed to contain his essence. When it was destroyed, that essence was released.
Teal’c: Anubis was trapped in Earth’s orbit, inhabiting debris from his ship, millions of lightyears away from his power base.
O’Neill: So he hitched a ride on a Cosmonaut?
Carter: Yes sir. And then abandoned him for Colonel Vasilev.