Fredric Lehne

Heart of Gold


Nandi (Melinda Cooper): We ain't open for business. Rance Burgess (Fredric Lehne): Shut up, whore. Nandi: And you we don't trade with at all, Rance Burgess. You're no longer welcome in this establishment. You' been told that. Burgess: I've been told a great many things. I'm here for what's mine. Nandi: Ain't nothing here belongs…

Season 5


Detective John Munch (Richard Belzer): Fill me in. From the top. Start with your name and birthdate. John Byers: John Fitzgerald Byers. November 22nd, 1963. Detective John Munch: Seriously? Byers: I was named after JFK. Before the assassination my parents were going to call me Bertram. Det. Munch: Lucky you. To the Lone Gunmen Det.…