The O.C. Season 4

The Case of the Franks


Gary Grubbs  Kevin Sorbo  Willa Holland

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Taylor: I don’t get it. Ryan hasn’t been to see you at all?
Frank (Kevin Sorbo): Well I left a message with him when I switched hotels. Told him I was here, in case he wanted to see me, but so far no luck. Taylor, don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here?
Taylor: Well, I found this address by Ryan’s bed and he’s been kinda distant lately so I thought it might be a clue and so I came here and… I have emotional problems. But I’m getting over it.

Frank: You’d be willing to do that—get in the line of fire?
Taylor: It’s just that there’s something kind of sad about Ryan. Maybe if he could mend his relationship with you he could be a little happier.
Frank: Well I am all for it. Do you have a plan in mind?
Taylor: Always.

Bullitt (Gary Grubbs): Here we are, practically man and wife, and we still haven’t sealed the deal.
Julie: I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.
Bullitt: Well if I do say so myself you’re in for quite a treat.
Julie: Can we not talk about it?
Bullitt: Well I can sum it up in one word—
Julie: Don’t.
Bullitt: Bang.

Psychic: Wait! This is important. I see the great love of your life.
Summer: Me too.
Psychic: The name’s coming to me. I see it.
Seth: Let me give you a little help: Seth.
Psychic: No.
Seth: Seth.
Psychic: No. It’s George.
Seth and Summer: George?
Psychic: There’s a lot of heat surrounding this name.
Seth: You’re leaving me for a guy named George?
Summer: No.
Psychic: She certainly is. Your destiny is with this George.

Ryan: Taylor, it’s my business.
Taylor: I know. I’m a meddler. But once I lick my stalking addiction that’s next on the list.

Taylor: Ryan, come on. It’s just dinner!
Ryan: Yeah? What are we going to talk about?
Taylor: I’ve never met an awkward silence I couldn’t fill.

Summer: Check out that permage.
Kirsten: Top Gun had just come out. I wasn’t thinking clearly.
Summer: I guess not.

Kirsten: Summer, if you’re meant to be with Seth it’ll happen. You just have to be patient.
Summer: I’m not very good at that.
Kirsten: No one is.

Taylor: Oh my god, Frank!
Ryan: Yeah.
Frank: What?
Taylor: Are you in love with Julie Cooper?

Taylor: I mean, your dad and Julie Cooper. It’s just so—
Ryan: Incestuous. Inappropriate.
Taylor: Well look at you being all hyper-articulate.

Young Jimmy: Don’t listen to her.
Young Kirsten about a young Taryn: Sometimes I feel like I’m going to be listening to her snide comments for the rest of my life.

Ryan: Dude, it’s a psychic.
Seth: I know. And Summer says she’s not worried but I can tell she is. Which is why I dug into the archives and came up with evidence that we are, in fact, destined to be together.
Ryan: It’s a piece of loose leaf, crumpled.
Seth: I dug it out of the trash nine years ago.
Ryan: Okay. Explain that.
Seth: This, my friend, marks the first moment that I fell in love with Summer Roberts. It was the spring. 1998.
Ryan: Is this a long flashback? ‘Cause my break’s almost over.
Seth: Bear with me. It was the spring. 1998.

Young Summer: I wish I was a mermaid and was friends with all the fish. A shiny tail and seashells, that would be my wish.

Taylor: I saw your face last night. You, Julie Cooper, have a case of the Franks.
Julie: Okay. I do— I did. Or, one time or another, may have had a case of the Franks. But for reasons that are both personal and complex I’m staying with Bullitt.
Taylor: Julie. You’re different now. You are no longer the woman who can marry for money. You need more.
Julie: Taylor, I have a child, I have no job. I don’t even own this house. Besides I don’t think Ryan would approve. God knows I’ve put that kid through enough.
Taylor: Julie, Ryan’s only concern is for you. He doesn’t think his dad’s good enough for you.
Julie: Ryan Atwood is worried about me? How ’bout that.

News Guy: Justin Timberlake is coming to the Bait Shop. Just how does such a small venue get such big names—
Summer: Falling skateboards? Justin Timberlake? Everything the psychic said is coming true. You know any second I’m just gonna get whisked away by some dude named George.
Seth: Relax. Now I know that psychic has a lot of credibility. She works at a kiosk and she doesn’t appear to charge for her services. But I think I am a judge of whether you and I are destined to be together than her and I brought proof. Happy early Valentine’s Day, Summer.
Summer: The Mermaid Poem.
Seth: It’s how I knew, even in fifth grade, you were the one. That’s pretty awesome, huh?
Summer: Oh my god.
Seth: I know.
Summer: I didn’t write this.
Seth: What?

Seth: But this mermaid poem is— It’s our roots. It’s our mythology.
Summer: What if our mythology is a sham? Something that we invented? What if we’re each other’s Jimmy Cooper?
Seth: What?
Summer: You know, the one before the one. The one that you think is right before you meet your Sandy Cohen.
Seth: Wait, are we saying that, because Taylor wrote the poem she’s my Sandy Cohen? Because as delicious a twist as that would be, it’s not going to happen.
Summer: No. I’m saying what if we’re not destined to be together? {Seth mulls}. That is your cue, Seth, to say that I am wrong.
Seth: Hm.

Julie: Ryan, I just wanted you to know that I’ve been with my fair share of bad guys and—for the record—your dad isn’t one of them.

Ryan: So what’s the plan?
Taylor: The Frank and Julie plan?
Ryan: Yeah.

Kaitlin (Willa Holland): Listen, Townsend. I’m playing for Team Bullitt, okay? And my team, we always win.

Taylor: I forgot what we’re dealing with here. Atwoods on Valentine’s Day.
Ryan: I told you.

Taylor: What connects you?
Frank: We’re just… from the same world.

Kirsten: I hate keeping secrets from you.
Sandy: I didn’t know you were.
Kirsten: There’s one thing. Something that I never told you.
Sandy: Is this about Jimmy Cooper?
Kirsten: Can we get the check and talk about this at home?

Kaitlin: How did you find us?
Ryan: Taylor activated the GPS on your phone. to Julie Can I talk to you?
Kaitlin: Damn GPS. I should have thought of that.
Julie: What are you guys, KGB? What’s going on?

Julie: Tell your dad that, in another life I’d be there. I’m sorry.

Julie: Frank, I’m sorry. I have one daughter left. And she loves Bullitt. Even if I don’t.

Seth: And over the last 950 days we’ve been dating—and yes, I’ve counted. And yes, I counted the Zach era. Because, really, who were we kidding—I’ve watched you grow into this incredible woman. And that is who I love.

Seth: What’s wrong?
Summer: I met GEORGE.
Seth: I’ll kill him.

Bullitt: Where the heck’s your mom?
Kaitlin: I know I asked you to be my step-dad, but do you mind being my friend instead?
Bullitt: So, Julie’s had enough of the old Bullitt, eh?
Kaitlin: We can still play ping pong together.
Bullitt: C’mon. {they walk away}. You know I let you win.
Kaitlin: No you don’t.
Bullitt: Yes I do.
Kaitlin: In your dreams.
Bullitt: You ever see that movie Casablanca?
Kaitlin: No.
Bullitt: It goes like this: “Peanut, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Julie: I’m having the strangest craving for a corn dog.
Frank: There may be one left.