Stargate SG-1 Teal’c

Season 10


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Flesh and Blood

Bra’tac is attempting to fly the ship into the Ori
Mitchell: Teal’c, this is crazy and not the good kind of crazy. You know that.


Teal’c suddenly stops
Mitchell: What is it?
Teal’c: Birds.
Carter: What birds?
Teal’c: My point exactly.

The Pegasus Project

Teal’c: Odyssey, this is Teal’c.
Mitchell: Teal’c, I thought we told you to get the hell out of there.
Teal’c: If I had done so I would be unable to inform you that the jump was successful. The Supergate is now active.
Mitchell: Are you serious?
Teal’c: There is more, Colonel Mitchell. I was able to keep the Stargate concealed until the last moment and lure the Ori vessel into the unstable vortex of the Supergate when the jump occurred.
Carter: You mean we just blew up an Ori ship?
McKay: By destroying a Wraith ship.
Teal’c: Indeed we did.


Teal’c: You are suggesting that Ba’al attempted to gain control of the council in order to gain acess to the Ancient device.
Vala: With the purpose of wiping out all life in the galaxy except his own little corner, of course.
Mitchell: That was Anubis’ plan.
Ba’al: I never said it was original.


Teal’c: Is General Landry not expecting us at his cabin?
Carter: I’ll let him know we’re going to be delayed a little bit.
Vala: I’m sure Colonel Mitchell will be very pleased to hear he’s got more special alone time with the General.

Teal’c: It is ironic that not so long ago, the mere presence of a Goa’uld on Earth have been cause for great concern.
Carter: Seriously. Who’d ever think that we’d have bigger fish to fry. Or that you’d use the word “ironic” in a sentence.
Teal’c: Indeed.



Teal’c: Freedom without honor is meaningless.

Mitchell: “Winning shows strength. Winning without fighting shows true skill.”
Teal’c: You are a student of ancient strategies.
Mitchell: No, Landry said it to me. I think he was quoting Sun Tzu. Or it could have been Dr. Phil.

Mitchell to Teal’c: You don’t think that whoever’s flying this boat is on a friendly trip, do you? {silence} No, me neither.

Memento Mori

Company of Thieves


The Quest : Part One

Ba’al: He’s tiny. He can squeeze through the bars.
Teal’c: Assist us. Or I will squeeze you through these bars.

Vala to Teal’c: Well, after you, Muscles.

The Quest : Part Two

Mitchell about the dragon’s name: So what are we supposed to do, just start guessing?
Vala: Darryl the Dragon.
Mitchell: How ’bout Smokey?
Teal’c: Perhaps Puff.

Ba’al: Merlin’s little trick with my vocal cords expired at the same moment he did.
Teal’c: Yet another reason to mourn his passing.

Line in the Sand

Teal’c: Colonel Mitchell, do you read?
Mitchell: Loud and clear, Teal’c. What’s up?
Teal’c: Our time.

The Road Not Taken


The Shroud



Teal’c: Are you injured?
Cha’ra: No. But you are.

Bad Guys


Ba’kal: Where are you going?
Teal’c: I am leaving. You are about to explode.

Bra’tac: There is a time when you have come away from such a battle without a scratch.
Teal’c: I am alive.
Bra’tac: Indeed.

Family Ties

Teal’c: May I offer you a word of advice?
Jacek: Any input that would help me better myself would be greatly appreciated.
Teal’c: Perhaps three words: be less annoying.


Mitchell: Bigger question is, what does Ba’al want with Adria?
Teal’c: Perhaps he intends to negotiate for shared control of the galaxy.
Landry: She doesn’t strike me as the sharing type.
Mitchell: Either way, we do not want those two hanging out together.

Landry: What do we do now?
Teal’c: Kill them both.
Mitchell: Hard to argue with that logic. It’s a two-fer.

Adria: So. Have you decided what you intend to do with me?
Mitchell: Well we’re still weighing our options. Teal’c here had a good idea.
Ba’al/Adria: I can imagine.
Teal’c: No. You cannot.

Teal’c: At least we may take comfort in the knowledge that Ba’al is dead.
Mitchell: Wouldn’t put a deposit down on that.


Teal’c: This vessel does not have a pool.
Mitchell: I was talking about the gambling variety.

Teal’c: So everything they’ve installed on this ship?
Jackson: Is going to be their legacy.

Vala: I’m hearing things all the time. Are you hearing things?
Teal’c: I am trying not to.

Mitchell: When I said that I wanted to get the team back together—work with you guys, learn from ya—I did not mean every waking moment for the next fifty years.
Jackson: You said that yesterday.
Mitchell: I did?
Teal’c: And the day before that.
Vala: And the day before that.

Carter: You know, as hard as it is for us not knowing, it must be torture for you not to tell us.
Teal’c: Indeed.